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  1. evalionisameme

    Charli XCX

    14 is underrated stream this ballad https://m.soundcloud.com/lea-heuke/012-charli-xcx-alcoholic We love Charles the best piano player
  2. Are you kidding? People who had breakdowns over her delays of the album, the concept change and the cherry video
  3. Most hated it I remember the breakdowns when I suggested it was her most noire piece of work with lush production.
  4. Anyone notice how she uses her baby voice which she used to do taking the piss constantly now?
  5. Ah that’s interesting to say the least.
  6. I see your point and my point is not meant to be character assassination, but I really do not see how without any knowledge of file sharing and publishing sites how someone would gain access to a VEVO account unless it was unlawfully accessed/hacked.
  7. Eclipse didn’t hack Lana for music leaks? Multiple people stated he did It’s common knowledge
  8. Not to be a B*tch but this is a man who lives vicariously through hacking female artists and then calling them hacks,frauds,lazy etc the list goes on and yet he has learned nothing. Lanaboards consistent support of him furthers this narrative, have we learnt nothing from “framing Britney Spears” I really don’t see him as much different from Perez Hilton. I wish him peace and wellness regardless.
  9. The only ones I would agree with are American, in my feelings and mustang
  10. I know I’ve posted a lot here lately and am overanalysing but does anyone find the implication of Bs smile lift disturbing? Her father approved a surgery to make her seem happier when smiling, I remember people making memes of her having a fake smile and so her teams approval of this is unnerving.
  11. I don’t get why people say UV is not a rock record. Have y’all listened to a single doors album? rock isn’t just bring me the horizon
  12. Lana is hardly folk, her may jailer work explored a folk sound but from aka onwards itself she’s explored a retro inspired rock/baroque amalgamation or trip hop sound and a pop melody. I’d hardly call any cotcc sound so far folk, it’s more so a alternative/indie singer songwriter sound, maybe there’s a hint of folk but it’s 100 percent not country.
  13. https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/forums/topic/789350-sucker-punch-movie-a-bit-about-britney-spears/ shhshsjsj I’m sorry but I swear these people read my posts, I posted about white roses by charli xcx not sounding like Britney and instead like the kill bill snow fight scene and someone said the same my impact
  14. I find Britney to be a very interesting pop culture figure- the universe is obsessed with her regardless of whether you like her or not, she’s miss “American teen whore and sweet virginal blonde” she’s someone’s who has routes in Lolita, Marilyn Monroe and Janet Jackson. Her influence on pop and a lot of pop leaning or pop alternative singers is huge aswell. She created a big shift arguably with how mental health is portrayed and i honestly believe films like sucker punch would not exist without her existence. it’s so odd how one person can be such a thinkpiece brought to life.
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