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  1. The cover is so cute. I love how much she's been incorporating her family into her releases this year, the music feels more personal than ever and it really feels like a special point in her career.
  2. White Hot Forever


    I really wish I could go back and listen to kick iii for the first time again because the album is just so insane and unpredictable that I need my mind to be blown for a second time. Even after listening to it so many times it still gets me feeling so rabid and feral !!!! Like wtf kind of vibrational wavelength was she accessing while working on it ?!? Get wrapped up in some shit, not sure who you think you're dealing with... all these other bitches are irrelevant, heaven sent
  3. I've been listening to so much Caroline recently but this song has been hitting particularly hard... also Butterfly Net
  4. White Hot Forever


    I like the album but I find it disappointing how poorly produced and mixed most of the songs are. A lot of the songs sound like demos. She described it as high fidelity but it sounds like the opposite to me. There are some interesting production choices that I think could have been taken further but in general the album sounds under developed.
  5. It’s not necessarily bad but I just can’t help but feel bored listening to it. I could get behind the Welcome to My Island remix but this just feels like it goes nowhere and like anyone could have sung it. Can she please take some creative inspiration from Caroline?
  6. If it's not real then I'm impressed at how they came up with "God put safety on the shore of my fathers waters - he didn't stay floating" from the acronym like why is it so accurate
  7. I'm so glad I only got immediately charged for the white vinyl because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to order any of the others But now I'm going to be broke in March
  8. To those in the US that missed out on the white vinyl, her Canadian store was about $50 shipped to me https://ca.shoplanadelrey.com/products/d2c-2lp-white
  9. WTF the cover is beautiful and I know that the Tommy Genesis collab is going to be a serve!
  10. Okay here is my amateur attempt at a cover lol, I thought her all glammed up in the abandoned tunnel would be a nice contrast
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