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  1. It's toxic love, that's not romantic! That song is so depressing if you've been there
  2. She does it on and off. Last thing she did was the Marc Jacobs campaign I love this image so much
  3. It's called having a discussion and her ex literally taking responsibility multiple times, but get those snappy comments in gworl!
  4. See: I Pray for Rain I swear if that song ever releases I'll tattoo Sky's face on my chest
  5. Yeah, Sky seems like an easy mark for this type of person. She implied that either that guy or another boyfriend gaslight her to the point that she had a breakdown.
  6. As a newer fan and in hindsight I think she's dabbled in Molly/weed. As far as other stuff I'm not quite sure. HER appearance was pretty sickly at one point during the short blonde hair era but I dunno how much of that was her not giving af versus someone going through addiction. In any case, she seemed much better even a year or two after so... Idk the timeline of when she was with Cole but certain Diiv songs (that band is amazing) point at Cole keeping secrets and lying about his addiction to her, so it's hard to piece the "truth". I don't doubt he was a bad influence while they were together.
  7. I want NTMT and post NTMT leaks :/
  8. I wish Tonia would say something but I don't want her to be harassed over something like this either. Oh well. At this point I'm not getting excited of hyped until/if something is announced by the label.
  9. 99 tears SUPREMACY! The way that would be been a cute title track
  10. Name checks out but love her
  11. @admin can you just do something or clarify that you just dgaf? Much appreciated
  12. I'm rooting for her anyway
  13. Can we get a list of said 20 songs?
  14. Nvm where's the video?
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