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  1. Many photos here slayed, many were of a questionable vision. you win some you lose some! .
  2. love how in the second pic you can tell they were trying to get unflattering pictures but lana still looks hot asf there
  3. Wow. That Amy Schumer post is incredible. It's such a perfect, nearly funny, example of the out of touch self centered ignorant celebrity. It could be in a museum
  4. To be fair I can see how celebrities feel pressured to give their basically useless 2 cents on every current issue because society for some reason has come to the agreement that they should "use their platform" or whatever. I remember back during BLM in 2020, if a celebrity didn't go out of their way to post against racism and police brutality, twitter users assumed that meant they SUPPORTED it (lol, wtf?) Then twitter users started complaining that they were just "all talk" and celebrities started being pressured to show receipts of donations. I remember when Lana specifically didn't post anything about it, people used it to leverage the idea of her being racist. Now I think it's about time we step back and look at how absurd this SJW shit is and agree that it's ok for celebrities to just... be quiet like in the good 'ol days, or else they'll keep coming out making ignorant statements (i'm not really gonna touch on the issue at hand with Israel cause i'm saying all this generally)
  5. well lets just agree to disagree
  6. Obviously, no celebrity is obligated to go on record and talk about their childhood, however considering the fact that she consistently chooses to talk about it, isn't it strange how she never states anything that would directly mean she was poor? She never says anything like "we made below the poverty line" or "we ate off food stamps." It's always something like "my parents always argued about money" (every family of every class argues about money) "they called me white trash" (you don't actually have to be white trash for bullies to call you it) "lake placid is a rural town" (you don't have to be poor to live there, it's not like you're talking about a literal ghetto) All facts point towards her being middle class. Nothing's wrong with that. I don't understand why she doesn't just say "my family didn't finance my career" and instead she feels the need to paint this picture of poverty time and time again
  7. She most likely just had a filler at her nose bridge. A lot of people with a bumped nose do it. She also once specified that she has "never been under the knife" in response to the fake-face allegations, and her careful wording there makes sense if we assume what i'm saying is right
  8. Her family should fuck off. I hope she doesn't attempt another hit-piece like Sucker 4 Green and she finds her independent vision cause she's actually amazing at guitar. In the meantime I can't support this bs
  9. this one is a little bit lizzy methinks
  10. The current top post on the meth subreddit is someone smoking meth with a BTD lyric
  11. wait I updated and it works now!!! thanks babes
  12. im confused cause for mine it looks different i also can't upload a photo cause that's also not working
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