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  1. I get what you mean but there’s no way some of her choices like downloading off YT are done for artistic purposes- fans were complaining today because it was distracting from ocean’s songs on Spotify(hadn’t mastered it properly for the platform) and that’s not good… there are cases where hiss works but there’s tons of distortion on wildflower for example and it’s bad for your ears.
  2. The label need to coerce her this time to make something more produced- no phone recordings! A&R her album writing for potential controversy if this one starts going viral on the twatter, She’s a multi millionaire so no Audibal distortion on release either because her master team on the last few albums have been
  3. No Jack please- The trio has better trap beats than all of his beat production One or two piano ballads only this time to make it more special- like her early albums More likely it’ll be more of the same though tbh
  4. It’s just my opinion-you can hear the lyrical content- she’s never been definitively asked about this either so it should be up for discussion.
  5. I honestly think she should of just released this last year as a double album with blue banisters- there’s not a big distinction with the albums so it’s weird that they’re split-very BTD/paradise situation
  6. For those that haven’t listened- it is very piano heavy, just in case anybody is expecting it to be guitar oriented.
  7. It’s definitely got a lot of callbacks to NFR- especially some of the stems honestly both peppers and taco truck sound like alt versions of Venice b*tch
  8. The crackle was on BB too but honestly I think her obsession with lo fi elements started on Honeymoon and then kinda went crazy from there- LFL is notorious for muffled singing like in my feelings
  9. We’re trashing Drew but praising a man who uses two different pro tools- pre sets - atleast Drew can compose with originality
  10. There’s a reason those songs still live on and resonate with people more than any other album- because it’s her most solid album writing wise- melodically and lyrically it’s unpretentious and imagery soaked, is the production in need of an update? Yes because the beats can sound tinny at times and the auto-loon is too much- reigning this in just a bit would make it still one of her best albums. Very surprised aka isn’t your favourite tbh
  11. Waiting to see all the lanaboards, Reddit, ATRL bashing as if everyone isn’t crazed
  12. The outfit is great-maybe not for all songs but still-my issue is I can’t tell whether she’s actually singing
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