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  1. evalionisameme

    Charli XCX

    I actually do think she has a lovely voice naturally- see: This is what annoys me, if she took vocal lessons-she’d have a beautiful tone, realistically the auto tune is not going to age well. At this point who knows if there’s been extensive damage because she’s constantly losing her voice.
  2. Not necessarily unpopular I think? But I had no idea Janet Jackson until two years had any impact or even a music career besides that’s the way love goes or scream with Micheal. She’s had no cultural impact in the UK and is completely forgotten- I never heard any of her music besides those two songs growing up. I looked and she has quite a few legacy hits here so it was surprising none of her music played here like Madonna or Mariah etc. I also think her music is quite overrated-there are some great cuts but you can’t hear her vocals half the time and that just breaks most of her songs. honey,hero, without you and heartbreaker were played constantly on music stations over here growing up.
  3. I think people are entitled to their opinions but the political discussion over her music is too much at times- some of you are analysing these songs far too much to enjoy them. the average listener is not equating marinas political views or networth to PtP
  4. if everyone on here is just going to regurgitate the same rhetoric-im gonna need that one user with the left eye avi capitol connections to spill the beans on the Meg Myers tea.
  5. evalionisameme

    Charli XCX

    I don’t know when the magazines were published but at one point she threw out the idea of going to Italy and making an Italian-disco record. I’d like her to do a complete 180 as an artist tbh and deliver a more introspective album just for once- who is charli? The album lol
  6. Really? I thought Americans were innovators of the electric car supposedly, why wouldn’t LA have them? I know the UK is gearing towards them quickly.
  7. Coachella is not a bad song, sure it’s overly preachy at times but it still has some interesting phrases and I like the flute.
  8. Dearie, I was one of the original GNR and Honeymoon stans on here despite the hate EDIT: just want to insert that I’m joking in case someone takes this as a contextless -non joke.
  9. Okay but we’ve been through this several times, best case scenario and let’s give her the benefit of the doubt here-she signs with some smaller label like BMG or the Travis Barker label where people seem to do whatever they want-she still has to meet deadlines.
  10. Atleast we didn’t get a Paula Abdul plane crash story
  11. I’ve been a fan since 2014 after first hearing of her in 2012 aswell so maybe it was just different here in the Uk compared to America-she had more top ten hits-but that doesn’t guarantee name recognition amongst the GP
  12. Exaggerating, but If I got 10 people out of a lineup prior to 2021- about 3 would know who she was-BTD was a cult classic and had hits which were mostly forgotten outside of summertime sadness. she definitely was not well known and BTD was a quick flash in the pan successwise bolstered by a cult fanbase.
  13. SKYfupdates hasn’t done anything no one in here hasn’t done or sky, they don’t deserve this weird hate.
  14. We got YouTube rips on Blue Banisters and it would cut time on costs and label communication, I’d be surprised if she didn’t for demos tbh.
  15. Do you think Lana uses https://emastered.com/en for her music mastering?
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