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  1. “Here is $500,000, now go follow your dreams 💗”
  2. Alright girls, taking a break from the regular show to see All Stars. Season One was cute. But Season 2 All Stars? now THAT is what I call a fucking show!!!!! Alaska winning makes sense bc she came to EAT, and has definitely elevated from her season, but throwing that bitch fit was not cute. Katya would’ve won if it was my decision after seeing Alaska do all that. Watching season 3 right now and lord I wanted to shoot myself when Milk walked in on the first episode. Oh wait he finally got sent to the dumpster, bye delusional girl! Trixie being shady with that note on the wall and horrible RuPaul snatch game…. Girl 🫥


    Saw it last night on Dolby, what a fucking show. Even tough i saw her in July the film was still just as fun and enjoyable https://youtu.be/yWy33H70NwY?si=8jDvS4A4os05NSQG


    her music is so CUNT omfg how have i've not listened to her till now?!?!
  5. they are very hard at work on instagram!!
  6. New York Times report says Israel knew about Hamas attack over a year in advance https://apnews.com/article/new-york-times-hamas-attack-israel-gaza-6088cad78f5e4153d671fe9b5b819308
  7. um?!?!? oh sweetie no... i think you need to learn some music history and expand your listening horizon


    ...so she didn't do anything for her debut's 10th anniversary?
  9. yeah it's embarrasing. Just look at what music is constantly being using in movies, shows, advertisements, etc. It's all 50s-90s mega hits and a spark of 2000-2010s.
  10. Season 8 was a redemption from the dumspter fire that was Season 7. Bob the God Queen, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, everyone was giving looks and talent. But lord was Acid Betty annoying to watch. Also that double elimination at the beggining got me cakling Season 9 was.... cute. The final 4 were all great, but I would've been more content with Peppermint or Shea Coulee as the winning queen Valentina winning miss Congeniality?? ahahha what a fucking joke
  11. welp almost done with season 7 and don't care for the top 3 left, i'm so shocked Trixie lost twice because there are other's that should've gone home before her 😐 (Pearl, Violet and Miss Fame are annoying af) season 6 was.... to be honest, insuferable. out of context, when looking at youtube clips, the season is fun and shady. But watching the whole thing in a 2-week binge, a lot of the queens were bitchy (Darianna and Gia) and brought nothing to the table; looks, talent, or personality wise. Bianca and Adore were the only people worth watching and i'm glad Bianca won lmfao Season 5 has been my favorite watching session so far. Great balance of drama, talent, annoyance, and personality (except for Roxxxy, she is the literal personification of every bitchy gay in Orlando)
  12. Miss queen Joy ate and left no crumbs. She dragged everyone's weave all over the f l o or. The military industrial complex and all world elitists are shaking in their boots for msnbc airing out THE THRUTH
  13. Went from a homophobe side eyeing this show (catty white gay enterntainment, how original!) to being in the middle of season 5 and living for this show [the Ivy Winters x Jinx Monsoon ship omg??], thanks to my bf's str8 sister for putting us on 💀 super glad the show is better than i expected, im having fun watching it
  14. Bolivia severs ties with Israel, others recall envoys over Gaza https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/bolivia-severs-diplomatic-ties-with-israel-citing-crimes-against-humanity-2023-10-31/#:~:text=Bolivia "decided to break diplomatic,said at a press conference.
  15. I just wonder what boomers and GenXers who are not into modern music and don't get the context of her artistry think of this performance lmfao
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