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  1. It’s Jonathan Wu! He did some of her makeup looks for the last tour in the US, he’s been doing her makeup since the Franklin, Tennessee concert. He’s probably doing it for the Grammy’s too since Etienne works with multiple celebrities and his schedule must be crazy for the event and idk if Pammy will be in America. They’re all amazing so I’m excited!
  2. Hii everyone! There’s a link where you can make your own profile on Lana’s new website and I’ll share them with you. Use your email to sign up and set a password so you can log into your account whenever you want. You’ll receive a confirmation email to update your information and you’re set up x Here’s the link: https://sparklejumpropequeen.os.fan/
  3. Yes!! I’m so happy she was wearing my gifts here in Brazil. She loved the necklace and the hat, she was wearing them all the time
  4. She was so happy to meet you! Anna really is one of a kind, the sweetest woman I’ve ever met in my life. I’m so lucky to have her as my best friend and my soul momma, she truly is my Sun. I’ll send your text to her and I’m sure she’s gonna love your words, you’re so cute! 💖
  5. My best friends and I were invited for the private listening party in São Paulo yesterday and I’m sharing some pictures because they’re super cute and the event was truly amazing! It was the first time we got something like that in Brazil and it was super cool - even though more than half of the people looked bored lol they were just invited because they’re from the media/press or because they’re relevant online, but my friends and I had a lot of fun and the employees even talked to us and we got interviewed because they noticed we were actually interested in the album and the whole thing. It’s a bummer the event wasn’t public so all the real fans couldn’t join and they were really selective with who was there, but let’s hope we get something like that in the future again. It was amazing! I made some posts on Instagram and will share more soon, so feel free to check them, I’m @delreydear! 💛
  6. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I feel like this “lack” of official announcements and information is meant to make us feel like everything is being kinda forgotten like the tunnel under Ocean Blvd, especially the Instagram profile we all put so much expectations into… that’s the album campaign Ed was talking about.
  7. Hii, I went to the box office in person today to get my ticket and when I asked them about the social ticket and they told me we need to take the food just like any other event. As MITA is really badly organized, I can’t really tell you if it’s confirmed, but at least I could get some info from someone who works there and it’s honestly better be safe than sorry! Good luck, everyone. I’m excited to see you there 💋
  8. Lana Del Rey Addiction on Twitter posted about it insinuating they have exclusive information that “a programmer told them the link is only available because of the &”. And it was exactly what you said on your post… I’m literally so tired of pages pretending they have exclusive info for ego when they’re actually just stealing stuff from others and can’t even credit them properly. They’re also getting stuff from my page but apparently hate me, so it kinda makes no sense lol Anyway, thank you for finding out and clearing this up for us. I can’t wait for the next single and the whole thing makes me excited! Love to see how this fandom positively works together whenever there’s a new project on the way!
  9. Hii just a quick question. How do you put a signature under your comments? I’m not very good with technology I’m sorry
  10. Lana was at an Aerie store and the fan who met her was considering quitting lol it was such a sweet interaction and the pictures are super cute!! Love her fit so much ❤️ I found the original video and shared the pictures on my fanpage on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/ChDoo-IOGK5/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. I can’t remember if I shared this on LanaBoards or if someone else already did after I posted it on my Instagram, but I found this picture of Lana holding a pink Paisley Strat guitar, taken at ICP studios in Brussels, Begium on June 1st, 2013 back in January and I think it’s pretty cool. I have more unseen pictures I found or the sources sent me themselves, so I’ll try to share them all with everyone ❤️
  12. New previously unseen picture of Lana at the Citi Taste of Tennis event on March, 9th with Dimitri from Skinn Cosmetics 🧡
  13. The guy in the first picture said: “This was at West Hollywood around 10PM. I’ve seen celebrities before but I have never been so overwhelmed of happiness. I got to talk to her and told her how she influenced my upbringing. She then said “aww your so sweet” and I’m a aspiring fashion designer. So I brought up obviously the Met Gala. I told her one day I would take her to the Met. She said “fashion wow I love that” she asked for my name and can you not. She repeated my name and held my hand. And she said “I’ll keep your name in the forefront of mind”. And then went off to give her a hug. This was one of the best moments of my life. Still processing this moment. She’s inspired me in so many way’s. Most humble person ever was not stuck up at all. Really kind and you felt her presence such a Queen 🤍 Last, insight she mentioned that she’s always in Santa Monica Blvd and that no one recognizes her. Like what how can you not spot her haha. So maybe strolling around Santa Monica will maybe raise your chances of seeing her for anyone who’s a fan ❤️‍🔥” So cute!!
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