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  1. i'm curious to see whether she will be up for any grammys with brat. it has become such a cultural phenomenon in a way that no other album this year really has and her contributions to pop music in general are long overdue to be recognized, add to that the overwhelming critical acclaim and i would be shocked if she wasn't nominated for anything. tortured poets department was kind of a huge flop for taylor even if the numbers did well, she's way too oversaturated at this point even with all her bribery and fraud i can't really see her winning aoty. radical optimism underperformed and i don't even know if they would categorize cowboy carter as pop or not. i think a win for ariana billie or sabrina would be the most likely but imagine charli winning aoty... gag. although i guess having a song on the album about bombing them might put a damper on her chances lol
  2. so weird to hear brat tripled the first week numbers of her last number 1 album yet it debuted at number 2. poor charli what a powerless feeling (i assume) for it to not even be worth it to comment because the swiftie death cult will scorch the earth. i kind of wish she would say something anyway because this move by taylor is extremely transparent and the media is picking it up, yes taylor's fanbase is as big as ever but outside of it i do think the tide has begun to turn against her in the eyes of the general public over the past few months. charli has always been unapologetically outspoken and i feel like she is in a pretty justifiable position to call her out (plus how very brat it would be to take on the biggest artist in the world) but i do think the ensuing drama would completely overtake any goodwill she is receiving for this album being one of the most critically acclaimed of all time which would obviously be a huge shame. anyways this is fascism and this woman must be stopped sympathy is a knife seems like the obvious pick considering recent events lol
  3. it's a grower for sure, i was really disappointed at first and there's some messy moments lyrically/melodically but after a few listens and some adjusted expectations i love it. i'm relieved i came around because i've been hoping for a 2009/2010 electropop myspace demos album from her for years and i needed this to round out my holy trinity of true romance and number 1 angel. the lack of features is great. i think my main issue was with the sequencing, it was very jarring but i moved a few songs around and it's a much more cohesive listen
  4. "i don't wanna share the space, i don't wanna force a smile, if some girl taps my insecurities, don't know if it's real or if i'm spiralling" "i can feel the flames on my skin, crimson red paint on my lips, if a man talks shit then i owe him nothing, i don't regret it one bit cause he had it coming" not identical obviously but very similar (not the lyrics the delivery)
  5. lowkey copying i did something bad on sympathy is a knife to purposely ragebait the swifties for publicity oh charlize the genius that you are
  6. omg u are right why didn't i think of this, i forgot these are the only 2 options
  7. these snippet lyrics are absolutely not giving
  8. off topic but i'm still miffed she didn't seize the opportunity to name her third album xcx3 ... made so much sense coming off the back of number 1 angel and pop 2, the term xcx3 had been used for years because there had been so much discussion and controversy around it, i feel like it would have been the gag
  9. the google pixel sponsorship girl if you don't pick a fucking android and stick to it
  10. does charli not already have writing credits on any britney songs i swear she had like 1 or 2??
  11. you wanna guess the color of my underwear you wanna know what i got going on down there is it pretty in pink or all see through? is it showing off my brand new lower back tattoo? you wanna put em in your mouth, pull em all down south you wanna turn this shit out, that's what i'm talkin about put em in your mouth, pull em all down south you wanna turn this shit out, that's what i'm talkin about try it, buy it, lick it, spin it pull it to the side and get all up in it wear em, post em, might be mixin send it to the dare, yeah i think he's with it try it, buy it, lick it, spin it pull it to the side and get all up in it wear em, post em, might be mixin send it to the dare, yeah i think he's with it
  12. charli: this album is gossippy charliboards: can you guys stop being so fucking gossippy
  13. lorde has always seemed lowkey miserable to me, she comes across as entitled and bitter and resentful. i don't know the woman so obviously i have no idea but her mannerisms remind me of friends i have personally had that i felt like i had to walk on eggshells around so i don't find it surprising at all that girl so confusing would be about her lol also i forgot/didn't realize that 360 is the opener for brat, kind of bummed to get it as a single. i always prefer to listen to opening and closing tracks within the context of the full album for the first time
  14. crash is a very important album in her discography but it's not one that will define her career. charli projects generally fall under one of two categories for me, strategic (sucker, n1a, self titled, hifn lol sorry, crash) or innovative (true romance, vroom vroom, xcx world, pop 2, brat). she's smart enough to know when to do what and she always knows how to make the right compromises without sacrificing her artistry. she just gets it like the strategic projects are still great and the innovative projects aren't irresponsible. the groundbreaking albums will always be the ones that result in more critical acclaim and contribute to her overall legacy but she's got the business acumen to understand the value in releasing less boundary pushing ones as well. she knows it too, "cult classic but i still pop." i could write a thesis about this she does make weird choices and mistakes but overall she is a literal mastermind who has outpaced the industry for so long and if she hadn't learned to play the game by now she'd have been stuck in label hell for the past decade basically
  15. kind of gagged this is some of her best work in a very very long time
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