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  1. jamesss


    i just started listening to them they’re so good
  2. so what’s the deal with a 2nd album?? is it confirmed or is the deluxe version coming out orrr
  3. HUH??? LDR10??? wait what's that song? like which song are you referencing that was scrapped
  4. it definitely is so far the old money of the album i think, but i haven't listened to the full song so idfk okay so old money this, west coast that... what song is the 'dealer' of the album?
  5. i feel bad listening to the leaks, but i listened to peppers, sweet, fingertips, and the grants before it was released. i downloaded the whole album and skipped around on paris texas, but i decided that i would delete everything and only listen to peppers to hold me over.
  6. guys wish me luck staying strong and waiting until the listening party ahhh
  7. who’s going to go to the amoeba records listening party in hollywood? i am for sure
  8. no its just i wrote like a whole essay on the website and when i submitted it, someone spammed the entire website and it blocked out what i had to say. its just like all that effort i put into that, isnt benefiting me at all, infact its making me more stressed out than when i started.
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