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  1. This could be true, but the photos look like they were taken from a really long distance away, and she probably didn't even know they were being taken. Her expression is more likely to be the serious emotions that you experience when you're trying to make sure coffee isn't going to go everywhere
  2. Fun game! I tried not to cheat, but ended up having to look up an 'I' one. Let Me Love You Like A Woman Old Money Never Let Me Go Get Drunk Tulsa Jesus Freak I Talk To Jesus Music To Watch Boys To Every Man Gets His Wish Money, Power Glory Art Deco Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  3. Making up the musical scores for different musicians (usually string players and session players) to be able to come in and play their parts.
  4. Not necessarily looking for a download of this, but is there anywhere to actually listen to it? Youtube? Spotify?
  5. This is your regular reminder that engaging with the mentally ill never ends well for anybody. I hope this woman finds some peace and has someone close to her who encourages her to get help.
  6. Totally. She undoubtedly, however, sings "You take the whale" in HBTB The worst misinterpretation, though, is that the colours mentioned in 'Blue Banisters' refer to someone being beaten up/bruised, which is not only a gross thing to make up without any evidence, it also makes zero sense in the larger context of the song.
  7. As far as anything in the fog of war can be said to be true, this seems to be true. And although dictators always tend towards madness, their madness always seems to follow the same script. And part of that script is that even the ones who are clever enough to have studied history (like Putin is), they all think they're the exception to the inevitable rule. Or to put it another way, they're like the guy falling from a tall building passing the tenth floor and thinking 'So far, so good!'
  8. This post sure aged like milk that's already gone through someone's digestive system.
  9. Awesome! I'm always on the lookout for heavy music based podcasts, and this seems more worthwhile than a lot of them. \m/
  10. In a world where it's popular to call somebody 'Hitler' because they steal your parking spot, or they're your teacher and they don't give you an extra day on a paper, this is some reading to explain why those of us who are obsessed with history are comparing Putin to him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_occupation_of_Czechoslovakia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anschluss
  11. Just like Trump, his ideology is what happens when fascism gets fully absorbed into the personal attainment of wealth. Unlike Trump, he's not a moron, which makes him much more dangerous.
  12. I expect that you would also have been cheering on Slobodan Milošević because of the Ustaše. (I know where that comes from - I have relatives who smile every time they hear about a German dying).
  13. Putin's following a script laid down by history that has constantly backfired or ended in complete destruction for the country pursuing it. But like every psychopath who fancies himself as a genius, he believes he's the one who it's going to end differently for. I just wish people like him took the cyanide or blew their brains out before they caused the massacres, not after.
  14. I'll be honest, I'm stunned that there are members of this board who are buying into the idea of "Denazification" as a valid justification for this invasion. I don't know if they're just trolls, or have simply never read a history book about what happened in Germany during and immediately after World War II, but it doesn't reflect well on the American education system.
  15. longtimeman

    Regina Spektor

    Regina has a new record, "Home, Before and After" coming out June 24! First single "Becoming All Alone" out now.
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