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  1. I'm all for having one cake for each of my personas.
  2. I'm not sure how I'm dragging you when I didn't mention your name, and didn't even have you in mind. As for fake woke ... well, whatever. I'm hardly woke by most people's standards at all, but the fact you're using the phrase at all means a lot.
  3. As much fun as it is to dunk on reddit for its sexism and all around grossness (and believe me, that is fun), there are numerous posts in the lyric thread here, for the latest single, speculating on which body parts Lana is writing about wanting to be 'opened up', that are even more gross.
  4. Can anyone confirm this? There might have been a different master used without making it obvious on the packaging. I just want someone who has bought the CD in the past year to let us know if it has the more bare bones first version or the 'surf drums' version that's on the video.
  5. I've been lazy the last few months and have only listened to this on streaming, but yesterday I went for a drive and put the actual CD on, and the sound quality is just stunning. Little details I'd forgotten about just jumped out. I think I'm going to have to upgrade NFR in my ratings.
  6. I don't care if Lana announces a record and then drops out of sight. I don't need regular serotonin hits from something new every day - just knowing a record is around the corner is enough.
  7. I just pulled up a random video of it, but anything from the Would I Lie To You BBC show
  8. I've bought every CD on the day of release with the exception of BTD-PE, which I bought the day after I first heard it (24/11/13), and Blue Banisters, which I got a day late due to wanting to use a gift voucher that wouldn't activate on the day. I used to buy a tonne of CDs, but I think the last four CDs I bought were Lana ones, as I said, on day of release. As for listening, I both stream and listen to the HQ rips I make. I have multiples of UV because I got the Australian one straight away, the German one for the alternate WC, and the Target edition for Flipside. I got multiples of the Paradise Edition because for a long time here they were cheap ($10 Australian = about $7 US), and I was giving them away to friends. I think I still have a spare. I got the Honeymoon CD box set because it was cheap online briefly. I also have a few of the CDs with exclusive tracks - the Emile album; Mando Diao; Great Gatsby OST; and a few others. I plan on getting Ocean Blvd on day of release on CD.
  9. longtimeman

    Azealia Banks

    It's hilarious to find out what will make the Guardian write approvingly of the fact you moved to Florida because you wanted to be ruled by Ron DeSantis.
  10. I'm on board with all the lovers of Unidentified Flying Bill - a great title that's also hilarious. And I'm wondering if the NFR haters just haven't heard of the phrase.
  11. Honestly some of these alternative suggestions are 1,000 times worse than the actual titles.
  12. The Suburban Studs were a punk band from the late 1970s who just happened to have a song called 'Resistor', which had nothing to do with Lana, Resistance, or anything else of interest, and obviously turned up on the Songfile because someone made a mistake somewhere.
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