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  1. xAlexx

    Instagram Updates

    I saw a clip of her live from bb release day and... i miss her. we need something. pls
  2. xAlexx

    Instagram Updates

    Not her drinking a beer after I just got sober last month inspired largely by her sobriety
  3. I know it’s EVERYONE’s favorite part but the “hello heaven, you are a tunnel lined with yellow lights on a dark night (da-ark niiiiiiiiiiight)” has to be one of the BEST, most evocative most thematically encompassing lines this brilliant bitch has come up with… and the fact that the “dark night” part doesn’t echo in the Paradise version is a fucking DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ugh I’m gonna KMS. Why the FUCK didn’t I preorder this record. what was I thinking?? edit: We’ll I’m here and the line is super fucking long and I don’t think they’ve let anyone in yet according to someone on Twitter who’s been waiting since 10
  5. I’m going, it’s my birthday. I hope she’ll be there. And I hope there’ll be records for sale!
  6. xAlexx

    Instagram Updates

    Omg she’s about to start shit on her honeymoon account… reposting something abt the target story
  7. I think you meant to say bland and boring as not all who wander are lost. Yosemite has its poignant pretty verses and a uniquely cool and evocative bridge. NAWWAL has cringey lyrics and a boring uninspired melody. Her one bad song
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