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  1. i feel like, personally, ultraviolence is more of an "angry" album than a "depressing" or "sad" album, although i can totally understand why it could be interpretted that way i feel like cruel world, pretty when you cry, money power glory, & fucked my way up to the top are perfect whenever i'm feeling angsty or frustrated
  2. bel air is gorgeous and it's my favorite track of off paradise, it's gorgeously written and it's very bright & heavenly, i think it's the opposite of depressing, it's ethereal
  3. absolutely stunning i love the baby pink & baby blue <3
  4. unidentified flying bill is from 2013 and she recorded it with barrie, i highly doubt it
  5. something reminiscent of "money power glory" in general would be amazing, it's one of my favorites off of ultraviolence, i love the sarcastic, cathartic feel of it
  6. sirens: out with a bang, dear elliot, try tonight, peace, i'm indebted to you aka: yayo, mermaid motel, oh say can you see born to die: summertime sadness? i honestly don't know if i have a definitive favorite from this album paradise: bel air ultraviolence: g&r honeymoon: mtwbt lust for life: heroin norman fucking rockwell: bartender chemtrails over the country club: white dress, yosemite
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