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  1. It was all just a dream anyways... I was just able to go back to sleep for an hour and a half so that rocked Um, anyway I had this dream where... ....Signin' off, bang bang, kiss kiss
  2. It kind of feels like the reviews that came from the ill-advised listening session were less positive overall and more surface level, while those that have come post-release have tended to spend far more time analyzing the lyrics and ended up being more favorable for Lana. *shrug*
  3. My thoughts.....Audio-Technica AT-LP60X (approx. $150) is the lowest i'd go if hoping to spend as little as possible. It's going to be more kind to your vinyl than a Crosley (or similar) could be. It's a good starter turntable. If you can spend around $300 though, that's where you can start getting excited about the sound and there's some good options for that price....The Audio-Technica AT-LP120X ($350) is very popular, as is the U-Turn Orbit (The "basic" starts at around $200, but if you go with the Orbit "Plus" (starting at $300) you can customize it and upgrade features until it costs you up to around $500). I really like the Fluance brand of turntables and I have their RT82 model. One cool thing about the Fluance turntables is that if you start with at least their RT82 model ($300) you can upgrade after purchasing (if it's something you later decide you want to put more money into to improve the overall sound) or you can just start with their higher end models like the RT85 (for $500). For a little less, Fluance also offers the cheaper RT80 ($200) and RT81 ($250) that cannot be upgraded later, but they do include a built in pre-amp so that you don't have to purchase one separately. So anyways, i'd take a look through what Audio-Technica, U-Turn Orbit and Fluance offer and see what you like (U-Turn in particular offers several different colors and Fluance offers a few). I'll shut up now.
  4. There's this part too.... Give me a mausoleum in Rhode Island with dad, grandma, grandpa, and Dave Who hung himself real high In the national park sky It’s a shame, and I’m crying right now I didn’t get to you, save you If I take my life, find your astral body Put it into my arms Give you two seconds to cry Take you home, I I’ll give you a blanket Your spirit can sit and watch TV by my side
  5. Just the trailer. You're not behind, yet!
  6. I thought i'd be alone with this, but yes!! i hear lowkey Alanis Morissette on the Ah-ha-ah-yeah, Ah-ha-ah-yeah, Ah-ha-ah-yeahs!
  7. I love love love loved this!!!
  8. Lana recently said "I'm very excited about the album and all the things that we're doing that are gonna come with it" and i'm going to believe that includes the surprise Boz hinted at. "not related to any Ocean album tracks" is a shit clue to give regarding a listening party for Ocean tracks.
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