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  1. I feel like that track might be his best work right there. So much feeling in those lyrics. And that guitar solo. Amazing
  2. Totally agree with all these points and what others have shared. I recently discovered Ethel Cain through Lanaboards a month ago and haven’t looked back. A lot of my favorite artists have recommended other artists as inspirations, and then I look at their inspirations, and it keeps going. Some of my irl friends have great music taste. Even my boyfriend lol. Random playlists on Spotify, movie soundtracks. My parents. A teacher in a music class I took. Oddly, Facebook groups (I love the yacht rock group). You can find good music anywhere, it mostly takes patience and having an open ear have some fun with it.
  3. maysparkle

    Zella Day

    Thought something would come tonight but I guess not :-/
  4. Titanic Rising is such an amazing record. If Lana put one out like that I would shit myself
  5. You guys were right; DF sounds so much better with Dolby atmos; damn!
  6. Really enjoying her new album
  7. Ethel Cain’s Western Nights and House in Nebraska. Obsessed. Also listening to Angel Olsen’s new album.
  8. Sounds like an 80s bop to me! I like it. Definitely hear the NTMT influence
  9. Whispering Glades is gorgeous. I loved Heart Shaped Bed so much, and bought the b-sides a few years back. So excited for her new album.
  10. Hope this song does come at 3 cuz I’m about to fall asleep at my desk here at work… need some excitement
  11. Relistening to Downhill Lullaby while I wait and I remember how much I loved it when it came out… Can we expect a similar sound with Don’t Forget? I haven’t listened to the leak yet
  12. 3 pm I guess… hope it’s worth the years of waiting
  13. Ugh. I should have known better to not get so excited
  14. Man I hope this time the release date is true!! Crossing my fingers
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