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  1. There you have the receipts And in the interview mag interview she said it's all made with Jack Antonoff
  2. Lana said that all the tracks are produced by Jack except for Dealer. Sooo no Yosemite for the kids as of now
  3. Not to sound too dramatic but this sentence sounds soooo bad. There is no democracy without looking at the system in a critical way. Leaders always take advantage of numb and blind people who are willing to compromise. There are too many bad examples in history where people became enablers of a regime by believing exactly what you wrote in that sentence.
  4. Naaaah, it was a reference to a post before your time. Someone posted exactly that and we all felt smart for not buying it... but then *plo twist* it turned out to be true (LMLYLAW)
  5. I'm not sure this is how it works. What if Elle locks this thread rn? Would cocc be Lana's first studio album then?
  6. Happy 2000 everyone. Don't forget about my cover concept tho it took half an hour to make
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