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  1. i love sky ferreira! she makes great music when she feels like it!! i love that she does things on her terms and doesn't listen to anyone else!! i think we should all be a lot more like sky ferreira and that it would make the world a much better place!!
  2. this has such a strong crybaby era sound.. crazy how it evolved
  3. alright is anyone gonna repost what she posted.. not all of us follow honeymoon
  4. shes such a fucking troll istg
  5. jinsouldilf

    Kali Uchis

    is anyone picking up a signed cd?? tempted..
  6. jinsouldilf

    Kali Uchis

    making the lana wait easier im so excited to hear anything new from kali like everything she does is gold
  7. you just be posting shit @evalionisameme
  8. i love this stupid little awful song. its so good!
  9. i have gained an even bigger appreciation for ctrl ever since sos dropped, like her music is just so compelling we love you solana
  10. yall make threads for anything stream not in public tho
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