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  1. Louise

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    Okay . . . but be prepared for a book. Many of you have some kind of relationship with Lana: from a one-time meeting or more, watching Lana perform live, so that Lana knows the regulars by name - some - or you met her and took a selfie which lives in perpetuity on social media, and had vinyls, CDs, arms, books and other merch signed . . . There are fan sites when Lana was on social she followed, commented, and liked. Remember when Lana posted fan cam snippets of the Norman tour on IG? Before she deleted landelrey IG and twitter. Here is some of my history of artists I feature or have sampled. There are fan sites I am sure get noticed by Lana or her management, and receive exclusives from one or the other, like the Brazil sites. That is another type of relationship. My VideoConnoisseur or LiveConnoisseur on twitter is a fan site of Lana and the handful of acts I appreciate. I post their live fan cam snippets. It is a fun hobby, checking out the lives, and posting the snippets, with credit. I wrote thought pieces for comments on major publications sometimes, and sometimes got in twitter debates, positive toward Lana. Though I am not in the categories mentioned above, or - like you - having met Lana or enjoying Lana in concert . . . this happened with some other acts I follow - I think my comments and posts were read by Lana, and there is a little back and forth! It happened with other artists, too. I started tweeting their videos, and it seemed like a back and forth, without ever admitting to it, without following or naming, having never met. Except singer Liv Warfield finally retweeted a video I posted of her performance in France, after three years of fandom of Liv *yay* I didn't WANT to admit it. And I don't WANT to admit it. If i admit, "I think the deleted post was directed to me," then I have to admit these: Dev Hynes Chris (me on the left) and Ann Wilson in response to a video about Chris' boots because I used the video to introduce Chris' boots to Ann's tour boots. I live in my own bubble. I am happy. The world is falling apart. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I hope for better things! Jesus said at Matthew 24:33: Likewise also you, when you see all these things, know that he is near at the doors. But I must turn my 62-year old face to the mirror mentor some true and say, "Louise, you're not a little girl any longer. It's time to start admitting things."
  2. Louise

    Instagram Updates

    I think the deleted post was directed to me.
  3. @Strangelove I bothered to respond to your topic. I think you should Like, whether you agree or disagree. If anyone responds to my topic, I Like regardless.
  4. Louise

    Instagram Updates

    Why? Aren't there videos of Lana and Chuck baking cakes?
  5. Re: Québec, CAN Festival d’été de Qc I wonder what the significance is of this long train . . . This is the first pic I see in profile, and appreciate the length. Maybe it means something: wedding? red carpet? Cr. @madamenonelle on IG.
  6. Wow. Lana appears calm and relaxed. Oh. Just noticed the 2nd pic down Lana taking a puff of her vape. I wondered what that is. Poor girl. These pics prove the beautiful people cluster together, fans and celeb! Lana's outfit is cute and comfy-looking. Cool for hot weather. I like the color of her dress. Glad Cody is standing by.
  7. Made a split screen video of the choreo for live debut of Chemtrails Over the Country Club using Lanaboards post and peppedelrey, with overlapping audio.
  8. Welcome to Lanaboards. It is nice you came here and shared with us your experience of meeting Lana, and gifting her a bracelet you made, which she wore on stage! That's amazing! If you have a photo or still of a video or sceenshot, that will make a nice souvenir. Please post a pic of the bracelet you made here. Please let it roll off if people make fun. They made fun of me because I am 62, but I laughed. It isn't directed at you, but just an exageration to blow off steam. Here is my twitter: I posted a tweet of the pic of you signing off and flipping the bird, and @Lanaspoisonivy commented: so she took up for you and is in your camp, without you being here or knowing of it. Best wishes! Louise
  9. Yes I appreciate the level of detail in this photo. Great dress!
  10. Paul Thomas who shot the soundcheck came through for the fans also with concert fan cam . . . I needed a good view of Candy Necklace, er, I mean a clear audio. This has it! HOW do Blake, Byron, Lana, et al, keep the music atmospheric in front of a festival audience? Listen how Blake does the subtle notes to compliment Lana's voice. It is like old school jazz, with a small band where the drummer uses brushes and the instruments speak a language the musicians only know, but let the audience in. With recordings this good, it is easy to pick out highlights - which ones did you notice? Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/@HuntPaul333/videos
  11. Composition-wise, because it is centered. The nesrine.bdj on IG appears to be right in front of the screen, and turned and captured it just on time!
  12. I'm deceased, after listening 4x and downloading . . .
  13. The connoisseur is happy to come across this live soundcheck. It is as though Lana recorded it specially for her fans! You experts can tell me which songs are represented!
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