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  1. My heart 😭😭😭 she deserved that AOTY so bad fuck the scammys
  2. Yes but the idea is that Adele sells A LOT and she’ll be number one regardless of who drops for a long time, and in her 3rd week would sell more than lana in her first.
  3. Thank you so much for your answer and help queen 😍😍😍 hoping for a NFR! One to come out eventually also!
  4. Does anyone own those musical books of BTD:P, UV, and HM that are available on amazon?? The musical writing Piano or whatever books? I was thinking of getting them but was hoping to have more confirmation that they're good quality and accurate:
  5. I see what you mean!! Gotcha yes that would be magical, it's such an explosive song
  6. You'll be happy to know she did perform it once! Videos are on youtube and they're amazing
  7. Got my rose crewneck shipping notification too!!
  8. Not sure if anyone else has shared this sentiment yet but I find BUS to sound super sexy, like a sad sexy song. I picture the song with the clip of her she posted rubbing herself the day of the LA book signing to that Kodak black song. So I’m hoping that is conveyed a lot in the studio version and therefore making it a great standout track. We have no room for fillers on an 11 track album
  9. I agree. I don’t think we’ll get any more variants within the next few weeks. Then maybe starting mid February they’ll do the album trailer with links to some new items, for example. Them week prior to release the rest. It’ll work on my money I’m sure 😭 I still never bought the yellow or beige vinyls cause I’m waiting for everything but we’ll see if I buy them or not.
  10. the fact that you still give us info when you can even though inevitably you know you’ll get attacked >>>> lol. But also people are acting like they know the WD video is homemade? How are we assuming this as I don’t think it was stated by anyone?
  11. Something positive to share is that today Doin Time beat DCMA on her Spotify page yay!! Hopefully with COCC release we can fully banish it for good and it won’t come back. Keep streaming girls and gays!
  12. I bought some shrooms around NYE that I haven’t tried yet but want to and listen to COCC. So yes, Please “tell us everythinggggggg” I know it’s a different drug but I need to know how psychedelics are gonna be with COCC
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