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  1. Does anybody know what shade Chuck was wearing on her latest insta post?? It’s so pretty!
  2. I’ve been listening to Holocene (Zella Day and Weyes Blood) a lot lately and I realllllllly wish Lana would come out with a song like that, production-wise. I love the psychedelic early 70s vibe, and their voices. Lana would sound lovely on a track like that. Or, alternatively, just give us songs like Shades of Cool! Manifesting.
  3. I saw her at Berkeley when she performed with Leonard Cohen’s son, Adam, and they had amazing chemistry together. Their voices worked very well also!
  4. One of her best songs IMO. That whole album is so special.
  5. Everything this!! She also gave us a taste of this with the Pawn Shop Blues video, so gorgeous...imagining an album now where she collaborates with Air. I would love a vibe like that, so moody and mysterious and nostalgic. This is right up her alley and I wish she’d tap into it ❤️
  6. Maybe we will get her version of Erotica by Madonna?? That would be hot. RCS is already giving me strong Madonna vibes (Hard Candy). Her behavior this past year has also reminded me a lot of early 90s Madonna and Courtney Love. Those women were never afraid to be sexual and outspoken about it when it was still considered more “taboo” in those times. They all knew how to keep things interesting and still make good music. I’m here for it tbh!!
  7. Woah, fuck yeah about her new insta post. She never stops delivering for us
  8. I’ve listened to the album like 100 times now (maybe not actually, but a lot!!) and I have to say that all of the tracks stand out. To me, it’s perfect. Today, the melodies from White Dress and Breaking Up Slowly are in my head. This whole album is a treat for the ears. I connected instantly and honestly the last time that happened was with Honeymoon. Don’t get me wrong, all her albums are great. But I kept waiting for THAT FEELING and I got it!! I feel like we already knew most of the songs for NFR, that album to me just felt like a compilation of snippets. I like going into her albums without knowing what I’m getting into, with a little mystery, and the snippets really kept me from enjoying 100 percent. It took the magic away for me. Anyway, rant over!! So interesting to read everyones’ take on this album, it seems divided among the fans this time around.
  9. Weyes Blood sounds a lot like Joni on For Free. Her voice is fucking powerful and amazing, like damn!!
  10. I’m really hearing the Joni Mitchell and Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval and the Warn Inventions influence on CoCC. What a treasure to listen to, so delicate and lovely ❤️
  11. I can post again because I finally remembered my username and password because my boyfriend was using this iPad for two years...anyway I am anxiously awaiting release day. Bought all the physical copies of things I could. Kinda jealous everyone’s already heard COTCC but I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it better on release day because it will sound better (have had bad experience with shitty leaks). I hope I love it.
  12. maysparkle


    I love that hook on Bomb (Peter). Miami Garden Club was perfect but I kinda dig the new sound she’s going for with this album.
  13. It goes on fucking FOREVER. She is literally obsessed and psychotic.
  14. Azealia posted a long ass story on Instagram about Lana. She’s fucking obsessed. She just won’t stop. And, she’s racist.
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