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  1. If this is true, whatever it is, it's gonna be making up for the mess that was July 4th, 2021 Update: apparently it's not true, but I still like my idea so...
  2. Swan Song has always been a top three track for me oddly enough, and I don't know what it says about me that I never really understood just how depressing it was until a few months ago. I thought the experience Lana described in the song sounded so freeing and wonderful, although I guess that says more about my own mental health at the time than anything else lol. Hearing her talk about the song the way she did in this interview makes the fact that she never sang it live make more sense
  3. I'm not gonna be too heartbroken if we don't get the album this year just because we literally got 2 albums last year. I'm all for a slow, gradual rollout if that rollout isn't as messy as NFR (literally if it's anything like the NFR rollout I might cry that was so...)
  4. When we find out that DNC actually stood for Dealer, Noir, Cruel World in order to showcase that her next album would be her old Hollywood glamour, conversational angry magnum opus by providing examples of songs that are similar to the album
  5. This year has been an all-timer for LDR fashion and makeup in my opinion. Between this shoot and her public appearances, it seems like she's really tapping back into that vintage glamour she's always loved. It also doesn't feel like what she's done before, though, which makes it even better. This shoot alone feels like a revamp of that sort of style to match who Lana is now. I love it so much
  6. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm personally fine with having an era where we don't really have insiders
  7. My favorite part of the lead-up period of an album is watching the aesthetic world slowly come to life, and I don't know why, but this one seems like it's gonna be really fulfilling
  8. You manifested Lana's Marilyn vibe beach serve
  9. The only producers I've ever really wanted Lana to work with more regularly again are Dan Heath and Tim Larcombe, so it'd be super cool if she did some work with them for LDR9. I mean, she went back to her OG makeup team, so I guess anything's possible
  10. Our first official pre-release without a fake insider going on and on (and ooooon) about stuff that isn't true This isn't an invitation for someone else to start doing that
  11. I think we're getting more vocals like the GKIT performance in the church There's just something about the Lana's energy right now that gives me such a good feeling about this album
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