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  1. Put that Lasso around my neck and tie it real tight i wanna end it all. Cuz. Waiting. For. Nothing. Is. Painful.💞
  2. I dont like Trump AT ALL. OBVIOUSLY. But this is so scary for America. Like omg… like i see these memes and tiktoks joking abt this. Like this is so SERIOUS. Like omg some people dont understand.
  3. in 19 days Lasso will be one month away
  4. Help I put this song on and my mom who doesnt understand lyrics/english sang: «Youre in the wind im IN YOUR DAUGHTER.» gonna kms
  5. The fact that we would know NOTHING about the Ocean Blvd announcement if that interviewer didnt ask her.
  6. Do you wanna trade Lasso info for a Mi-pod vape with refillable pods for smoking flavored nicotine salts?
  7. How do you know Are u an insider. Tbfh i dont know the LANABOARDS LORE. Like who on LB are insiders? Lmfaoo.
  8. My mom predicted this like. She is clairvoyant, I need to ask her about Lasso.
  9. There’s something in the wind, I can feel it blowing in… (I had a dream Lasso got announced) BOZ’s fart.
  10. Lmfao, my mom (!!!) sent me Tough spotify link and said she liked it. Last time she did this with a song was when Espresso just got released. And that became a megahit. So basically Tough will become a hit. In my mom we trust.
  11. Do we still have any Lasso September truthers left.
  12. Im signing of. Some of yall are already complaining… like bffr
  13. What if there’s two versions. One for Quavo’s album, more trap and one for Lana’s more country.
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