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  1. if all 7 of us (you guys) crowdfund we can put an end to this insanity once and for all
  2. 9/11 ...... so? how many songs from masochism sessions have leaked? clearly she's making at least some music so if an album is too expensive then release a mixtape or an ep or singles on a semi regular basis. do some more soundcloud covers. she could film a 4k music video on that iphone of hers that she stays instagram posting on and it would get the job done. according to her the material is there but her reasons for being unable to put it out are completely amorphous. i understand she has an idea in her head for the ideal album rollout she wants but that ship sailed years ago, she needs to rethink her strategy. like she would really rather fade into obscurity than compromise? i mean they either front her all the money she wants to release an album that will at this point inevitably flop or they drop her and she's free to fuck off and do god knows whatever it is she wants to do with her career, either way it's a winning scenario for her. yes she would lose her masters but as it stands they will never see the light of day anyway. she did sign a legally binding contract with them and while capitol isn't making money off of her at the moment they're presumably not losing any either. if every artist that was unhappy with their label could just throw a tantrum to get out of their contract then what good is a contract at all
  3. i don’t understand what there is left to debate at this point. capitol is a record label, labels make money by publishing music. by not publishing music they are not making money. demonstrably sky has at least a few singles (likely not a finished album) she wants to release so the issue can only be with the budget they will offer her. the longer she goes without releasing the less interest there is among potential listeners. less interest means less return on capitol’s investment if they fund a release. it is a business decision not to meet sky’s financial demands and if in a decade she hasn’t managed to come up with a workaround to this problem then she is making a decision to accept the halt in her own career. she is talented and it is an unfortunate situation but this victim mentality is clearly getting her nowhere. maybe if she would release something then she could grow her fanbase as well as build a rapport with capitol in order to receive a bigger budget or at the very least work towards finishing her contract but she won’t. so what now? i also just really don’t get the impression that her financial demands are reasonable. with don’t forget she got interviews, photo shoots, festival performances, what more does she want? they even paid for a music video that she herself was responsible for getting shelved. part of her charm has always been her lofi tumblrina visuals - like name one sky ferreira music video that isn’t her just seductively writhing around looking angsty, i’ll wait. now 10 years and 10 minutes of music later (i’m being generous) she suddenly wants a trillion dollar budget? for what? she funded her first album herself and it went over as well as it could have, why is she so opposed to doing it again? like obviously yes it sucks but it’s to her own detriment to continue stomping her feet about it rather than being proactive giant wall of text so i apologize but that is literally it like there is nothing else to say and watching people continue to chase their own tails about this is so droll. anyways leak all my lovers die
  4. this literally i remember being high asf in my backyard listening to n1a for the first time and my brain exploded
  5. honestly sucker was pretty much the only deviation in her whole career from an otherwise extremely consistent electropop catalogue. she manages to experiment within her signature sound to an impressive degree but i don't know what you're expecting at this point. that being said crash was her second and likely final attempt at a mainstream record; i think we're still a ways out from her next era but i have a feeling it's going to feel new. she's already basically confirmed that she's leaning towards indie sleaze myspace pop which is personally where i was really hoping she would go pop2 and hifn were ventures into glitchpop but in the future i would like to see her continue to explore some triphop/idm/breakcore/jungle vibes , warp was one label i was wondering if she might sign with but it seems like she's staying with atlantic for the next 2 albums. it's such a shame (understatement) that sophie passed for many very obvious reasons, one of them being her sound was really starting to evolve outside the lines of what could be easily established as "hyperpop" and into more of a deconstructed experimental club sound that i think she and charli really could have made some magic together
  6. !!! dupa lina !!! kesha, mia, pinkpantheress, doss, rosalia, fka twigs lol, tinashe, kelela, shygirl, coucou chloe, oklou, namasenda, oli xl, thaiboy digital, yung lean, evian christ, jimmy edgar
  7. what do you want me to do with this information
  8. you’re gonna die in seven days
  9. wouldn’t be the first time
  10. i told yall bitches before ....
  11. what the fuck is going on in here
  12. i agree she has a very angular face and is quite thin, she's had some health issues so for someone who is 30 and hasn't had any work done i think she looks normal. like as much as i do think she is a compulsive liar and an psychological terrorist you can see how anxious and depressed she is and it's sad. a gaggle of faggots getting together anonymously to rip apart her appearance is gross
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