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  1. i was 16 when she was rapping about daddy and heart shaped sunglasses and now i'm almost 30 and she's singing about healing and karmic lineages and and taco trucks too i guess and it really feels like i've have grown up with lana and i just appreciate her and her work so much
  2. not you guys being so sweet thank you for your kind words but yall need to stop cause i just can't cry again i'll die i'm too dehydrated as it is the way this album already holds a special place in my heart
  3. i'm floored... putting this on a spoiler cause it's personal and i know no one cares but this was my experience listening to "the grants" for the first time today...
  4. anyways i have a way of rating her albums, it goes like: btd, uv, honeymoon = the great 3, no bad songs (i can recognise nfr as an objectively great album too but it has a few skippers for me, at the end of the day i'm just more of an ultraviolence girlie ) lfl, cocc = good albums with a few bad songs bb = bad album with a few great songs dykttatuob = i honestly have no idea my prediction is mid cause i don't wanna set myself up for disappointment however judging from tt + a&w and some of the spoilers i've been reading here i can already tell this album is gonna change me
  5. girl STOP- i also have a theory that k was mentioned in fingertips ok so i'm not the most articulated person in english but i need to let these thoughts out: for k, pt. 1/drive-by It was a drive-by Sunday night Most of us were in bed all right I turned down the light Then I heard the sirens Interrupt the silence Is this what you wished To commit a crime? K's a friend of mine I think about him as he does time Miss his white wine Funny I don't feel free Even though it's not me Is this what you wished To leave me behind? for k, pt. 2 I like the way you wear your sweater off your shoulder The way your hair come down, it make you look older How you get that so handsome, my boy? Oh, mmm my theory is that k was lana's childhood friend, most likely her neighbour, not much older. she probably grew up with him, at a certain age started developing a crush on him. he was probably her first "love". him being of course problematic, "chasing for that paper", abusing drugs, committing crimes and in general being a bad influence on her during their teenage years (pre-boarding school). pt. 1 to me reads as if the police arrived to arrest him at his place, lana being his neighbour could hear the sirens from her room. she most likely never got the chance to see him again after they took him. she probably had many questions, "what did he do?", "why did he do it?". he was a "nice guy", he was her friend, her first love, why did he leave her? she keeps asking him "is this what you wished...?", questions she never got to make him directly and never got the answers to. imagine then hearing through the news that your childhood friend and first love was found guilty for double homicide and later sent on to death row. are you still with me? i think these lines in fingertips might be about k she did say something about explaining everything from the beginning. if k is real then to me it makes sense that she's mentioning him in fingertips too. also, not defending lana's mom, but if one of my daughter's only friends (we know lana used to struggle socially back then) and probably first boyfriend turns out to be a criminal and a bad influence on my daughter, with her developing problems with alcohol and also undiagnosed mental health issues, i mean... not hard to see why she would want to send lizzy away to boarding school. i know those lines are open to many interpretations but anyways thanks for reading my fanfiction
  6. after weeks of lurking , crying over the visionary acceptance speech , potentially frying my brain trying to keep up with this thread after the leaks (didn't listen to the songs but i read all of your spoilers tags) , touching grass and then realising it's too late and that lana simply holds too much power over me , i'm back and i wanna start with: fingertips
  7. imagine if the song Beautiful is a reference to Young And Beautiful in some way...? cause she's 36 now and might not feel as young, so now she's just "beautiful". don't get me wrong, 36 is very young still, just not "young enough" in a industry of debutantes () such as billie eilish, olivia rodrigo etc.
  8. btw i just logged in to say that wildflower wildfire is one of the prettiest songs lana ever wrote. this is coming from a UV-HM slut. i might be a little too much obsessed with it
  9. i think it's a lana thing. as some have said before, if arcadia was a billie eilish/lady gaga/taylor swift song, it would definitely be #1 and probably win soty. not sure if it's entirely her fault though (for doing little to no promo, qftc, etc). the industry hates her and it's mutual. i feel like this album is her way of not only saying, but showing how little she cares about charts and awards.
  11. me sleeping through the entire weekend trying to catch up with this thread on monday at 5 am ill go back to sleep now wake me up when we have arcadia MV + tracklist + pre order xxx
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