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  1. If I was Lana I would get every single unreleased song taken down on every platform out of pure spite because of people like this, and this is coming from someone who's username is literally Super Movie (obviously I'm joking but I can't wait for the day when people realize that Lana owes them nothing because she doesn't know any of us!!)
  2. This is so White Dress core if you get it you get it idk
  3. I actually know the answer to this! Kent is located in Connecticut as far as I know
  4. Did she just say there's gonna be a few more songs?
  5. Ok who the fuck is blowing a dog whistle at the screen
  6. If I was Lana I'd be calling Sean out by first middle and last name so she's better than me idk
  7. I didn't hear all of it, but she said "and shows in London" right after the copyright line which I thought was super cute
  8. What do you guys expect people at concerts to do like be serious for a second
  9. She was airing Sean out at the end of Chemtrails goddamn
  10. Hearing everyone singing along to Chemtrails...oh wow
  11. This is like when I wasn't at the Hollywood Bowl show but so much worse
  12. Super Movie

    Ayesha Erotica

    Did you break your back making that reach?
  13. This would've been the perfect thread for the came in May and color me blue posts
  14. Wearing denim boots at a concert on the 4th of July is very Lana, if you get it you get it
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