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  1. In honour of the birthday of L4L, here is one of the best videos related to the record.
  2. I guess anybody can vote for whoever they want, but just a reminder of how the last go around with Trump started and ended. This time will be a lot worse, because he knows the stakes are even higher. I know there are plenty of accelerationists on the left as well, but they're not the friends of anyone who is a minority, a woman, or basically any category that is not a Christian nationalist.
  3. I've heard him interviewed, and he's really on top of the history side of things - remembering facts, details, specifics. All the things that Lana is completely useless with. And he seems to really remember his time working with Lana very fondly, so there's no reason for him not to go into detail. However, it will have to be someone from here, because in the context of his career, Lana is one of the more niche artists he's worked with, and Tropico is definitely the most obscure part of their collaboration, not helped by the fact that 'Tropico' is also the name of a different, well known and official (movie) release.
  4. To be clear, I'm also obsessed with this project/era, but I'm also quite sure the last person we'll get any concrete info from about it is Lana.
  5. Nobody wants to waste their thirty seconds of chatting with their idol, to only get a non-answer or a confused look.
  6. I know it's pretty much pointless to try to fight disinformation, but this guy is a right wing hoaxer. https://x.com/Shayan86/status/1812351317639119326
  7. Pop Crave just straight up stealing Chartlana tweets https://x.com/chartlana/status/1811670705295040820 https://x.com/chartlana/status/1811671197949583460 (Snow on the Beach and DCMA)
  8. Most of my favourites aren't really songs I should live in, for my own wellbeing, but this is certainly a moment I would live in forever.
  9. What is it with the great taste of Lana stans - all my favourites have been named already These two Bergman movies, more than anything else (Lynch is the other great one), build worlds that are not necessarily comfortable, but are so all enveloping and inspiring and incredible that they were the first that came to mind when I read the thread title. I had an amazing 5 hour conversation with my best friend (and fellow Lana stan) after showing him Persona for the first time. Not many films can do that.
  10. Speaking of AI (I assume) this is kind of both funny and cringe.
  11. I've only watched a few of them, but I've been skimming the thumbnails, and there are way too many people assuming that Lana and Quavo are a couple, based on the clip
  12. Moto Boy! I hope this is filmed so we can all enjoy it
  13. Is this the first time she's been paired with Enigma? It works really well actually.
  14. From all available evidence, she doesn't really know how to play, but she can play her own songs that are based on strumming or picking out chords. She also doesn't hold a guitar like a guitar player, but that's not necessarily a criticisim.
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