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  1. Maybe it was discussed a 100 pages ago but did she really devour the holier than thou Swifties who said she shouldn’t date Matty with But Daddy I Love Him? I’m finally getting around to reading lyrics and I’m gagged.
  2. Robin is so good…maybe my favorite.
  3. Now when did she drop signed stuff? I totally missed that.
  4. She’s getting a little over exposed again I think. She was the star of 2023 and now it’s gone on too long and people are turning on her a bit. It’ll calm down eventually, but might get worse with the album release this year. I’m a huge fan and I ordered the first vinyl but I’m not ordering any others, and might just cancel that one and get whatever one they have at Target with my bf on release day.
  5. Well that was definitely a video.
  6. Wake me up when an EP drops. Also I saw The 1975 last night and they had an opener named ‘Dora Jar’ (yes really) who sounded a lot like Melanie. She was super bizarre when she was talking to the crowd too. It was giving Portals earthlings type vibes. But the music wasn’t bad at all.
  7. So far I think everything is improved
  8. The way I listened to this album multiple times a day for weeks, then resold my concert tickets so I could hang out with my boyfriend instead and listen to Speak Now TV, and now I never listen to Portals I was so obsessed with Tunnel Vision and I re listened the other day and it was kinda cringe.
  9. Dusted off my LanaBoards hiatus to check in here and
  10. Only got through Enchanted last night with my boyfriend, we will finish the rest up tonight. Some songs seem more successful than others. BTD and Mine sounded really good. I’m mostly underwhelmed by Sparks Fly and Enchanted (my two faves from the album). Something seems off with the vocals. But I think it’s just different and we will adjust in time. I did watch the I Can See You video, and I really liked the song and the video!
  11. She appears to have done all songs plus deluxe at every show https://www.setlist.fm/search?query=melanie+martinez
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