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  1. Seems to be all over now (NY Times, ABC, The Guardian, etc), but i haven't seen anything to indicate anything is being done in response. It angers me. Just let people live their life. Live is short, live it and stop worrying about what other people are doing or wearing or whatever. People are just trying to exist. So much hate in the world.
  2. Watching Elvis today finally, so i can be ready to stream Priscilla when it hits Max tomorrow, can't wait!
  3. They were some heartful fucks being given. Well said.
  4. Pre-release thread life is back, so happy! I'm not worried. Lana is not going to deliver a soulless modern country album, she seems so inspired these days and Henry, come on is heavenly.
  5. That's awesome! When i met Trace he had just been swarmed by a crowd wanting autographs, but I just wanted to say hi, so I didn't have anything with me. He just looked at me and said in an unfriendly voice "What, you want me to sign something with my finger!?" and I just walked away as he laughed. Maybe it was a bad day and maybe he didn't mean anything by it. It was forever ago and I don't know how some famous artists deal with crowds, Lana is unreal! In honor of Lana's new country album, today i will finally forgive him.
  6. I randomly met Trace once, he was such an ass. Hopefully you had a better experience.
  7. Her voice, i'm healed. So in love with this song!
  8. Love her voice, so unique and amazing!
  9. I don't know what i was expecting, but the way seeing @taco truck post in the BB thread made me move
  10. I've been listening to this so much lately!
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