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  1. Love me or hate me. I’m going to leave (she really did)
  2. We literally got SYTH after all these years. We should have known that things would go downhills from now on NOOOO
  3. Yes. I loved Jack Antonoff on NFR, but I think it’s time for her to get a new producer for LDRX.
  4. I definitely agree. While I like Lust For Life, it is probably my least favorite of hers… it definitely has good songs, but I think what makes me ‘dislike’ the album is that it had so much potential to me that it didn’t live up to. It was supposed to be her witchy album. It was so promising - the lust for life demo (rip you were the most witchy song ever and I think of you daily) and even a Stevie nicks collab!! The visuals, the teaser, the cover art. I think the max Martin and The Weeknd part kind of ruined it for me. Don’t get me wrong I still love LFL, but I mourn what it could have been. I wish it had leaned more towards the lust for life demo and cherry. So yes, I completely agree with you. Especially with your take on chemtrails. I love that album so much, it definitely makes me feel like a girl living on the country side in the mountains, in a gorgeous old money mansion. Playing golf, spending time in the country clubs. Just appreciating life and normality. I love bb, but I definitely think it lacks in the visuals, the visuals are pretty but I feel like I built more of the world building of the album in my head. SMe goes with OB, if not even more. I love the mv wand photo shoot, but I just can’t get a clear picture in my head of what OB. It has so much potential, but I still don’t feel like she really showed us all of the puzzle pieces. I really hope she’ll use Waist Deep In Icy Waves
  5. Wait what exactly did he do?
  6. I need to know who is responsible
  7. I can’t do this anymore or once more
  8. Me watching Charlie post random photos from rio after unleashing hell upon us The worse the pre pre release era the better
  9. We’re out here fighting for our lives. May LDRX save us all
  10. No it’s fucking hell
  11. WHY ISN’T ANYONE LEAKING SOMETHINF istg these so called “insiders” suck
  12. don’t know how to insert images
  13. We do not deserve this
  14. I think I’m going insane
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