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  1. oh my FUCKINNN god i need those SUNGLASSES the chanel earrings the necklace!!! this is v money power glory of her
  2. that's bc she's letting ldr9's jazzy soundscape do the acknowledging
  3. from spotify 2016: planet caravan - black sabbath 2017: freudian slippers - chilly gonzales 2018: do your best - john maus 2019: can i kick it? - a tribe called quest 2020: breathe deeper - tame impala 2021: tulsa jesus freak <3
  4. thinking abt the possibility of watercolour eyes being on the album ruined my day, i don't like fake insiders ANYMORE </3
  5. okay fuck september, fuck umbrellers, ldr9 out on the anniversary of her first EP the earth shattering kill kill, october 21 marking a return to hawaiian glam metal and featuring a 20 min track abt taylor camp!!!!!
  6. oh my goddd a new book abt edie!!
  7. i've had a while to think about everything going on and i think a huge public death like this rly interestingly diffuses grief in sm ways - a lot of people reliving personal bereavements, others angered by grief for colonised peoples - i do think it's really important to use this moment to reflect on it all, as well as be conscious of and compassionate for all the very real shit that has happened (@IanadeIrey and @Sportscruiser explained that so well). i feel a lot of sympathy for everyone rn, it's just so very human and makes me feel close to a lot of u guys actually, like i think most people in this thread aren't being malicious at all, just feeling the waves differently <3 but we definitely should be able to hold more space for differing feelings, ESP on topics like this (does not apply if u come for lana's early laptop demos). and im just quite hungover and vulnerable rn lmao
  8. what the fuck! hope ur okay and managed to get a bit more sleep <3
  9. wildflower wildfire nectar of the gods next to me try tonight religion
  10. seeing lemonade motorcycle heaven on this list makes me feel RABID leak it!!!!!
  11. all of them really but my top 5: hope is a dangerous thing contains maybe my favourite imagery of all time off to the races - @Surf Noir and her sharp way w words explained it perfectly <3 elvis!! out with a bang try tonight obviously really in love w her early songwriting - i just find the subject matter of her early stuff especially moving - but i can't ignore her newer songs too i.e. text book which is so multifaceted and complex and melts together sm images and issues. ahh my favourite songwriter
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