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  1. Lana’s latest update on honeymoon directs you to a link in her bio - the link has sparkle jump rope queen in it - WTF?? I think it’s just for a new mailing list https://sparklejumpropequeen.t.os.fan/sparklejumpropequeen/exclusiveaccess/
  2. Ok stop bringing up humans and the fact that she’s a human, at no point did I imply she was some alien who flew to earth solely to perform on time and nothing els. However, to follow on, people who often show up late or call in sick to work are often fired… that obviously doesn’t apply to the entertainment industry entirely so it’s not really a comparison Her feelings are valid, she’s allowed to feel however she’s feeling but again it clearly isn’t being managed effectively.
  3. Changing the lyrics to Kintsugi to “Lana was late for three out three…..”
  4. She’s human yes but has been consistently late for each show she’s done this year (bearing in mind that’s only 3 shows) so why isn’t her team and the people around her then stepping in to manage that. I’m not saying she shouldn’t feel nervous playing a massive crowd but surely it would put you more on edge and create more anxiety knowing that you’re now late and the show won’t get to go as you had planned and rehearsed
  5. Sorry but Lana is not above Glastonbury - if you’re late you don’t get to finish. She’s been late 3 out of the 3 festival shows she’s done. I get that she’s Lana and acts like she doesn’t care about stuff like this but it’s actually really unprofessional and disrespectful idc
  6. No doubt she still has her baddie acc from years ago
  7. She'll release half as Lizzie, the other as Lizzy and one lone song under Sparkle Jump Rope Queen
  8. The cover is boring and I get what you're saying, choices have been made but yeah it's definitely the Lizzie credited that's set me right off
  9. My question is why? Like why now? I'm sure its amazing, but I'm sure of that because we already know the fucking song. I get that these unreleased songs are now hitting with the TikTokers but SYTH has been a gem in the unreleased catalogue for fans for AGES. I feel like Lana's team don't really know what way they're being pulled atm. Everything seems very muddled and without any clear direction. Maybe it's so she can play it live - but she could do that anyway without an official release like Serial Killer idk And also this close after an album release?? And to top it all off to be credited as LIZZIE...with an IE... since when? for why? It's no big deal in the long run but it's also like consistency ??? Sorry this ended up being a rant but idgi
  10. Firstly, I love the music video! It’s amazing. I expected no less I’ve also seen lots of comments about the references to other videos era etc throughout but just noticed when she takes the blonde wig off after the show those curls are giving Ride MV vibes. I’m sure someone else picked up on this but god her mind
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