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  1. All day this week. Tommy Genesis - Hurricane
  2. Rewatching this video again after all these years makes me so sad, yet so happy. The word icon is overused, but Tina Turner will forever be in the pantheon of greatness. RIP.
  3. This was fun news to wake up to. I should have have known not to open this thread. Although I have to say, Lana fans being angry about hearing more Lana in a couple of days, is peak lanaboards.
  4. longtimeman


    I'm really glad it's Friday, because I'm going to be streaming this all weekend.
  5. This was a fun thing to wake up to. I love the sound of the proper version. The Alvin and the Chipmunks version can go straight down the toilet.
  6. Even better, it's not close to being full of just piano ballads.
  7. To shout it out loud (as Kiss would say), there is not one second (alright, maybe one or two seconds) or actual un-produced 'Behind the Scenes' footage in Candy Necklace. We are just being lulled into a sense of thinking we are watching first a regular music video, then a meta video, then a behind the scenes film. All of it, and all of the photos posted by the filmmakers, as well as the 'teaser' from a few weeks ago, are all a part of the product.
  8. This is not really a spoiler for Mulholland Drive, but if you're super senstive about that sort of thing, don't watch this.
  9. Considering how many videos have appeared on Youtube trying to create a 'real' MV out of the 'real' footage, the explanation clearly wasn't enough to overcome lack of comprehension.
  10. The Silver Jews are legit amazing.
  11. I feel like this is not accidental. These are also a part of the project.
  12. Yeah. I hate to shit on people's creative vision, but he took out every bit of personality, nuance and interset in her voice and performance, and created a couple of hits. Based on that, it's no wonder she doesn't care about chart success.
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