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  1. she looks beautiful i love when she has hair
  2. hopefully she doesn't perform pretty dull on tour it would be so sad if one of her band members got hacked and it was leaked
  3. tops? in the sky ferreira thread? it’s more likely than you think
  4. doubting your obvious words, send back my love you thought that you could take my hand don't expect you to understand, cause i know this isn't meant to make you mad
  5. it was still terrible actually, claws and ifu the only 2 flopiankas on an otherwise near immaculate album
  6. i actually do really appreciate her lyricism, i think she's a great writer when she actually gets the fuck around to it. some lyrics are more obscure than others but i feel like context is important
  7. not the dumbass cubes and the fuckass bob this era was so ridiculous
  8. i think she has a small house in like east la or something, my guess would be she paid off the mortgage years ago when she was doing more modelling and she probably has relatively low overhead expenses now. either that or she has a full time job which i find highly unlikely but otherwise i have no idea how she could afford to survive lol. honestly i don't think the residuals she receives from streaming and royalties etc are much. her finances are a mystery to me bc doesn't she have like 7 pets? maybe that's the real reason she can't afford studio time she's too busy buying kibble
  9. i will never understand why they didn't take 4 minutes to photoshop a windshield crack into the crash deluxe artwork
  10. i had never heard down in flames .. leak that challenge
  11. that part i really don't care for matty but i don't particularly care for rina either lmfao. mind you he's already publicly apologized but was what matty said on adam friedland's podcast appropriate? obviously not. was rina's response justified? debatable. and just because charli knows the two of them apparently she's automatically implicated? like imagine your friend gets into some drama with your partner's friend and it has nothing to do with either of you but your friend is expecting you to like potentially put your relationship on the rocks to involve yourself in the drama that they themself escalated in the first place lol ... i'd be annoyed. i understand if somebody is like an extremely harmful individual then there should be an expectation for people to disassociate themselves but my personal belief is that the bar for what is actually extremely harmful has become ridiculously low and it's so trivializing for people who are affected by truly horrible shit. just because charli is dating matty's colleague and wants to remain amiable doesn't have to mean that she agrees with every single thing he says or does
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