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  1. daytona meth and super movie official releases incomingwe need tiktok trends for those
  2. i def see her releasing all the unreleased songs she's performed on tour if she does an album of them so Us Against The World Paradise You Can Be The Boss Serial Killer right?
  3. when she titles the deluxe "Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd pearl watch me on ring a bell pyscho lifeguard"
  4. i wonder if they'll use a picture of her as the artwork, if it will be a new one or reused. or maybe it will be just text
  5. her releasing Playing Dangerous would be a question for the culture 2.0 cancel moment but worse those lyrics
  6. i know, but from what boz said i was thinking it would be a surprise huge for the fans and honestly its not. if its only syth the best we're getting is a new version of a song we already have 4 demos of
  7. i wonder how many daily streams syth will have.... 500k maybe? i doubt it will do as much as SS
  8. i don't see why he would make such a big deal of it if its only SYTH. she has released multiple "unreleased" songs like tnbar, living legend, notg, cherry blossom etc. i still think his big surprise is an Unreleased album
  9. i'm praying its an unreleased album coming too. it could be a solo release of SYTH as a single too. but i doubt lana would make a deluxe for Tunnel
  10. i wonder how ppl even get access to all of this... hacking?
  11. also leaked Ave Maria (with vocals) Driving In Cars With Boys (2014 version) Summertime (Janis Joplin Cover) Old Money (Demo) Fine China (one of the real versions) Madly Yes To Heaven (Untagged) He Hits Me Because He Loves Me What's A Girl To Do
  12. also considering she made this decision to use Paradise songs instead of new ones for Tropico, the ideas of the film might have changed drastically either during the filming/conceptualization but also a lot could have been edited out during post-production to fit the Paradise songs more
  13. i still have some playlists with the covers user trash magic made
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