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  1. just watched apocalypse now. on this random thursday night after work
  2. early in the morning i aint got nothin no nothing but the bluuuuueeeeesss the blues being jon batiste interlude <3
  3. oh my god this is my favourite sentence u are so right
  4. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    pawn shop blues vs paris, texas
  5. watched sisi & i recently (sandra huller is majestic) and now im haunted by this song. there's no love today / i'm laughing + stereolab always
  6. This song feels like a memory 💘 w all the echoes and sounds bouncing off walls, maybe I’m a bit sleep deprived but it’s like she’s evoking the spirit of the song rather than just covering it
  7. exactly but someone leaking coconut and key lime pie WOULD BE
  8. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    Off to the races vs hundred dollar bill
  9. at first i thought lasso as a potential album title was too boring but then i remembered and now im even more not ok w this album title
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