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  1. I think I’m gonna go to the listening event on Thursday girls
  2. I’m thinking she might say NEEDING you, it’s just her weird vocals. I feel like the snippet ends before the song cranks up, like some guitar/drums or something.
  3. I will save my judgments for Light Shower on release day
  4. I saw something about stickers or a tote bag or some shit but nothing about that CD giveaway
  5. not “plan out my last days on earth eating you”
  6. I saw some people in his OB master post suggesting he pair A&W with pastor and CN with Jon Batiste, and others were saying dont pair them. I wonder what he will do. I think he said he wants to get the first video out on Friday, assuming The Grants.
  7. He’s a certified Lana stan he even loved Beautiful. I’m excited for him to go back to the pre NFR albums after Ocean Blvd. He did an hour and 40 min summary at the end of NFR. And he did a 2 hour 20 min video on All Too Well (TMV) by Taylor Swift which got taken down by YouTube for copyright stuff. I felt so bad for him. He’s super committed to quality content.
  8. Do we know how long ago any of the MM3 songs, leaked not, were recorded/written?
  9. So Void lyrics confirm it is I hate who I was before, not why hate
  10. and Death still locked 🤔 Tunnel Vision tomorrow?
  11. I haven’t gone back to Death as much as I thought I would either. I think it kinda takes too long to get to the good part. I am hopeful that Portals will be a pretty good listen from start to finish, so I think I’ll be listening to it in the context of the full album a lot.
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