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  1. i never cared for interludes at all, "trio" is a cool moment, however i would've preferred she would have another song in it's place instead
  2. exactly, if somebody produces great, quality music, people will listen regardless of their presence (although i will say, a big chunk of those monthly listeners are probably only listening to fade into you )
  3. blackbirds will sing in the same key as you play, in the shoes, that i bought you & sweet baby jane, don't know a thing about my songs, but she knows, i'm a monsoon! and baby you... all the things you do... and the ways you move... send me straight to heaven and baby you... what you never knew... what i never said... IS YOU'RE MY LIVING LEGEND!
  4. oh, i don't think "sweet carolina" is a cover of "sweet caroline" or anything like that, i think the title is just a reference
  5. people simply aren't ready for that conversation freak, however... aged like fine wine... very gracefully...
  6. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    out with a bang vs. elvis
  7. i believe was just allowed to post whatever she wanted, her label seems to give her a lot of freedom, and honestly the thought of a record label telling their artists what they can & cannot do regarding social media is really sketchy it's great that lana is free to do what she wants with social media
  8. either way, i think it's best that we consider how lana might be feeling, and understand her point of view, social media isn't everything & it shouldn't be, if her life will improve by distancing herself from it, she should absolutely do it, and i'm sure her friends, family, & her management are supportive of her decision, sales & promo are asinine when it's really think about the art itself, she's a millionare, and she'll always be successful
  9. i think you're mistaking him with lustforlife, i don't think your dealer was pretending to be an insider at all at any point
  10. adding on to this, we don't know how being present on social media could've affected her, i'm not surprised she wants to disconnect after all of the hate & criticism she received because of qftc, as well as people making comments about her appearence, anybody would've wanted to disconnect if they had thousands of comments calling them racist, a karen, a trump supporter, or saying they're ugly & fat, i really can't blame her, her own mental health & well-being is way more important than having proper promotion & sales, and you can promote your work in other ways besides posting on social media, i'm sure her team & her managers understand & support her decision
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