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  1. BluebirdXO


    I'm I crazy or haven't Lorde mentioned more music videos? Where are they?
  2. BluebirdXO


    The lyrics sound like an Emily Montes song and she's 5. I hope that it's not on the album
  3. The preacher of Churchome preached sometimes at Hillsong I don't agree with many of the Churchome ideologies, but I think that faith is something personal and we shouldn't judge Lana for it
  4. BluebirdXO


    Why are you talking like Grimes?
  5. I fucking love this album If I ever have kids, I know that they're going to hate my musical taste
  6. I want a record made by Lana, Zella and Weyes feat. Nikki Lane
  7. Mazzy Star is a dead band with no social media presence and still manages to have more monthly listeners than FKA Twiggs for example. If the music is good, people are going to listen
  8. COCC did extremely well in the first week. People just didn't found interesting enough to keep buying or listening
  9. I actually support Lana's decision to leave social media. I talked about this in the unpopular opinions. But I still think that it was kinda unprofessional doing this in the middle of an album rollout, even though this won't affect her sales or reception. As I said, Lana is a house name with a strong fanbase, leaving social media won't hurt her career
  10. I'm a green anarchist/socialist. I'm not capitalist at all Lana is a human being like any other. She can drop her job, change, do it for free it's her choice. This won't change the fact that the music industry is a business and some things may be seen as unprofessional
  11. Actually, I think that Lana's career can be less affected by not being on social media than Ariana's or Blackpink's. She already have a solid fanbase that follows her for over a decade. Black pink and Ariana's public is formed by teens and the GP. They're more volatile and are more likely to find a new distraction if they stopped posting. There's a reason why kpop artists are always releasing music and artists like Lorde and Fiona Apple can go MIA and still have a fanbase
  12. The music industry is a business like any other...
  13. I love Cruel World. It was my most listened song from last year
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