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  1. i believe he was real or, at least, there was somebody she met in mid-2005 that really impacted her, somehow, we may never know the whole story though, we just have to speculate
  2. pretty legendary if you ask me
  3. i understand how lana following his account could be feeding into his delusions, but i also think it’s fair to say that lana could be afraid to unfollow him because that could make him very upset and really send him over the edge
  4. i totally agree with @Deadly Cruel Girl’s sentiments and concerns surrounding lana’s safety, there has been far too many incidents where lana’s privacy and safety were violated by crazed fans, it’s scary to imagine something bad happening to her or her family, but unfortunately, it is a reality, if i were to find out that something horrible happened to lana, especially if it was because of something like this, i would be devastated, it’s so tragic and scary all around
  5. catch me if you can, working on my tan 🌼 she is GLOWING
  6. no worries, thanks for the mention! lol yeah i don’t get it either, i know some don’t like it’s mellow vibe in general, or the repetitive chorus, but i don’t feel like these things are any worse than other lana songs with these similar traits? guns & roses is such a nighttime song for me, i just imagine hazy, rural landscapes, haunting premonitions, black skies and gray clouds… it’s almost like a more ghostly interpretation of the story of yayo!
  7. she also mentions a gate in off to the races ready, set, the gate is down & now we’re going in if this is in anyway interesting, it’s just a word but it seems like the way she uses it is kinda vague
  8. she’ll be releasing a new set of photos of her and jack donoghue in front of a wal-mart! 😌😍
  9. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    swan song vs. body electric
  10. i mean, i say the “i’m manifesting” phrase here but i’m highly critical of the idea of the law of attraction so for me it’s a joke i guess lol
  11. @DeadAgainst adding to your last point about the mentions of a “gate” in hope is a dangerous thing and bel air, she mentions “the gates” in the opening lines of the born to die title track
  12. what kind of music do you like?
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