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  1. yeah, i don't think we're ever going to find out who "k" really is, & that's fine because of lana's privacy, but i think the speculation surrounding him being referenced in her music & what songs/lyrics could be about him is quite interesting!
  2. which lyric from watercolor eyes made you think she could be referencing "k"? is it the "young love don't always last forever" lyric (it probably is that, lol ) i find it fascinating to think that after all of this time she still could be thinking about "k" & writing about him, it makes you wonder who he really was, because if she's still writing about him to this day, obviously the relationship they had must've been very, very significant to her, definitely one of her most intriguing mysteries
  3. @lizzyology made a cameo
  4. did she just post some?
  5. whoops still, that's a lot of streams for that particular song, in my opinion
  6. young & beautiful is kinda close to a billion streams... also i find it a bit surprising happiness is a butterfly has 200,000,000!
  7. some of ya'll need to watch how you phrase things before you end up on a list
  8. THESE ARE FUCKING GENIUSSSS i added them to my "about me" section of my profile page!
  9. i was actually listening to elvis earlier & it's definitely one of her most "country" songs she's made, honestly if lana & nikki record their own version of it i wouldn't be mad because this song deserves a final version (maybe there's a david kahne version sitting right by lemonade motorcycle heaven & reflec, who knows )
  10. i've always thought "my momma" had a slight twang to it... wildflower wildfire 2.0 is coming
  11. maybe we can go to alabama maybe i can sing dolly parton buy a pair of cowgirl boots for the last southern day of the summer like my straw hat for my line-dancing video walk back to where i live in my ranch on southern belle avenue
  12. the way that she already sounds like this in the david kahne version
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