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  1. Okay, so here are my thoughts on Black Bathing Suit and a bit on Wildflower Wildfire: Black Bathing Suit is a journey through Lana's feelings during spring-summer 2020, and maybe even earlier in the year. It's clear that certain lyrics are in relation to things like the public response to QFTC, the absolutely vile comments people were making about Lana online, and what I think is the most interesting aspect of it all: the backlash Lana got on Mothers Day in 2020 for not posting about her mother, but rather making a post about why it can be a hard day for her and others (that whole situation pissed me off, but we don't have time to unpack all of that). I never knew if Lana had seen the hate from that post since she never addressed it, but it's clear to me through this album that she did. She literally says in the second verse of WW "You say there's gaps to fill in, so here, here's the deal..." and then the lyric about her mother. It was like her saying "you really want to know what I've been through? here you go". It's something that's so heartbreaking to listen to, but I think that for Lana, it felt important to say. So more on BBS. Another lyric I want to highlight is the "your interest really made stacks out of it for me, so thanks for that", which I think is kind of sarcastic. Obviously NFR did fantastic in terms of sales and reception, so she's saying that the public's interest in the album really "made stacks" out of that album, but then we get the flippant "thanks for that" that we also get in Arcadia. It's not a genuine thank you. It's Lana being frustrated that despite people loving that album, they went right back to hating her just months after (I'm not getting into QFTC right now, I'm more so talking about the body shaming and general bullying that went on). And I think that the "you don't know me any better than they do" lyric is super interesting as well. There were a lot of assumptions being made about Lana around that time, so it's her saying "you don't know me any better than the rest of the public does, so don't act like you do". The whole song exudes this perfect mix of anger, vulnerability, confidence and a hint of sarcasm. She gives you that not only through her lyrics, but through her production and vocal delivery on the song. It's so smart and so creative.
  2. At first I thought the BBS lyric was "your inches really made stacks out of it for me" and I was like...who's inches? But I'll have to remember to come back in here and write a mini essay on that line and BBS in general because I have a lot of thoughts
  3. The only unreleased songs I'd ever want to be released (from now on lol) are ones that were entirely unfinished, so we'd get to hear them in an entirely different way as if they were new songs. Something like going from Methamphetamines to Old Money could be cool in relation to another old acapella demo.
  4. I'm sorry, but I just cannot get into Dark Paradise, it's one of my least favorite Lana songs ever. I never have and most likely never will be able to. Something about it puts me off and I don't even know why. I can't get into the demos either. Also, Swan Song is incredible. It's personally my favorite song on Honeymoon. I'll never understand why that one is always so low in people's rankings
  5. I'd love a The Good Life vibe on the next album. The production on that song is so simple, but so captivating
  6. I put on my unreleased album and for some reason it's only playing acoustic demos from 2007-2009. I'm taking this a sign I don't care Also, I'm 100% down for some jazz influence on this album. Lana + horns = heaven on earth
  7. When they remake Daytona Meth using the best strings Emile can produce and a powerful MIke beat Plus some electric guitars
  8. When I saw Emile's post, the first thing I thought about was how hyped you were gonna be I'm really hoping they're both working with Lana for LDR9, I actually might faint if they are
  9. Listen, I love Blue Banisters and it's a top three Lana album for me, but if there's even a chance of a Lana album with Emile strings and Mike beats...I'm using all the manifestation I have on that
  10. Literally why else would Emile and Mike be working together if it's not for Lana? The only other artist they've both worked with from what I can tell is Kid Cudi, but that wasn't on the same song. There's one song I'm finding that they did both have credits on, but it's a Kanye song from 2010
  11. Click on your username in the top right corner, click "ignored users", and then add the username of the person you want to ignore
  12. Lana's gonna be 85 and still signing Blue Banisters CDS
  13. So yesterday it was "Lana's flopping and obviously nobody likes this album because nobody is streaming it", but now that they're having people stream it, it's an issue? Make up your mind
  14. Just a note: a thread was made for the listening party if anyone wants more info I actually think this is a really cute idea, even cuter if Lana's gonna be there! It'll be like our release night celebrations but expanded
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