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  1. I’ve been hyper fixating/obsessing on all of the newer songs from Hoziers new album
  2. Guys the fact that it leaked TONIGHT of all nights is killing me in every way. A different album I’ve been waiting for literal YEARS for is dropping in like 45 minutes but I just want to re-listen to this one all night/ morning HELP
  3. So do we actually know what’s going to happen or could it just be the grants featured in a long line up of songs we have to wait through?
  4. Sorry if this has been asked already but where can I watch/listen to this? I haven’t used the radio in years since I was nine
  5. Not me just falling for a link to a candy necklace snippet only to be given an audio calling me a dumb bitch repeatedly…. Although I do feel like one now for falling for it
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