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  1. So, I just took the 16 personalities test and when it showed my result there was the Tolkien’s quote “Not all who wander are lost” since he had the same personality type as mine... I feel even more connected to that title, now! I’m a Mediator, btw
  2. I’d literally die if she sampled “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Morricone on a song
  3. Ok but we need more percussions! COCC outro is a step in the right direction!
  4. I just wrote a dm on ig to the most popular youtuber amongst teenagers in my country rn (with almost 2M subscribers) which I know is a Lana fan, asking if he could do a reaction video to Chemtrails, since he does videos about paranormal stuff, conspiracy theories and such... it would be a huge promo if he came thru
  5. Of course she did, she's literally a one direction stan... she even wrote a book about them! I can't take her seriously, this is stan twitter level trolling and the chola part is proof
  6. There we have it, the winner for most biased review! Congrats Maria!
  7. I think that Chemtrails has room to be interpreted as a commentary about the current situation too... just think about the verse "Meet you for coffee at the elementary schools - We laugh about nothing as the summer gets cool - It's beautiful how this deep [or LSD?] normality settles down over me" and the way it depicts mundane actions and situations we've always taken for granted before the pandemic occured... it's almost like in the song she's foreseeing the end of this nightmare and the return to the life as it used to be before 2020. Although COCC was probably written before all this mess happened, she could've always adjusted the lyrics to reflect her thoughts and feelings during the quarantine, who knows... to me this song is far from meaningless: it's deep, it has layers, it's not just a tune you'll sing under the shower after your werewolf night-out with your pack!
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