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  1. jinsouldilf


    it really doesn't matter but im pretty sure she said shes bi on an insta live back in like 2020
  2. you should pull me up close... ERRR
  3. ill be at the san diego show
  4. Bio: Sky Ferreira Sky Ferreira. Act like you don’t already follow her on Twitter – as if you haven’t Googled her, or checked her out on Wikipedia. Now check again. Before you can hit refresh, there might be another paragraph. She's co-written and recorded with half the Billboard chart, survived in Hollywood and on the Lower East Side, seen the world from thirty-five thousand feet, been shot by every photographer you can name off the top of your head. Now get one thing straight: Sky was singing first. Just click on her piano-andvocal only cover of Miike Snow’s 'Animal' on YouTube for your evidence that her other skills might pay the bills, but music is her life and her voice is bona fide. Her 2011 debut EP As If! hinted at her soulful range and stylistic versatility. But if you think it prepared you for the step Sky’s about to take on her first long-player, think again. She’s hard at work with a hand-picked team of collaborators. And this time she’s in charge, making the record she wanted to make all along.
  5. sky liked this post by on a downward spiral on instagram and i think thats silly
  6. jinsouldilf


    lets pray that this producer has a very weak google drive.. wow
  7. all i want from her right now is for her to just post a video singing some of her songs in her living room.. like the bar is so low. im just sick of the radio silence
  8. im anticipating this song like crazy.. please post a release date kim
  9. aespa mini... its time for a full!
  10. it looks like sex is very close to leaking, the group buy has been completed!
  11. soap2day and fmovies is how im watching!! they have the episodes usually every friday as well as the untuckeds
  12. that may have been the best episode of the season yet.. anetra, luxx, and sasha had me gasping during their lipsyncs. it was so fun!! im sure those girls were exhausted by the end of the episode though
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