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  1. Drake is officially dropping in January 🙄 well it’s probably over for a #1 debut
  2. between this and the video snippet she posted, are we assuming the whole video or at lease parts of it will be in this black and white filtered thing? nvm this pic at least is from a fanpage lol
  3. Sin of men in my teeeethhhh from your COCC you’re choking meeEEHEE Anyways I’m very excited about this video regardless of when it comes out!!!
  4. Having said that, thriller was released as a single in January. And considering it’s Lana we’re talking about here, no guarantees it’ll coming around Halloween lol. (don’t jump me for being a Debbie downer please y’all 😭)
  5. Does 1 YouTube music video/official audio view count as 1 stream? if so, just off the 374k from Spotify alone and whatever the YouTube views that were in the US account for, and all other streaming services, we could already be at/close to 1 million!!! Keep streaming/buying girls and gays!!!
  6. I think she quotes MAC as one of her favs also, and why she released it first. So just like Hope and MAC aren’t how the whole NFR! sounded, I don’t think this is gonna be the case for COCC either!!! Anyways I absolutely adore this song so I’m happy!!
  7. I don’t believe that it is lmao, but because sometimes things work out funnily (ie Thai account saying we’d get it this Friday and we did) I thought I’d share
  8. That devoutmermaid account (who claims to be Lana) is saying she’s doing a live today.. just throwing it out there lol
  9. I saw her followers to from 17.4 to 17.3 million when I refreshed I hope it wasn’t cause of the cover 😭
  10. I’m not sure the streams will count if it’s played on mute or on repeat over and over. I think streaming services catch those and remove them. They have a bunch of rules to catch fraud streams. I think it has to be played with some volume, and added several times on a playlist with other songs thrown in the mix for them to count it, or something like that.
  11. I feel like the album is pretty much done. If in early October she said she wanted the album out 12/10 but has to be possibly 1/7/2021 due to it taking 11 weeks for vinyls, then that means the album has to be turned in to the label and set up for vinyl production by later October. I think she was almost done finalizing things like the track list (song order and whether or not to include dealer and maybe other tracks as well) and pretty much was going to turn the album in soon.
  12. LOL don't blame you at all, I'm sure there will be other copies for others. But I'm glad to hear that they had all those, I never see that many. Maybe they restocked on her catalog when they ordered Violet. But I'll check for them next time I'm at Barnes and Nobles for sure!
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