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  1. she said Ben got her out of it in an hour lol. He has the power and connections and music business knowledge! Yeah see so she had no business saying that or mouthing it if she did
  2. Maybe we should re consider some of our Ben slander on here cause him gettin her out of that in an hour when it took her years of trying is amazing lol
  3. If you’re lip syncing a song that means you know the words to it and you know the N word is coming up, so you know that you shouldn’t say it and should be prepared not to say it. At that point it’s the same as saying it because you’re taking part ownership in the lyrics and saying it for yourself. Black people say it because it was a word that was used terribly against them and so they took it back for themselves and use it as a way to empower themselves. But non poc saying it is like the negative way of it’s origins.
  4. Wasn’t justifying or defending. I was just wondering why it was being talked about so much. Didn’t know he said it twice though. Also at the time I was only listening and not watching and didn’t even realize it was a white person If thats the case, then yes you’re absolutely right.
  5. Wait why’d he say it twice lol?? okay I didn’t know he said it twice then that’s a lot and maybe more then a mistake
  6. I agree with you. But all I’m saying is it comes up on a teleprompter quickly and he probably didn’t have time to think so it was said. It was an accident, not something he prewrote himself and read.
  7. I agree with you completely. But he was reading odd a teleprompter and it just came up and he said it. He didn’t call anyone it or say it for himself.
  8. Just to add a comment in on this… he didn’t “say” it as in a convo or called someone it. He quoted a song he was listing off, and that’s what the song was called. He read the songs title. So what.
  9. I forgot how exciting a live moment like this is with Lana. Love all you guys posting and everything! Had fun and hopefully more to come soon!
  10. I missed that part… was it really that it would loud for others and kinda crickets for Lana??? Death to them.
  11. People are mingling I don’t think they’ve started yet. Probably the same link though
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