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  1. jamesss


    rhinestone heart is so 2016 waterpark playlist but it’s so good. i stand by it. also is it just me or does it sound different from the leaked version? especially at 1:43 like her voice fluctuates kinda? i think it’s called a run. she just sounds different (better) than the leaked version. okay so the leaked version is a draft for sure.
  2. y'all. how the fuck do i track my UV repress through the UK store. i bought it from the UK and its shipping to the US but like how do i track it or see it
  3. girl a hospital? where were you when you first started listening to lana
  4. 8th grade history class. where was ur first kiss
  5. PLEASE add the ability to add images directly from camera roll. i HATEEEEEE having to go through imgbb everytime.
  6. it’s my party and judy’s turn to cry
  7. the picture on record hub wont load is it just the UO one or the lime green one
  8. 9/10!! if you lie down with me cruel world let the light in
  9. i wish the instrumentals for judah smith interlude was an actual song... its heavenly.
  10. scrapping rock candy sweet like??? wtf??? i think paradise cover is her worse one imo tbh nil
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