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  1. Have fun sorting out the off-topic posts in that 1000+ something pages thread!
  2. Haha, I wouldn't worry if I were you, Billboard knows what they're doing with their awards. I don't want to become a writer (I would be an awful one, trust me), but I do write columns occasionally for a fansite. But I've done a lot less writing the past year because I decided to prioritize my university assignments and projects instead... but hopefully I can get back to writing for them after I've graduated!
  3. Haha, I'm flattered but I'm certain they'll say something more eloquent than what I wrote during a zoom lecture.
  4. I don't think you necessarily need to have a strong visual image of your artistery in forms of photos and videos, but, in my opinion, Lana has been consistent with her vision and idea of the type of music she wants to create. She's stayed true to herself. From the beginning and up til today, she's always touched on topics such as Americana, what it means to be an American citizen, what life can look like, thoughts on God and her relationship with her religion etc etc. The only thing she's let go off since BTD is just the very old Hollywood glam she used to have, and changed it with a more... I guess "toned down glam" could describe her later appearance. But at the core of the things she does, writes and sings about, it's stayed the same, in my opinion, and that makes her a true visionary.
  5. Imagine her performing American Whore at the award But maybe it'll be like the Vanity Fair award, a nice event and some speeches and that's it.
  6. Inhaler’s album is out in a few weeks, and then there’s Lana’s next month, and then I have Zelda in May, and then I graduate. This spring will be so eventful, just waiting for Hozier to finally announce the release date for his album too.
  7. Just found this version too, "Irish exclusive Silver vinyl": https://spindizzyrecords.com/products/inhaler-cuts-bruises-irish-exclusive-edition-lp-silver-vinyl-feb-17?_pos=3&_sid=8be4fe8a6&_ss=r https://www.towerrecords.ie/product/INHALER_CUTS_BRUISES[IRISHEXCLUSIVESILVERVINYL]/914415 https://therecordhub.com/products/vinyl-inhaler-cuts-bruises-ltd-silver-vinyl
  8. Listening to Ayu's new album, and I'm four songs in... They feel overproduced, and I'm not feeling all the synths. I'm not sure if I want to listen to the full album to be honest. No, I'm sure I don't want to. I'll let this track finish and then hop into the shower. Kinda sad about it since there's rumors this will be her last album due to hearing loss.
  9. First thought was Eminem feat. Dido - Stan, but that's more on a unhealthy level of obsession and we don't do that shit here.
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