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  1. It’s effective then, lol… I was sitting there totally vibing until that part came in. I’m also on edibles so it was pretty startling. I mean I knew from posts earlier here she did something with the word “mother” but I wasn’t expecting it to sound like THAT
  2. Couldn’t they have censored “mother” like they did on Get Free like “for Amy and for Whitney” ?? I don’t like what they did there. It was one of my favorite songs out of the leaks…. Wonder if the physical media is like that too. Otherwise, it all sounds fabulous.
  3. Can someone explain why she censored mother like that on Fingertips? I was so used to listening to the leak we had that this was startling and… kind of a weird choice, sonically? It took me out of the song.
  4. That makes me so happy. I was hoping it would score higher than NFR but I guess that’s hard to do. I’m glad it was well-received!!!
  5. Oh god I’m ascending just imagining it! Less than 3 more hours here for me in CA
  6. Got an email from Universal saying music items will be shipping the 24th but all other merch items will ship in May? That kind of sucks. I don’t even remember which stuff I bought are from Universal.
  7. So some of my stuff has shipped from the store and my target orders are shipping soon. I just found out I might be moving in about a week, just to a different apartment in the same complex. What will happen to my packages? I’m hoping they can automatically be forwarded by the post office to the new address, but maybe not? I’m in the US. Maybe my apartments can let me get my mail if they arrive after my moving date?
  8. Maybe she will surprise us one day. I truly hope so, because Lynch is a whole vibe.
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