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  1. us thinking we’re abt to re-enter her COCC era and then this comes out of nowhere
  2. im not staying up for this, i got work tomorrow... i'll check back in the morning
  3. LMFOAAOAOAOAO GOODBYE I FORGOT ABT THAT you clocked me so hard pls excuse that i was not in my right mind
  4. personally… if i heard that a fast food restaurant might possibly be helping to find a massive ongoing genocide, i wouldn’t be going there anymore because no fast food restaurant is that important to me and i know that if it were me or my family, i’d expect the same basic decency from others. i don’t think that makes you “dumb” or “chronically online,” personally i didn’t even hear abt the boycott from social media. and i never said they don’t stand with palestine. im basically just saying i hope everyone is doing as much as they can bc a lot of people aren’t doing shit simply because they don’t care which is real pathetic 🤷🏻‍♀️ technically none of us are “obligated” to do anything about anything but no one is asking that much i didn’t make any assumptions abt you, i was speaking generally but ok. you might’ve been also but the person you replied to was replying to me. my fault tho
  5. you can’t be talking abt me bc you do not know anything abt me so this is a wild assumption to make. obviously i love lana if i’m still active on this website and im not even saying tht she has to boycott but she hasn’t even called for a ceasefire or anything of the sort.. it’s just ignorant. i don’t understand what the problem is, she’s been outspoken a lot of other issues but when it comes to one of the biggest going on rn it’s crickets? if it were us and our families we would want the same mf compassion so it has nothing to do with a superiority complex and im convinced you people only say that to make yourselves feel better abt not giving af
  6. the only way boycotting will actually be effective is if enough people actually gaf enough to do it and most of y’all don’t, it doesn’t have anything to do with it being “counterproductive” bc it’s been proven time and time again throughout history that boycotting works, it’s just that y’all don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️ just say that like? i know there are other ways to support palestinians, i never said there weren’t
  7. ok? wtf does you being fat have to do with me? y'all so fucking weird omm idc if i get striked for that
  8. i wouldn’t call it chronically online when it’s been covered by several major news outlets ”i feel bad for her” is crazy LMAOOOO
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