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  1. The way she used a G-eazy song… She’s so random
  2. I’m in love with “hang his hat up on the wall. Tell him that his cowgirl is gone.”
  3. Stop this I so gorgeous I would do ANYTHING for a cover like this. It’s literally perfect
  4. I’m going to sleep not. Looking forward for tha Album Of The Year when I wake up
  5. No because I often have a good intuition and for some reason I just feel aoty I can’t explain it
  6. They built me up 300 feet tall just to tear me down so I’m leaving with nothing but laughter and this town, Arcadiaaa
  7. You can describe it as cunty, sad, folk, trap, what more could you ask for? Also the title; looks like American root beer at first glance, but when you listen to the song you realize it’s an abbreviation for American Whore and that it’s not cute but DARK Americana
  8. That is so fucking weird actually. They use her for attention but refuses to give her an award??
  9. No hate to Taylor (all hate to Miley though because do you remember when she literally took Lana’s release date of OB so she had to postpone it, also wtf is that Bruno Mars sample) but if “it’s me hi I’m the problem it’s me” wins over A&W I’m going to float off this earth
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