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  1. not too many rn besides wildflower wildfire </3 and boarding school, i think they might be the only songs of lana's i truly find myself in so it's just a bit toooooo real 4 my nervous system to handle. like i just wanna be whisked away to cipriani's basement or st tropez and not think abt myself
  2. ..............makes SENSE! for american whore to be released on february 3rd as a birthday gift to @PatentLeatherDoOver and me
  3. is there a list somewhere of songs she hasn't played live? bc i have no clue what she has and hasn't sang live yet
  4. Just made my brother watch Blade Runner ❤️ Ridley Scott was such a genius for using the Ennis House I'll never get over it
  5. i actually feel like dragonslayer is just... okay. and despite the indefensible loss of elvis, i thank god every day ultraviolence went the direction it did
  6. paris texas desperation actually has me listening to meet me in the pale moonlight a cappella at the same time as the syml song
  7. always manifesting some drums + early lana sparkling sounds in the production but if it's actually just i wanted to leave and its undiluted uncomplicated melancholy, i imagine it'll give trance-like erik satie at the end of carmen energy
  8. had like 60 pages to catch up on but stopped after seeing @Mash Tragic's mash potato dress congrats to everyone!! 💖💖💖 special shout out to "i won't not fuck you the fuck up. period" for its healing properties, bikini gold for trying her best , @Surf Noir for being such a force of nature, @Elle for being so preternaturally powerful in like every aspect, @IanadeIrey bc i truly treasure every word u ever say, and @prettywhenimhigh @PatentLeatherDoOver @Venice Peach @Mer @paris texas @The Stargirl Pinky @honeybadger @BartenderDeco @Fever @Fingertips @baddisease @palemoonbaby @GeminiLanaFan @American Whore @Pretty On The Indide @NikoGo @boom like that @hotshot2am @Deadly Nightshade @DCooper @your dealer @TrashMagiq @West Coast @Psychedelic Pussy @fishtails @shadesofcrazyforyou @shady @ChaoticLipster @Sportscruiser @Cherry Blossom @stupidapartmentcomplex @Terrence Loves Me @Elina @Jojo @That Venice Bitch @Crimson and Clover @sparklrtrailrheaven @Ocean Boulevard @lanasbottom @drugsdesire @Beautiful Loser @ShadesOfFool @SoftwareUpgrade @sourheart @For K @Super Movie @rightofjupiter @Rorman Nockwell @lilac heaven @Big Star @burthday kake @mssainttropez @boom like that @revadece and my BABIES @COCC and @YourGirl666 <3 and sm more im sure! could not stop adding users once i started lol bc u are actually all my favourite lipsters and so individually important and fun and make this site feel like a holiday
  9. sorry 2 break the rules i wanna do this but i physically cannot attribute just one colour idk how the synesthesia bbs do it kill kill - cream, blue-green, and sand queen of the gas station - sunset, neon lights (red specifically), more sand oh say can you see - black and brighttttt blinding white/yellow gramma - american flag colours for k part 2 - black, rust red, deserty jump - black and white, similar to oscys, but then lavender mermaid motel - flashing white lights, purple, lots of silver, but in the daytime raise me up - dark blue, dark green, crystals glistening, a single yellow porch light pawn shop blues - seafoam green, light pink, gold, silver, metal brite lites - so similar to mermaid motel actually but at nighttime put me in a movie - silver, black, white, and light seashell colours smarty - street lights, hot pink, tinsel, and car exhaust fumes yayo - black, v pale pink, yellow lights, and a little silver
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