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  1. Mine is on the way too! I honestly forgot about this and was confused when I saw a shipment from Lana’s store… I was like??? I didn’t order anything recently!! I wish it included the deluxe tracks though.
  2. This. God I would just die if I found out they worked together on literally anything, even just one track!
  3. maysparkle

    Kim Petras

    I like this album better than Feed the Beast so far, it’s fun
  4. maysparkle

    Tori Amos

    Anyone heard the new (old) Scarlet’s Hidden Treasures? I hadn’t heard it before it was released on streaming last week, and I’m obsessed. It’s so good and most of the songs would have easily fit on Scarlet’s Walk in place of others. Also, I just got my red Amazon version of the 2023 remaster of Scarlet’s Walk and it’s gorgeous.
  5. Idk I love her wordy unmelodic stuff a lot but also love her trip hop surfy slutty bops (and everything before LFL; UV and HM were her moment)… I love everything she does but I’d love to see her do something different again, something she’s never done before. I love when she surprises us. Anyway, looking forward to hearing the new track.
  6. Agreed. I thought the short hair was so cute on her.
  7. The new song is something I would have really jammed out to in like 2004. The video is cute.
  8. maysparkle

    Kali Uchis

    It was fine except for the features. That one dudes voice was not it for me
  9. maysparkle

    Doja Cat

    I like the new song. I also love the song it sampled, Walk On By. This and the single she released before seem more interesting than anything on Planet Her so far
  10. maysparkle

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    I was making my bf listen to the new album in the car and he said all her music is boring and sounds the same… I’m like ?? Dude Kollage sounds SO fucking good, especially when stoned. Not sure what he’s on. Whatever. His fave band is Radiohead so sorrrrry not everything sounds like whiny Thom Yorke lmao (I like some Radiohead songs but still)
  11. maysparkle

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    Really loving this so far. Her b-side albums always hit different. She’s come such a long way from Call Me Maybe, and it’s been such a journey.
  12. Just awful. She was such a talent. I hope it wasn’t suicide I know she’d been suffering for a long time regarding her mental health
  13. I didn’t see any website aside from some thing to sign up for exclusive access to stuff, which of course I signed up for. What else is on there? Did I miss something?
  14. I have the standard LFL… and honestly I’m about to pay rent so I truly cannot splurge. I maxed out my credit card last time getting the UV UO. Oh well. I like the lime color though.
  15. Is there an album upcoming? The b-sides?
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