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  1. i'm pretty sure it's "working on you like i'm back at school"
  2. i hope we keep hearing byron sing alongside lana during candy necklace because they honestly sound great together also it's just wholesome lol
  3. @prettywhenimhigh cannot wait to hear your thoughts! i just know you had a fantastic time!
  4. when we see "question for the culture (monologue)" on the next show's setlist
  5. when byron starts playing the opening piano to let me love you like a woman at the next show but lana starts singing "i don't really wanna die, i just want the pain to be over..."
  6. when bittersweet anthem is just a mellow, peaceful, hazy rendition of pawn shop blues because it may be her most bittersweet song
  7. when it turns out that "bittersweet anthem" is a glitch-pop catholic psychedelic synth folk cover of "bittersweet symphony"
  8. inb4 he announces his piano debut album just like rob grant nepo-pianist
  9. they're in the background of cherry during the chorus
  10. what is the setlist so far and how many more songs should we be expecting for the night?
  11. so far this setlist feels like she pressed "shuffle" on a playlist with all of her released songs and just went with it
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