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  1. Unfortunately I haven’t, I’ve been wanting to go a couple of years but didn’t want to/couldn’t spend that money at the time. I have no idea how fast tickets sell out but I doubt it’s as fast as some concert tickets sell out sometimes? Sorry for not having any good answers. :/
  2. Most are trash but I’ve read a few that made me wanna cry, so there are some gems out there! But yeah, no, that Sean fiction sounds awful as well.
  3. I generally don’t mind fan fictions but when they’re about real people… I don’t know. It just feels wrong. I don’t remember how but I came across some account on instagram that has a fanfic, I think it must’ve been on my “for you” page and the picture seemed interesting enough for me to take a close look, and this account has a fanfic about Lana and Harry Styles. I was like, “let’s see how awful this really is” and found the author’s tumblr page and they’ve made posters and Bill Skarsgård is in it too?? And I thought Lana’s character in this story was as Mary from the Bible but it’s not, and of course I had to ignore the description and actually read the awfulness too. Lana’s character is called Carmen, I think, and she’s Harry’s “Carmiña” and he’s pretty much a pimp and convinces Lana to join his strip club (really a place for awful men to pick any girl he wants and have absolutely brutal “sexy times” with them), and Harry seems mental too. I don’t really know much about him, I’ve only heard a couple of songs on the radio, but I get the sense that the writer has only used his name for the fic because I doubt he’s even an ounce of deranged as he is in the story. Fair, it’s fiction but… nah. I had to stop there because it was too cringe and just awful. Someone had too much time on their hands to write a gruesome, brutal smut fanfic about real, living people, it should never have been published.
  4. I wanted to see her at Bråvalla but I was 18 and didn’t want to go alone (and knowing my parents, they wouldn’t have let me), and then I later found out one of my (then) friends I knew since childhood had gone with her new bestie.
  5. You’re gonna love them live on stage!
  6. Nothing really, just that miss Lana is clearly having another European festival summer (sigh) and delusional me thinks she occasionally visits Sweden when she does (Bråvalla 2014, Lollapalooza 2019). The European shows this year seem to have been planned very last minute, aside from the UK shows, so if she’s coming back, I think it’s possible she’ll make a return to Sweden too. I think Lolla Stockholm has an economic crisis after last year, so my bet is that the Way Out West festival will snatch miss Lana if they can. She’s more popular now than ever, I don’t think they wanna miss her out if she’s interested in coming.
  7. Don't worry, I'm 90% sure one of the biggest festivals here in Sweden will announce something sooner or later, maybe Norway will be lucky to have her revisit again too. But yes, poor Eastern Europe. u___u and I'm still salty that she keeps coming back for festivals and not a proper tour here in Europe
  8. Really good article by NME that was published a couple of days ago: https://www.nme.com/features/the-cover/the-cover-the-last-dinner-party-interview-prelude-to-ecstasy-3552625?fbclid=PAAaYQ0y7ErEA3Quuor-lTvx27XnI1jqB1nwmrHC_s0LNbkHmIkIuJYvuFIMU_aem_AW7yUS_Tk7kFQ_70BbsBRFH61QT-0cZzKi7EJeVItK9dITZ8UKAxcm8xwZGhb5vjX4Q
  9. Oh. Well I’m kinda glad she didn’t put too much effort into this since we didn’t get a video for A&W.
  10. Anyone wanna bother with posting screenshots of Lana, I’m not interested enough to watch the full video.
  11. Thanks everyone, I definitely recommend everything you mentioned too! It was definitely legit then, I was starting to get worried lol!
  12. Good good, I forgot that they actually followed the account too. And that the village sold signed albums, I was reminded of that as I went through this thread.
  13. I keep forgetting about this. Finally listened to it now. Like mer said, the lyrics aren't it. Am I stupid or is he singing about his university and reminiscing college days or? Aside from that, I think it sounds pretty nice though, it might be something I would've added to a chill playlist on Spotify and eventually forget about.
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