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  1. I'm gonna go all the way back and start with Sirens so... Sirens: Out With a Bang would be my personal pick, but the thing about Sirens is that every song is so simplistic but so full of meaning, so it's hard to nail just one down Born To Die: Off To The Races is such an impressively written song. I'd honestly say Carmen is up there as well, it's storytelling is so captivating Paradise: Ride and Bel Air for sure, but Gods & Monsters and Body Electric are also really well written Ultraviolence: Shades of Cool and Old Money Honeymoon: I can make a case for every song on this album in terms of lyrical quality. However, I think The Blackest Day and Terrance are just absolutely breathtaking lyrically. Lust for Life: The triple gut punch that is Heroin, Change, and Get Free NFR: hope is a song I could say is simply her best song lyrically ever, but I also think The greatest and Mariners are just so well written Chemtrails: White Dress and the title track are the standouts. DBJAG could be interpreted quite simply, however, I think it's also a very poignantly written song with lyrics I love Blue Banisters: Wildflower Wildfire is another song I think is one of Lana's best written songs ever, hands down. I really love a lot of the connections Lana makes on Text Book as well, particularly in the verses and pre-choruses
  2. Heavy Hitter is my favorite of Lana's unreleased I'll always love jazzy Lana, and the fact that it's from 2009 (which I consider the middle ground between the Lizzy era and the LDR era) makes it even better
  3. Happy birthday, BTD!! I cannot believe this album is already 11 years old. By far one of the most iconic albums of the 2010s
  4. What vibes are we getting from an A&W video? I see kind of mix of the house and pool shots from the Shades of Cool video and the shots with the orange-ish lighting in Don’t Call Me Angel
  5. She’s so causal about these things like I’m not losing my mind kind of iconic
  6. Anthology book fiasco But also her lyrics have been incorrect in her CD booklets before iirc so I'm not even sure if an official Lana lyric book would be 100% accurate I remember specifically a TIWMUG lyric being wrong
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