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  1. I feel like we give Nikki Lane too much shit. Like the vibes and artistry this woman can create is immaculate. Take this song for instance (pls listen). She will most likely be on the album and honestly im seated.
  2. Once again, we're left with half-assed information over half a year in advance for Lana's album "Lasso." This constant pattern of neglecting to give us a proper album rollout is infuriating. Fans deserve better than this endless string of disappointments. It's about time Lana and her team start treating us with the respect and engagement we deserve. Enough with the half-hearted attempts at building anticipation. We demand a proper rollout, with timely updates, engaging content, and a genuine connection to the music.
  3. Okay I wrote another essay and what if we all sent it to interscope/her management. To Lana Del Rey, Interscope, and her managers Ben and Ed, As a devoted fan eagerly anticipating the release of Lana Del Rey's upcoming album "Lasso," I come to you with a plea for a proper music era. The rollout of previous albums has left much to be desired, lacking engagement and cohesion. With "Lasso" on the horizon, fans are hopeful for a more structured and fulfilling experience. The anticipation for a new Lana Del Rey album is always palpable among fans, but it's the journey leading up to its release that truly enhances the experience. We long for a well-executed music era, complete with singles, visuals, and meaningful engagement. Previous rollouts have felt rushed and disconnected, leaving fans craving a deeper connection to the music and the artist. We understand that crafting an album is a labor of love, but we also believe that the journey leading up to its release is just as important. We yearn for singles that captivate our hearts and minds, accompanied by visuals that immerse us in the world of "Lasso." We crave engagement from Lana herself, whether it's through social media interactions, interviews, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process. To Ben, Ed, and the team at Interscope, we urge you to prioritize the fan experience and ensure that the rollout of "Lasso" is cohesive, engaging, and memorable. We believe in Lana's vision and talent, and we want to see her music shine in a way that truly does it justice. With "Lasso" on the horizon, we are hopeful for a music era that not only meets but exceeds our expectations. We eagerly await the journey ahead and look forward to experiencing the magic of Lana Del Rey's music once again.
  4. A little essay i wrote for the country anti’s I understand that many of you may be feeling disappointed or uncertain about Lana's decision to explore country music in her upcoming album. It's natural to have reservations when an artist ventures into new territory, especially when it deviates from their established sound. However, I urge you to consider the potential for greatness that lies within this new direction. First and foremost, Lana is a master storyteller. Her ability to evoke emotion and paint vivid scenes with her lyrics is unparalleled, and the storytelling aspect of country music aligns perfectly with her strengths. Country music is known for its narrative-driven songs that explore themes of love, loss, and the human experience – themes that Lana has touched upon in her previous work as well. By embracing the country genre, Lana has the opportunity to delve even deeper into these universal themes and connect with her audience on a profound level. Furthermore, country music offers Lana a chance to showcase her versatility as an artist. While she may be best known for her dreamy, cinematic soundscapes, Lana has always incorporated elements of Americana and folk into her music. By embracing country influences more overtly, Lana can tap into a rich musical tradition while still putting her own unique spin on it. This fusion of styles has the potential to create something truly special – a blend of country twang and Lana's signature ethereal beauty. Lastly, it's important to remember that artistic growth often requires taking risks and stepping outside of one's comfort zone. Lana has never been one to play it safe, and her willingness to push boundaries and explore new sonic landscapes is what has made her such a compelling and enduring artist. While country music may seem like a departure from her usual sound, it's also an opportunity for her to evolve and grow as an artist, and isn't that what we want for our favorite musicians? In conclusion, while it's understandable to feel hesitant about Lana's foray into country music, I encourage you to approach her upcoming album with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unexpected. Who knows? You may just discover that country is a perfect fit for Lana after all, and that her music has the power to transcend genres and touch your soul in ways you never imagined.
  5. I think we have been made aware that an album called Lasso is coming but the the official ANNOUNCEMENT hasn’t happened yet.
  6. Okay so i’ve listened to the album and here is what I can say right now: So the album opens with Lasso, the title track. Here she sings: «Put a lasso around my neck, pull it real tight, i just wanna DIE, just kidding, i just wanna feel ALIVE» Over a banjo and a psychedelic trap beat. Then the second track is Henry, Come On. Let me tell you she is BELTING with her voice. Henry, Come On is about erectile dysfunction. Okay so thats what i could tell you for now. Stay tuned…
  7. My dad who is Jack Antonoff’s uncle has heard the album and will send it to me later today. #FeelingBlessed
  8. Lord Huron, Zach Bryan, Taylor Swift, Quavo, Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves, Nikki Lane are all featured on this album I just KNOW
  9. Im gonna KMS why tf would she announce it this early.
  10. Manifesting a Honeymoon post with a caption like this: "Blue Skies out now xx Had so much fun recording it... ALSO I'm excited for you all to hear what me and Jack have been cooking up these last 4 years Stay tuned for Friday Henry is coming!"
  11. I feel responsible for todays delulu activities. Someone needs to put me in LB jail
  12. 8 AM LOS ANGELES TIME. so basically we are getting the lead single for Lasso in 2 hours
  13. If you look at her spotify, Lana purposely altered the release date of Blue Skies to november 30th 2023 (the day before TMHCR got released). This is because she wanted Take Me Home, Country Roads to be the bridge into the Lasso era. And i dont think her team can decide when the soundtrack songs come out. So i think the reason they altered the date for Blue Skies is because something is coming TODAY. This VALENTINES. Just like A&W came out on valentines. Henry is coming, mark my words (Interview from a magazine today is also imminent talking about Lasso or proper announcement with album cover or something)
  14. wait what if we get a valentines surprise drop again😭 #HenryIsComing
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