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  1. or, maybe, she can keep making awesome songs like candy necklace, ocean boulevard, buddy's rendezvous, and let the light in... and not let herself be overshadowed by billie eilish and phoebe bridgers also... i don't know what you mean by boomer music... a lot of great music came out of the 50s, 60s, and 70s... maybe you're just automatically associating old with boring
  2. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    florida kilos vs. love
  3. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    jump vs. raise me up (mississippi south)
  4. fun fact... during the lizzy grant era, somebody (i don't remember if it was somebody reviewing her music/live show, or somebody who knew her) described her as a mix between leonard cohen and marilyn monroe
  5. definitely planning on discovering his discography one day! one of the many classic, iconic artists i need to get into
  6. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    i don't wanna go vs. lost at sea
  7. dark paradise money power glory honeymoon swan song bartender yosemite candy necklace dayglo reflection
  8. publications will say ANY random album is a top album or album of the year just because it's popular or trendy... it's hard to ignore them, because they do reflect how our current society/media views and critiques art... so i feel like it would be silly for me to say that we should just ignore them, i feel like we have the right to complain about it, never complaining or having strong opinions results in nothing changing, or at least, nothing being expressed, and i think it's good and even healthy to express our thoughts, opinions, complaints, whatever it may be i honestly feel like nowadays, publications, media outlets, or even just individual people/critics are just afraid of having opinions or being seen as negative or pretentious, but not every album that's popular is great or worthy of being labeled an album of the year
  9. i believe so, i don't wanna go was recorded in 2012, possibly for paradise, and lake placid seems to be the tropico/LDR3 version, i'm pretty sure you can see lake placid listed on that tropico tracklist she wrote on a piece of paper that you can barely see
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