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  1. Does anyone have a cleaned up version of Descending to share?
  2. I get this but she's not fully white, either so
  3. Thank you. I know its just trolling but those remarks on her race are gross af anyway.
  4. Deserved, honestly. She's not transparent enough and its unfair to treat fans the way she has so if one breaks and asks her its kind of on her. Vague IG comment replies only go so far.
  5. Leak Shirley Manson's version of Red Lips
  6. So does she meet people after her shows or what
  7. Who is going to the concert
  8. Me when Sky complains about budget Like play the game and get out of the contract kitty girl
  9. Id be excited but its Sky, so thats still pretty meaningless
  10. I giggled but i personally love the weirder tracks like that one, Omanko and NTMT on the album more than stuff like Boys and 24 hours. Theyre cute songs but kinda expected?
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