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  1. BluebirdXO

    Melanie Martinez

    Omg! You're so right
  2. It's usually rice, beans, oil, salt, flour, sugar, coffee, pasta, powdered milk, etc. Don't buy canned beans. In Brazil, raw beans is the most common way of getting them at the grocery store.
  3. Marina stop writing about feminism without reading feminist literature challenge
  4. BluebirdXO

    Taylor Swift

    Babe you're going to get banned. Just let it go
  5. BluebirdXO

    Taylor Swift

    The visuals were cute, but pretty boring video overall. I just didn't understand the fish thing
  6. That's the kind of song that I thought we would have in COCC
  7. I regret trashing L4L. Been listening nonstop for over a week and now I like it more than BTD and UV
  8. WTF I'm so sorry that this happened. Please be safe, we all know that internet creeps can do some damage
  9. I'm loving her hyperpop era
  10. BluebirdXO


    I'm tired of her tbh
  11. BluebirdXO


    Thanks ❤
  12. Of course this thread was created by someone named larina
  13. BluebirdXO


    Does anyone know what song starts at 4:39?
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