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  1. all i wanna listen to these days is stereolab and broadcast <3333
  2. Most iconic remix I want my mind to feel and sound like this 💖
  3. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    Bel air vs cherry blossom
  4. sad girl off to the races this is what makes us girls honeymoon!! and randomly from like 4:45 it always makes me think of playground love by air heavy hitter's instrumental <3 "unknown instrumental 2" loll https://krakenfiles.com/view/cxwd9gelnX/file.html
  5. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    off to the races vs fuck it i love you
  6. reeve carney the prettiest still waiting for the jeff buckley biopic w him!!
  7. Alison by Slowdive

    Song vs. Song

    your girl vs you & me
  8. how the FUCK has this music video been out for 16 hours and i've just learnt abt it lol
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