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  1. i have such crazy memories of listening to each album for the first time since 2014.. With Ultraviolence i was using all my cell data to listen to the leaked songs on youtube with no order on the back of a cab Honeymoon i was in my grandmas house visiting her and i just locked myself in the bathroom with my earphones so i could listen to the ultra-lq UO recordings of the album Lust For Life was the best one imo, i listened to it when it leaked like 4am before school while staring at complete darkness enjoying the music.. Only with NFR! i had a regular listening experience when it released at midnight on spotify (i didnt listen when it leaked)... i wonder if COCC will leak early causing me to anxiously listen to it while in some random situation or if i will be able to keep myslef together and listen to it like a normal person lmao
  2. Wild at Heart WILL have On Our Way/Never Let Me Go/Color Blue meets Ride vibes and im manifesting that! our country-ish freedom art manifesto anthem is coming
  3. hmm....... anyways.. i'm claiming Wild At Heart as the best song on the album. gn ladies
  4. so eclipse just tweeted this "best: wd, dark but just a game, tulsa worst: breaking up, yosemite"
  5. Let Me Love You Like A Woman reminds me a lot of Love Song, and i think they do serve better as album tracks than singles, also I assume that, just like Love Song, Woman isn't exactly a defining track when you listen to the whole record. But honestly, I'm kinda glad that she didn't release most of the album's standout tracks before its release like she did on NFR or UV's cycles. Imo, the best songs on those records were released before the album (MAC, Venice Bitch, The Greatest) (Shades of Cool, Brooklyn Baby, West Coast). This time with Chemtrails it reminds me more of Honeymoon or Lust For Life, when the singles released before the album were cute, but as we actually listened to the whole record many other amazing album tracks were clearly the standouts (The Blackest Day, Religion, Salvatore) (Get Free, Heroin, 13 Beaches).
  6. that account only reposts reliable sources like eclipse or thealec on twitter. the rest of their "leaks" are pure spectulation, guesses and just plain fake news
  7. it's so crazy to think i've been on this forum on and off since Ultraviolence pre release era.... and years later everything is just as it was...the meltdowns, the expectations .... the WAIT. Sometimes we talk about other pre-release eras as if they were free of meltdowns but the truth is people here were just as dramatic when Honeymoon leaked in ultra-lq via UO recordings or when we actually thought Beautiful Player and Black Beauty were both on the same album... anyways... Chemtrails having country inspired tracks is a dream come true and im so here for it... and yes Jack is boring but at least on NFR and COCC we got rid of the ugly trap beats from a few songs on LFL/HM
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