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  1. You all inspired me to design my own bootleg Except I did a 10" clear vinyl of "Choke" by Poppy because it never got a vinyl release. I'm surprised how cheap groovy dude records is because mine only ended up being $25 total. I don't expect it to sound great but it's really just for the novelty
  2. Team delulu! I will be staying up regardless because I have a lot of school work to do Can't wait to take a break to listen to it!
  3. I've been listening to a lot of music in Spanish lately
  4. The way that the article talks more about her "controversies" than the tik tok cult
  5. None of the title tracks are the best on the album though. Plus it's already been confirmed that dance till we die is going to be the best so
  6. I will be going to college in Iowa this year and I can already picture myself listening to the album during my long drives between there and home past all the cornfields I'm getting autumn vibes with what we've heard so far
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