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  1. I'm almost positive they're not. If they were, they'd say so. Still, grab them while you can, if you want one!
  2. They seem to be trying to recognise what is actually behind so much of bullshit outrage on the internet.
  3. I looked at the venue's facebook page and webpage and there's no mention of this. What's the source for this show?
  4. Nice work! It definitely seems like you've found a match. I also made the same mistake of thinking it was an older machine, and disregarding Royal because their logo looked a bit different on older models. The keyboard also reminds me of the early keyboards from PCs that I had in the mid eighties (without the numeric keypad), and is much chunkier and better than the trash electric typewriter my father had around the same time (which had a single line LED display that let you delete particular letters you'd typed - what an innovation ) This is probably more than enough typewriter talk for a music forum, but at least it got my mind off world news for a bit!
  5. So as usual, I don't have the answer, but I wanted to thank you for asking it, and sending me down a rabbit hole of looking at pictures of old typewriters. This one is an electric typewriter, probably from the 80s onwards, but I couldn't figure out/recognise the logo. I found this blog that is written by someone who hopefully could answer the question with more detail than you ever imagined. Let me know how you go!
  6. I haven't gone back to check, but I started to follow fan twitter just before the (delayed) release of Tropico, and there have been complaints about pretty much every important release (meaning first single for each project, and the album itself) that I can remember. Edit: That was not the sort of answer that this thread is here to provide, so I apologise for the vagueness. If I get some time, I'll go through and try to track her original promised date for all releases, and then their actual release date.
  7. I've been at a few TV recordings (a Letterman show, with Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson, and some Australian TV shows), and almost all of them have needed to have re-takes, despite the performances being pretty much perfect, because of some technical stuff up that didn't have anything to do with the artist. In fact, for most of them nobody in the audience or onstage had any idea why the retake happened. That seems to be the norm for TV. That aside, this is pretty damn exciting!
  8. Interesting. I think it's also quite possibly a reference to the Bible (or one of the many novels/songs that uses the phrase), where 'Children's Children' means descendants, rather than grandchildren. (It still irks me that there are Lana fans who criticise that line, because they don't know what it refers to).
  9. Call me basic, but this is pretty much my opinion too.
  10. The word is so overused these days that it's almost meaningless, but I mean this is the old fashioned sense - everything about this is perfection.
  11. Would you be able to screengrab it please?
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