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  1. oh this is just Courtney being Courtney Still love her. And Taylor is boring, that much she got right
  2. So she went past the curfew again?
  3. Reddit is pretty neutral and call her out regularly so at least the delusion doesnt go too far
  4. Omanko is Suicide-lite goodness please dont slander her
  5. needs black versions and to sell them online
  6. they're dragging her in her own subreddit
  7. She barely sings as it is
  8. thats weird considering her family was promoting it too. idk what to think about this
  9. wdym? The official page is listing the people getting awards, not the presenters unless im looking at the wrong place
  10. Namie Amuro. like sure, she's fun but i dont find appeal in a dance heavy artist especially when they dont even write their lyrics. The persona was kind of boring too.
  11. it comes in like a lion and stuff
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