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  1. new wave LEGENDS who brought u bangers like girls on film
  2. i'm thirstin for an album full of summer of sams and doin times
  3. text book (sonically lol) - i always knew the lyrics were the most complex of her career
  4. haven't watched the ig live but did just see a clip on yt where she speaks about living legend and asks for people to stop leaking her stuff, and the way she says it all is SO sweet and gentle - must she be so pure-hearted at ALL times omfg
  5. boarding school is the song i'm probably least interested in in all her discography
  6. i wish someone on the live stream had asked what her favourite jimmy buffett song is
  7. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    venice bitch vs mermaid motel (demo)
  8. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    black bathing suit vs hey blue baby
  9. oh my god the vision. i would also incorporate yellow wallpaper to drive home the concept of descent into madness
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