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  1. I’ve always wondered the same!! Cause that movie is indeed.. well, fascinating
  2. I actually haven’t even opened it yet lol I just displayed the box for now!
  3. Got my hoodie box set and it came in an actual thick box! It was like a square shoe box but thicker cardboard. I wonder if the thin paper ones were just for the tshirt? Anyways I’m really happy with it!
  4. Got my ticket too!! Guys I’m sooooooo excited I’m fluttering only seen her twice and last time was Nov 2019. Time before that was January 2018 so now going almost 4 years without has been so hard but I’m so happy got GA. Just going for Lana so hopefully it’s enough to just go and enjoy the show. Can’t wait!!!
  5. That would be both good and bad lol. I’d love to see RHCP as well as they’re legends. But good because it’d be much less people in Lana’s audience and easier to get a good view!
  6. As someone who is new to festivals. Does this mean Lana will perform on the same stage as RHCP (right before then I’m sure) or are they different stages? If anyone knows. I read something about north and south stage being the two main stages it seems so not really sure
  7. Ima make it work though like I’m going whatever Tickets on sale tmr 3/29 12pm CT fyi
  8. Lana will be on Sunday which doesn’t work out too well with my work schedule Noooooooooooo
  9. From someone on atrl fun tidbit, the record store owner said the label was very disorganized with this whole thing. They reached out to them last minute and the store basically had to figure everything out themselves and they weren’t told crucial information until literally the day of. They also were supposed to receive physical copies in order for people to be able to do preorders, but Interscope didn’t come through, and they were only able to play the album via a watermarked streaming link from the label
  10. Yeah another one was announced today in Quebec Canada and I really think she’s not touring either just festivals :/ which is why I wanna really try for this one
  11. All her albums are midnight EST releases so fair warning, I’m pretty sure this one will be too
  12. I’m happy that you had those experiences and that sounds amazing!! Especially cause for me the furthest I’ll go and have went is lining up early for one of her tour shows where you can at least go to the bathroom and sit on the ground lmao. But I can’t wait for this one if I end up going, hopefully I can snag a single day ticket and figure it out with work, and hope to maybe meet other fans there!
  13. Since it was recorded at the very end of the album cycle, could be realistic that they’ll do more and he’ll be on the next one!
  14. Omg like you couldn’t go to the bathroom or anything????? Wow… good for you Elle! I’ve never been to a festival and this is partly why lmao. It is on my bucket list to see Lana on a festival stage though so that’s why I’d do it for this show and just accept that I’ll be further back.
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