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  1. Damn they always have a lot to talk about… aren’t they trying to cancel her? Yet they bring her up every other day! Also, it’s been two years since QFTC, can they come up with something else? Anyway, she’ll crawl back scalped when LDR9 will finally drop
  2. Hopefully it’ll be similar to UV rollout: single out mid April and album out mid June… Even tho we know she doesn’t believe in lead singles and traditional rollouts anymore, so we’ll probably end up with two random songs out in the middle July ( + a homemade video on her obscure YouTube channel for a two years old track), then another song in October and the album in February 2023… she’s fun
  3. I’d love something minimalistic along those lines! Nice
  4. I’m sure it’ll have a bigger impact in the context of the show, it’s a cute song nonetheless
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