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  1. The way that this basically just says "security went overboard by doing their jobs" Like, what does he think they're there for? Decoration?
  2. dat1guitarguy is such a weirdo He needs to realize already that him and Lana aren't friends and that bombarding people like that, regardless of status or fame, is going to make them uncomfortable
  3. Happy 7th birthday, Honeymoon Proud to say I've seen the vision since the first time I heard it. This album is so timeless and one of the most beautifully put together albums I've ever listened to Love ya
  4. "Insiders" after deciding that every upcoming album is actually an Ultraviolence remake instead of a new, original concept
  5. I thought the caption said "I've been so hot" and that would've been 100% correct too
  6. So, so sorry that you had to deal with this <3 Things like this, especially at that time of night/morning are not funny, and I'm glad that you're safe and okay. So weird and creepy
  7. If we got trailer park era inspo on the album, I don't know if I'd recover Probably not happening but I'm manifesting regardless. Lizzy popped her head in briefly during the Chemtrails era, I think she could do it again
  8. Her recent is for us Lizzy girls (Also side note, her pigtail braids look so cute)
  9. Out With A Bang, Hope and Change are songs I find myself listening to and feeling a really deep connection towards on a personal level. Cinnamon Girl and Pretty When You Cry have become super relevant to me this past year as well
  10. I saw Cyberbully on ABC Family (aka Freeform) years ago and I still think it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but also one of the most unintentionally hilarious. I've always kind of struggled to figure out what movies I don't like because I'm one of those people that finishes everything and is like "wow, that's the best thing I've ever seen" even when it's not lol. However, I can't stand anything from that 2010s era of parody movies. They're horrible
  11. Lana working with a producer a lot of us don't have an awareness of like we do with Jack, Rick or Zach is actually really exciting. It takes away a lot of the presumptions that come with Lana working with producers she's worked with in the past (at least for me)
  12. Happy 10th bday LB! Here's a cake Thanks to everyone who keeps this site up and running, even through all of our craziness
  13. "IT'S FUCKING HOT " Heroin bridge energy for the lead coming
  14. Happy 3rd birthday to my forever favorite Lana album <3 <3 This album is so special to me on a personal level, but also just on a music level. The whole summer of this era was absolutely iconic, and the songs are just next level
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