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  1. Sometimes I get so stunned by how such an artist like lana even exists. She's one of the real artists that will be remembered for many generations. She captures the feelings of a large group of people with a very distinct way of thinking. Even if her songwriting is very specific to herself it still has a huge impact on our lives and emotions because it feels like she's part of oneself. That's why i'm so confident in this record and everything that follows after that. It's just all meant to be and she's part of something greater than herself.
  2. He used to call me DNC that stood for Deadly Nightshade Cucumber
  3. peach fuzz? her furry era after all?
  4. Dealer is literally High by the Beach Pt.2 and I didn't even realize it till now because my heart just got broken I can't wait for part 3 in 2027 (and the accompanying heartbreak)
  5. It's literally the most heartbreaking and comforting album out there
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