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  1. "We need the two of you on a collab"... who's gonna tell her
  2. I keep rewatching the interview it's just so cute how happy and bubbly she seems
  3. This is a crime. The production and selling of this vinyl should be illegal and the designer should be put behind bars.
  4. Can we pleaseeee make this a game? I agree I think it would be fun Yosemite always gave me remote log cabin on a gloomy day vibes, probably because she mentions a cabin in the lyrics The next person can do Old Money if they want
  5. I still can't believe she revealed her whole titty on the cover of a vinyl. There was definitely a shift in the culture after that.
  6. Obviously it’s a reach but Arca is the queen of experimental and that’s just the facts stream Moreno
  7. An entire experimental album with Arca production would eat so hard like I know it will never happen but that is my ultimate dream
  8. She probably sang them through a piece of paper or something for the aesthetic like on Beautiful People Beautiful Problems but yeah I'm not really a fan of it either
  9. The cover is so cute. I love how much she's been incorporating her family into her releases this year, the music feels more personal than ever and it really feels like a special point in her career.
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