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  1. I honestly don't wanna give an opinion on the new songs until I hear them in HQ I liked the live versions, but I still feel like I haven't actually heard them yet
  2. Men when a woman goes outside without makeup on
  3. Super Movie

    Katy Perry

    I am so sick of having to hear Dr. Luke and his garbage The fact that people still work with him is genuinely mindboggling to me. I don't know how you can morally justify that.
  4. I didn't even notice until just now I thought there was some optical illusion shit I was missing
  5. These pics are like AKA meets Tropico
  6. The outtakes from Ultraviolence based on the reception of Lana post-BTD are always so, so good Need this track yesterday
  7. Happy birthday, Ultraviolence!! I've always credited this album with really getting me into exploring rock/folk music and I will forever be grateful for its existence. Ultraviolence will forever be a staple of Lana's career, and it's as loved as it is for a reason. Flipside and Is This Happiness I will avenge you
  8. Me personally I just wish they'd only interview Lana when they wanna talk about Lana This is like when she was at the Met Gala and they asked her what her favorite song off Taylor's album is
  9. It's been so interesting for me to watch Sabrina blow up these past 2 years because I was a huge fan from, like, 2016-2018/19. I guess I was just ahead of the curve
  10. I love the original BTD beehive but something about the blonde beehive is just so beautiful
  11. I actually think a lot about who I would've been had I not gotten into Lana when I did. I genuinely believe that Lana was my gateway into discovering good music. After I got into her, I went down a rabbit hole of all the music she was into and of music that was similar to hers. My music taste was completely different before Lana
  12. The fact that this album is about to be 5 years old It still feels like a "new" Lana album to me, but at the same time, every song feels so nostalgic and brings me back to summer 2019
  13. The production reminds me so much of that hybrid era between Honeymoon and Lust for Life (or even some of the Honeymoon demos) Something's been in the air with Lana lately and it's been so exciting
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