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  1. What if (big IF) Lasso is in fact done but she’s already moved on to the next project in her mind?
  2. I think (hope) Interscope has learned that letting Lana be authentic and release what she wants has worked so far lol, it's not like Lana hasn't brought in money. They're not going to force her to release radio friendly pop music if she doesn't want to. In fact, that would probably make a lot of fans question what's going on.
  3. She wouldn’t have released a 9 and a half minute long single in 2018 when the rest of the industry switched to making 2-minute tiktok hits if she was trying to top the charts, haha.
  4. Lana has never been about topping the charts or releasing songs to break streaming records though…?
  5. They’re over dramatic and speculating. No one had confirmed that Lasso is scrapped or has evolved into something else.
  6. Not sure where to discuss this but Lana doesn’t make sense, she just said she’s not interested in doing stadium tours and now she tells a fan one is being prepared? But yay for Lizzy songs! https://www.instagram.com/p/C8KzXqIuw9U/?igsh=dTJnNmdzMnF3OWp1
  7. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS AAAAAAAHHHH I have 8 more minutes left of the day!!
  8. I think it’s been pretty much confirmed for months now that this album won’t lyrically be like Ocean Blvd, BB or Chemtrails, so I don’t think critics will call her repetitive. At most, some might call it a setback if it’s not as clever or heartfelt like her most recent songs.
  9. I’m still not over the raccoon eyes and beach waves
  10. I’ll never forget the utter shock I felt when I listened to the album for the first time, how raw it seemed to be but on a strange level I wasn’t sure if she was being serious or had added flavor for dramatic effect. How hurt she was, or had been. “Jim raised me up, he hurt me but it felt like true love” like what?? Gurl?? You okay? I loved it from the very beginning. I remember needing a few listens to realize that the album version of Black Beauty was superior to the demo which had leaked earlier - I was just so used to it, haha. Happy 10 years, Ultra.
  11. What’s being said? I’m not watching because I gotta sleep soon but I’m curious.
  12. I need Lana to release something asap to keep me alive while I’m working this summer.
  13. I truly thought that picture of her in a tshirt next to a Budweiser text on the wall was a previously unseen picture of her from 2011, before I saw that it’s from her instagram post… I’m shooketh!!
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