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  1. does anyone else feel like 'Lasso' isnt the title? Like, i just feel like it cant just be lasso. maybe the album title would be something like "lasso my heart" or something, like lasso being short for a bigger title.
  2. jamesss


    just started listening to deftones yesterday!!! mascara hits SO hard.
  3. if anyone’s going to rearrange a tracklist, it’s putting IYLDWM at the end of blue banisters. the outro for that could potentially be as good as get free. idk just my opinion.
  4. @EARTHA for best banned member!! we miss herrrr
  5. do we have nay confirmed tracks? or is this seriously all speculation and guessing
  6. i ALWAYS have money on m fucking card and the one day i dont she releases this are u fucking kidding?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! black beauty is in my top 5 if i dont get this vinyl ill kms
  7. jamesss

    Song vs. Song

    california!! california vs yosemite
  8. that little cunt cat LOL.
  9. its literally godsend???? its angelical??? suburban house is so camp you have no idea what ur talking abt
  10. https://shop.spotify.com/en/artist/00FQb4jTyendYWaN8pK0wa/product/lust-for-life-coke-bottle-clear-2lp?utm_medium=app-nowplayingview&utm_source=spotify&utm_content=artiststore&utm_term=00a466c7cc921000484d6e1e2d5b57bc8956642b0505dfefc19075&utm_promo=&container_platform=&utm_campaign= is this real lol
  11. shades of cool bridge???? uhm help??
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