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  1. Only got through Enchanted last night with my boyfriend, we will finish the rest up tonight. Some songs seem more successful than others. BTD and Mine sounded really good. I’m mostly underwhelmed by Sparks Fly and Enchanted (my two faves from the album). Something seems off with the vocals. But I think it’s just different and we will adjust in time. I did watch the I Can See You video, and I really liked the song and the video!
  2. She appears to have done all songs plus deluxe at every show https://www.setlist.fm/search?query=melanie+martinez
  3. She said no more videos shot and won’t be until September: https://www.instagram.com/p/CtceBUYyXUC/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== @The Siren my Christmas estimate looking accurate
  4. The two Portals videos are cool, but they don’t really go anywhere or do anything. No story line. Methinks the budget was spent on CGI. Album still slaps tho.
  5. The opening was good, underwhelming and blurry otherwise.
  6. At least Tunnel Vision should be next. Probably out by Christmas at this rate…
  7. Omg I got a print. Thanks @Dominikx4 !!
  8. Weren’t they still real friendly around the release of PORTALS or was that just Madison shouting out Mel? In other news I’ve watched more tour videos and her vocals aren’t stellar BUT they are much better than I was expecting based on the night one videos I saw. Hoping she still sounds decent for my show next month.
  9. It was theorized that SOG acoustic got a re record because it was a separate vocal take, and BTD and Haunted used the same vocal take, much like the Lavender Haze acoustic version,
  10. Got a second signed CD unexpectedly. Thanks Mel
  11. Poor Mel’s voice had really had it by MOTS last night yikes https://www.tiktok.com/@jsnsnewn/video/7239581797200301358
  12. Appears to just be the album in order. Those lives are terrible!
  13. What tickets are $350? I looked at resale sites earlier today to see if my friend could get a ticket next to me for my show, it’s mostly sold out. Resale tickets are priced insanely, but seem to be selling for about $250 for an average seat. I paid $82 with fees for my seat, bottom third of the pavilion.
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