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    I'm rehashing the same things said in the last 100 pages but I am a bit disappointed with the overall album. Melodrama took months for me to fully love and understand its greatness but this feels... rushed. like Im on the studio room with her and she is still deciding on the trackless flow, re arranging the track names on a white board. This album suffers from only have Jack as main producer. The type of Southeast Asian/Indian sound she went for needed producers who actually know the soundscape. Idk... its obv this album did not take 4 years to make. Also the "CDs are evil to the environment" is such a pretentious and outdated concept. This would make sense [not really] back in the early 2000s when people consumed and played CDs constantly until they scratched up & burned out; and sometimes even bough another copy. People that buy new CDs in this age have the mindset of collection, taking care of them, making sure they have resell value when they don't want it anymore. And im pretty sure vinyl has a equal, or bigger footprint than a plastic holographic disk.
  2. regardless of the Directors intention of the story ("the movie is about innocent childhood friendship") there is a lot of parallels to the gay experience. Im low-key not a fan of the "shipping" though, since Ive always seen it as a adult-rated thing, i.e. fan fictions on wattpad

    Instagram Updates

    Lol wtf me and my bf were watching this like it’s breaking news Maybe that evil woman that shows up in the COCKCC album cover was leaking info and she found out?

    Melanie Martinez

    she highkey fell off my radar right after k-12. i follow her on IG and all she posts is dancing videos on her stories and she hasn't done any interviews that i know of in the last year so
  5. Same sentiment here. Her ballads fall flat to me, ironic coming from me as my favorite album of hers is freaking Honeymoon, which the GP and many fans of hers consider to be a snooze fest. But HM is a journey and the slow songs have multiple instruments, vocal layers, etc. whereas songs like “let me love you like a sexy beautiful momma” is a piano tapping three keys with Lana singing 10 ft across the microphone

    Melanie Martinez

    This website stays undefeated ********* Soo is the k-12 era is officially over? (Low key was a weeks after it was released)
  7. Noir (Unreleased; Remixed, Remastered, Restored - Lana's Version 2021) snatching record of the year @ the Grammys
  8. Arcadia... her best studio vocal performance. Her voice has reached magnum opus. no arguments. end of thread.
  9. @Elle some of the photos repeat on the OP, i was wondering why there were so many CDs
  10. TRENCH


    no fkn way. the way she low-key sounds better than dua. & she sound straight up like Madison in BS
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