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  1. Lemme just say I think it's very cool that Lana is using her starpower to shed light on a couple of handpicked smaller artists that she has found interesting herself. It's a very modest, kind move. Hope she continues for the rest of the leg.
  2. latothemoon

    Tame Impala

    The Slow Rush. The king is coming! (shot by Neil Krug!)
  3. latothemoon

    Tove Lo

    Honestly the only songs I really liked on Blue Lips were disco tits, shedontknowbutsheknows, bitches & bad days
  4. Not to be THAT bitch again but referring to the tracks we've heard, BAR would sound great with this record.
  5. "She will be experimenting with electric guitars and has taken influence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers"
  6. latothemoon


    Hm. I don't really like it. 99¢ and self-titled are her best albums.
  7. I love those aggressive background vocals in Patricia
  8. Too bad Drake is gonna block it from #1 on Billboard. First Lana and now Florence damn Drake just doesn't want the alternative queens to thrive.
  9. Not sure if I'm digging the sound because what I live for is intense heartbreaking ballads like Sleeping Alone and No Rest for the Wicked. But she's coming to my city and even though I don't have anyone to go with I kinda wanna treat myself and go alone because I've never been to alone show before and just cry in her presence.
  10. latothemoon

    Lily Allen

    Idk I'm sad cause I'm just not feeling it. I've loved Lily for sooo long and I grew up loving those sassy addictive bangers like Smile, Fuck You, and The Fear. She's still got the Lily sound but she's kinda lost the spark. I guess I'll have to listen to it more when I'm actually awake and not stressed lol, but rn I'm really tired and can't get into it. Trigger Bang is still amazing though, so is Three!
  11. latothemoon

    Tove Lo

    B is for balance, I for intelligence, T stands for tough, trouble, truly, terrific, C for courage, H, bitch, holy
  12. latothemoon

    Lily Allen

    I've been wanting to see her for ages and now her show on the US tour is 21+ lol. Why must I be a child
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