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  1. I’m surprised she’s stayed off Twitter
  2. I......don’t usually care.....but I’m actually shedding tears. This ain’t right
  3. Sorry to be completely off topic but I found Lana’s BBM Daddy just now on my drive home
  4. I love the slower version of FIILY. I won’t buy this just to get the single version if that’s what it is
  5. This is random but I just remembered those “now that’s what I call music” cds and I googled it to see if it’s still a thing and they are on Now 104 and Lana’s Doin Time is on it lol Edit- whew just checked the last page to see what I was interrupting
  6. Whew it’s not dead and buried after all! Wonder if she’ll sell physical copies bc I don’t think she could sell that for a buck and make any sort of profit whether it’s donated or not. Or was she kind of alluding to is costing more
  7. Sorry to be OT but I just noticed for the first time ever that your name isn’t NormanRockwell and I’m screaming
  8. Loll wow, I like the mention of Smarty. Author is a stan, and a weirdo
  9. Eek I came on here to see people being happy about the Grammy news and instead it’s people hating on NFR? Neeevermind
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