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  1. Lana was at an Aerie store and the fan who met her was considering quitting lol it was such a sweet interaction and the pictures are super cute!! Love her fit so much ❤️ I found the original video and shared the pictures on my fanpage on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/ChDoo-IOGK5/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. I can’t remember if I shared this on LanaBoards or if someone else already did after I posted it on my Instagram, but I found this picture of Lana holding a pink Paisley Strat guitar, taken at ICP studios in Brussels, Begium on June 1st, 2013 back in January and I think it’s pretty cool. I have more unseen pictures I found or the sources sent me themselves, so I’ll try to share them all with everyone ❤️
  3. New previously unseen picture of Lana at the Citi Taste of Tennis event on March, 9th with Dimitri from Skinn Cosmetics 🧡
  4. The guy in the first picture said: “This was at West Hollywood around 10PM. I’ve seen celebrities before but I have never been so overwhelmed of happiness. I got to talk to her and told her how she influenced my upbringing. She then said “aww your so sweet” and I’m a aspiring fashion designer. So I brought up obviously the Met Gala. I told her one day I would take her to the Met. She said “fashion wow I love that” she asked for my name and can you not. She repeated my name and held my hand. And she said “I’ll keep your name in the forefront of mind”. And then went off to give her a hug. This was one of the best moments of my life. Still processing this moment. She’s inspired me in so many way’s. Most humble person ever was not stuck up at all. Really kind and you felt her presence such a Queen 🤍 Last, insight she mentioned that she’s always in Santa Monica Blvd and that no one recognizes her. Like what how can you not spot her haha. So maybe strolling around Santa Monica will maybe raise your chances of seeing her for anyone who’s a fan ❤️‍🔥” So cute!!
  5. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t wanna give her location away. She had such a chill day without paparazzi or anyone bothering her, it was very lowkey 💗
  6. Aww, how sweet!! Thank you so much, lovely angel, I’m so glad you enjoy my page, it truly makes me happy 💐
  7. This sweet fan and I spoke yesterday and he sent me this lovely selfie of him and Lana taken last year around August/September - he said she was super nice!! I won’t tell the location or his experience to preserve her privacy, but this picture is one of my favorites, I adore her sunnies 💗
  8. She actually once said she was having a creative block before writing Norman, so she listened some music by “an ex boyfriend”, who is definitely Barrie, to get some inspiration, so you’re right!
  9. Black Bathing Suit theory I posted this on my fanpage on Instagram, but wanted to share it here too. I rarely believe in rumors or even post about them, but I read something saying Black Bathing Suit has the same vibes as High By The Beach and something caught my attention; back in 2018, when she came to my city, she went to the beach wearing a black bathing suit, but didn’t take her clothes off because of paparazzi since felt uncomfortable, so as High By The Beach music video is focused on the way paparazzi invade her privacy and make her insecure, it totally makes sense she would sing about that day. She loves coming here and she must’ve wanted to enjoy her day at the beach, but couldn’t because of it, so I wonder if the song is a big “fuck you, I just wanted to have a nice time but couldn’t show my black bathing suit because of your cameras” and it breaks my heart…this album is so personal, it’s very close to her poetry and it shows she’s maturing and growing, so I’m proud of her for singing about her thoughts and experiences like that. Even if the song is not about that situation, I wish she wouldn’t “have” to go through this just for being who she is… Btw the picture is fully informative, I am NOT supporting their work and the way they made Lana feel uncomfortable, I’m just showing you what happened so we can relate my text with the image and we can discuss the subject. I’m glad she had a nice time with her friends and some fans despite the situation though :-)
  10. Side by side comparison https://postimg.cc/HJqYP9qK I’m sure it will be beautiful, I’m so in love with the one she’s with her siblings, Zella, Weyes and Nikki!!!
  11. Here’s the actual picture. Taken on December 4th at the press conference and photo-call for ‘Big Eyes’. https://postimg.cc/mh0YNvpN
  12. I’m not pressed, I’m just warning people and telling them not to believe in every single thing others’ post. That’s all. I always search for information when I see something online, not only about Lana, but anything, specially when the source constantly posts wrong information and act like they’re the best when they’re not. Thank you so much, darling x
  13. As I assumed. Apparently they’re not the most reliable source... Thank you for posting it! I found the exact image they edited, but I don’t know how to paste it here...
  14. I literally found the picture they put on the vinyl lol. Big Eyes conference on December 2014. I’ll try to post it.
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