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  1. Of course she wasn't going to spill the tea at Coachella, that's not her style, but 200 of us on a youtube NMPA Songwriter Icon Award stream, that was her moment and......
  2. I believe they work for the local TV station, so it's not just some dude with a podcast.
  3. @JordanLdr @Lanaparadiserey Looks like my old links are still good (mp3).... 1st week: https://krakenfiles.com/view/lVvIX0SH7t/file.html 2nd week: https://krakenfiles.com/view/FAzCzUtKh0/file.html
  4. I don't think she feels nearly as comfortable on the stage as Taylor and always assumed that maybe had something to do with it?
  5. ....and this is a good "Beautiful Things" https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7G1XGduBnQ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== edit: and https://www.instagram.com/p/C7HNOhaIuFC/
  6. Short, but a good recording of Sweet Home Alabama https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7GU6L9Nhhr/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  7. Is everybody in on this? What are they hiding from us?!?!?!
  8. There's no way that's a serious post, he's just having fun. (I think they're still friends and I think he'll be there tomorrow)
  9. True...but nothing to panic over, we all have our moments
  10. One of the most amazing things ever posted here. Like, that actually happened for one of us...That was Lana and that was ELLE!!!
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