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  1. The fact that we at least used to have the Honeymoon account as an archive of that era and now if you want to find those posts, you have to find them reuploaded
  2. The plus side is that this means burthdaykake is next in line
  3. Wait I wanna do one for every album now because I'm very unoriginal Sirens: This album is proof to me that the way that Lana writes and creates music now is nothing new and, if anything, has been more of a return to form than a BTD or UV 2.0 would be. It also just generally has some of my favorite Lana writing ever. AKA: I don't want an AKA re-release. I won't complain or anything if we get one, however, I don't think it's something Lana really needs to do. I also will die on the hill that For K Pt. 2 is top three on the album (I'm not sure how unpopular that is though). Born To Die: This album is one where I don't like when people say it's her best or say it's her worst because it's her most objectively popular. And I do think that the album itself is kind of dated, but not in a bad way. It feels more like a time capsule. That's also why I don't see the point in wanting "BTD Lana" back. My favorite will always be Video Games. I've also definitely mentioned this before as well, but I will never understand why Dark Paradise was a fan favorite for so long. Paradise: Part of me thinks the Paradise EP never needed to exist, but another part of me is so grateful that it does. It's funny because I love so many of the tracks individually (Ride, American, Cola, Body Electric, Gods & Monsters, Bel Air), yet I've never felt like this project was super strong in her discography. I think it would've been a lot more satisfying in terms of Lana's discography to get whatever the original Paradise album was supposed to be just based on the alleged outtakes from that project. Ultraviolence: Ultraviolence is not Lana's best album. It's not her strongest album. It's not this magical holy grail in her discography that she needs to be striving to recreate forever. I'm also a Guns and Roses truther for life. It's always been kind of funny to me that that song is the one people don't like because it is so essentially Ultraviolence and pre-Honeymoon Lana. Honeymoon: 24 is the reason why I want Lana to lean more into jazz at some point in the future. I also would argue that it's one of her most cinematic songs and I don't get why it's become the unanimous Honeymoon least favorite when Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood is right there. Swan Song is the most closing track to ever closing track and it should've wrapped up the album. Lust for Life: I won't argue that this album has its flaws. However, it doesn't deserve a lot of the hate that it's gotten over the years and I consider it to be very important to Lana's discography. I actually don't find any song on this album to be objectively bad. Also this album gave us my favorite Lana song of all time so what am I gonna do? Not love it? Adding onto that, the Heroin, Change, Get Free closing of the album is the best last-three tracks out of any Lana album. NFR: I know that it's become super popular within Lana's fanbase to hate this album, but it's become such a staple in music for a reason. It's a fantastic fucking album. It's that simple. Chemtrails: Chemtrails is such a special album to me and I quite literally don't care that everyone hates it because they think it's "boring". The title track is my favorite Lana title track ever. Honestly, the only songs on it that I really don't care for are LMLYLAW and For Free, and I still really like them. This album may be an acquired taste, but I have it and I love it. Blue Banisters: This album isn't the pile of hot garbage people treat it as, but it's not her strongest by any means. I get why it was released though. It feels very personal, almost like an album released just to get these songs out there and feel a sense of relief, which I can respect and enjoy. That being said, Black Bathing Suit and IYLDWM are two of my favorite Lana songs ever. Also, I very much enjoy the piano in Beautiful I don't care. Ocean Boulevard: This is another album that I feel like really needs to exist in her discography. It feels like every "version" and piece of Lana combined into one super album. I definitely have a bias towards this album since it's become my favorite of Lana's. I honestly don't even know why it's my favorite. I just know that from my first listen, I felt so attached to it. The only thing I would change is the Judah Smith interlude because, at the very least, it needs to be shorter. I do love the instrumental though.
  4. "Thank you for singing all my songs with me. I can't believe it's been 10 years since that one."
  5. I'm happy Chuck is streaming so I can at least see some of the show decently Somewhat unrelated but I'm in love with Lana's dress and hair for this show. It's very Disney princess wind-up ballerina
  6. When she opens the set with Trash Magic then what
  7. I love Lana and all but I can't sit through another livestream of one of her shows where all I can see is the backs of people's heads and all I can hear is the person livestreaming screaming crying and throwing up
  8. I'm trying to decide if I'm tuning in today or not Either way the fact that we might getting Flipside live again and that we might get to find out what Bittersweet Anthem is is very exciting
  9. Last summer when she was randomly at an LA lesbian pride event Me and the other 4 lesbians in the fandom were happy though
  10. People also just have a weird animosity towards Lana working with her family that I don't think I'll ever understand lol
  11. This song is so incredibly beautiful Rob's talent and the production combined with Lana's vocals on this track is just stellar. Her voice is almost hypnotic in the best way possible
  12. Exactly, he's the pop girl
  13. I don't think I'll ever understand the point in being on this site if all you're here to do is complain about Lana Like there's genuinely no reason for you to be on a fan site for somebody you very obviously don't like. Anyways, I really loved this show, especially with it being her first one in 3 and a half years. I'm still in shock about Flipside being on the setlist though. That was probably the craziest part of the night and I loved it so much
  14. She really is one of those people that picks up on the accents of whoever she's around Same thing happened when she was doing shows in Texas and suddenly had a southern accent
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