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  1. hi can we be besties, I feel exactly the same as you regarding YTH
  2. ^ I really like their songs, so that made me happy to hear.
  3. I saw Krug's IG story picture an hour ago so I've changed my mind, Lana will DEFINITELY say something on Wednesday next week aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
  4. I could see her post a picture captioned with a lyric line or emoji we wouldn’t understand, or go a la LFL and tease a bad quality snippet for us to obsess over.
  5. Well, I have no reason to believe it'll be different this time.
  6. I went all the way back to page 894 this morning, so I’ve only “missed” 14 pages.
  7. Y’all, I WANT TO be hyped but I just came down from delulu heaven and recalled that she’s always been wrong about dates. I’m ready for the 7th to pass and hear nothing.
  8. Nah, she’s licking her lips, and you’ll get the emote if you type in :delish and end with another :. That, plus the comment that Alana looks like a child did not sit right with me.
  9. Please no, especially not with that emote after.
  10. Young forever? Probably not... oops this was not meant to be mean to for K, we simply posted at the same time
  11. This is what we've come to, asking for the bare minimum.
  12. LMAO well, like I said, I ain't no programmer so I understand nada
  13. I think we might get something similar, his recent work with Weyes Blood didn't look too different! Just maybe more like the Chemtrails photoshoot.
  14. please, Lana is always announcing her albums several hours later lmao
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