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  1. It’s not even 100% accurate that she wanted to be an actress so the sleeve doesn’t even make sense
  2. The Europe dates: London
  3. Innocent kind, all my lovers die,downhill lullaby and descending need an album for aoty I’d say guardian too but I don’t think it fits anywhere anymore
  4. a simlish masterpiece- the random Mariah Carey bridge? With tamaryn singing underneath her
  5. Melodyne and a family manipulating a girl to be an oversexualised popstar really got y’all fooled huh?
  6. The Oscar winner of the century
  7. That $100 could have got us a re-recording of all my lovers die vocals
  8. Her enunciation is really odd this era- half of all my lovers die sounds like a desser was used too high to remove sibilance but makes it sound like she’s missing the end of phrases. innocent kind is the best out of the lot with guardian
  9. Bree doesn’t have a distinctive look tbh- she gives me standard industry runway model
  10. an exaggeration-TBDT onwards is all her mostly- Let Go was her choice of clothing but the marketing etc+ the Matrix songs were highly manufactured- she wasn't the primary songwriter of those ones. she was essentially the Britney Spears of pop rock
  11. Love Charles but she’s known for lying about this- she worked with a ghostwriter for fancy and praised Iggy's skills as a rapper still 😭 Also those melodies were probably recycled like all of miss max songs
  12. I think it’s important that we don’t limit this strictly to the pop category
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