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  1. Does anybody have a list of the dates that she first posted snippets of lyrics, etc on Instagram, when that was still a thing? I remember meaning take notes at the time, but never did, until it was too late.
  2. It's 11:00am and I'm on my fourth listen for the day, and boy am I in a mood ...
  3. The other weird one I remember was Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight, which for no particular reason got picked up by the general media, including Time Magazine.
  4. I love how this is the featured negative (0/10) review on metacritic. Does this seem like someone doesn't know how the site works?
  5. This is such an astute comment. I get some critics being overwhelmed by the number of places/people/names referenced, but none of them that I've seen have even bothered to look into the surface level of a lot of the songs - they've just picked out some phrases and dealt with those. Have you even seen anybody pick up what Cherry Blossom is talking about, even aside from the deeper context of Lana's life? Or thought about what it means to say that only one item of clothing fits her, beyond joking about how they also put on weight over the pandemic? I don't expect them to care about what she's trying to say, but it would be nice if they at least tried to figure out the basic meanings of the songs.
  6. I'm glad Lana's left Fantano behind. Having him like her was always something of a 'turd in the chocolate box' (as a friend of mine used to put it), so good riddance. Forget about just the score he gave Ultraviolence, watch the actual video. It's one of the most moronic ten minutes ever. You can't accuse him of being a misogynist, but he is an idiot - this is a guy who (rightly) loves Lingua Ignota, who is experimental, but can't deal with someone he's put in a different box trying to go out of it. Even when, if you look over all of Lana's career, she's constantly changed what she's done.
  7. There's a few, but the one that stands out for me is because of how long it went on for. The first unreleased holy grail type of song I ever heard about was 'Roses', and people would go on and on about how they would give their left arms and right legs to hear this song. I knew nothing about why people were keen for it, or what was known about it, but I built it up in my head as this epic masterpiece, which according to those 'in the know' (ie people who called themselves 'in the know'), would never be leaked. And then one day it suddenly (more or less) appeared, and it turned out to be a slight but (imo) a pretty great pop song. I still remember the meltdowns over it.
  8. Yep. For example, Living Legend providing an actual, nonjudgmental mother figure to contrast with her actual mother, and Nectar of the Gods being both an urban alternative to the straight-laced rural relationship she just got out of, as well as a dream state/non-sober way of life contrasting with trying to be more responsible in the here and now. I've relistened to the live stream, and there really were so many gems in there.
  9. SInce I read that, it definitely sounds like that to me, and at least it sounds more like 'Rollses' than 'Horses'. Let's not forget, though, that this is the same woman who sang that her friend should 'take the whale' in HBTB
  10. Released Thunder >>>>>>>>>>>>>> leaked Thunder
  11. Tired of people hearing but not listening. She didn't put Cherry Blossom on the record as some sort of filler, or just to revive an old song. Think about what the lyrics of the song mean when put side by side with 'Sweet Carolina'. Just devastating and amazing.
  12. Speaking of Cat Power (and Lana's other friends), did she specifically ask all her close friends not to give any promo for the new album?
  13. I doubt that she cares about it anymore, now that the record's out.
  14. So I'm not the person who's hippest to youth trends (if I can speak like a boomer for a second ) but won't releasing Dealer as a single and making and pushing a video, basically destroy it in terms of its coolness/viral status?
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