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  1. If she deactivated it to start posting on Ocean Blvd instead, I'll-
  2. I did NOT see this coming, wasn't her account open for new followers earlier this week??
  3. It was a nice album. Lost at Sea felt a bit misplaced though? I don't know, I think it would've been nice as a simple and plain intrumental album without Lana in it. I might listen to it again!
  4. I left a comment on their instagram and I honestly didn't think they would reply, but they did. It sounded like they're still planning to release the fan arts as merch. Which sounds promising, if they really mean it, I honestly started to believe it had all been forgotten considering the winners were announced 7 months ago and there hasn't been a second part to the contest (yet).
  5. Yeah, it was something similar for me. I don't know if anyone remembers but I ordered a vinyl several months ago, around the same time I ordered Ocean Blvd, and the postal office here said it came from China, and I was super confused and brought it up here to ask everyone else (turned out it wasn't from Lana's UK store). Contacted Universal, they said it definitely wasn't sent from China but that I still had to pay VAT to recieve it although I mentioned it said in my order that VAT had been paid for already. I refused paying it a second time, waited for my refund, never got it and contacted them again. Turns out the package was deemed as lost but I fortunately got my money back. So I don't know, it feels like Universal UK only sometimes listen to customers saying the VAT has been paid.
  6. I think I'll send them a message about the VAT thing once I recieve mine because it's not cool that this happens every time I order from a Universal UK store. Says it's included when I order it, then it turns out it never is. It doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Really? I just assumed she had another gig in New York that would collide with the tour.
  8. Oh ok, that kinda makes sense, I guess she just didn’t know about it and thought he was just a normal fan/stan.
  9. If the orange hair guy truly was the stalker, I don’t know if I find Lana to be incredibly generous or plain stupid for giving him a hug. Either way, I still admire her a lot, I don’t know if I’d be able to hug a stalker.
  10. Anyone has a link where I can see what the outro was?
  11. Yes yes yes, the live version is the only version I like!
  12. Right? I wasn't imagning people going more silent at the Rio show, right?
  13. I believe it's this Zimmermann dress! https://www.zimmermann.com/eu/ready-to-wear/clothing/dresses/high-tide-mini-shirt-dress-odyssey-print.html
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