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  1. I think what's special about that song is that it's just so innocent and truly about nothing other than being happy and in love. It's kind of like Say Yes to Heaven in that way, so it makes sense that both songs are really popular
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxkXBkUoKHx/ ??
  3. honestly i'm no tired of illuminati satanic panicking they've been doing this for like 40 years
  4. she's obsessed with lana and lana doesn't know who she is
  5. i barely understand his accent
  6. lana has an excellent taste in men
  8. I was a full time server at Waffle House for 13 years (the branch was originally owned by my great grandfather and it's an important tradition in our family.) We were normally extremely selective about the people we hire but Lana literally just walked in and got the job because she's famous and I was laid off because of her. now i'm struggling to pay rent and support my child. that job was everything to me and meant the world. i'm so mad that people on twitter think she's "iconic" or "cool" for literally displacing lower class people just for fun. it's not a joke and i'm so upset that we as a society just allow things like this to happen.
  9. Welcome to the lying thread! This is your safe space to make shit up
  10. Short stories are the best form of fiction. Almost no novel needs to be as long as it is. I like when things are dense, because you know things are only mentioned because they're highly important. reddit.com/r/menwritingwomen
  11. GQ's Woman of the year era idk why it's just something i feel energetically
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