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  1. the more i think abt the album's few (possible) clues and how it might all come together, the more it seems so ambitious to me - i fear we might be in for an experimental, hypnotic, spiritual, highly conceptual masterpiece automatic writing, the unconscious, surrealism, old hollywood, hysteria, poetry, honeymoon's lush orchestral production?? brian eno and david lynch could never manifesting so hard
  2. don't understand a word of it and it's kinda insane, i love it
  3. thinking abt the iconic american beauty plastic bag scene
  4. when her meditative automatic writing produces an off to the races type track
  5. i love what she says about beauty in the w mag interview, and how it can invite understanding i say minimalism is on its way OUT, and glam rock and baroque orchestra are back
  6. blue banisters' cerebral lyricism with "orchestra beneath the words"
  7. i cannot wait for her angry song about the history of women being denied, or shamed for, emotional expression i hope she screams hysterically during the bridge
  8. i feel like honeymoon's production, if lyrical content, must influence this album as she seems to be thinking about that album a lot recently. and i'm really excited about this meditative automatic singing and writing style - i just know she's going to whisk us away
  9. wordy album it's what i love to hear melt my brain!!
  11. GIRLS IN NIGHTGOWNS TOUR Shine On You Crazy Diamond parts 5 & 6 (instrumental intro) Raise Me Up Black Bathing Suit Terrence Loves You Fuck it I love you Off To The Races Video Games Cult Leader Tulsa Jesus Freak hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it Cherry Blossom My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) (Neil Young cover) The Blackest Day Dealer West Coast Beautiful People Beautiful Problems Venice Bitch God Knows I Tried If You Lie Down With Me Country Girl (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young cover) White Dress The greatest On Our Way Chemtrails Over The Country Club
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