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  1. A campy LDR mv based on Creature from the Black Lagoon would be a serve... I need it
  2. Did everyone stream the Wildflower Wildfire? I thought the Wildflower Wildfire was lovely
  3. Not impossible but quite unlikely since it would take promo… Some of her (mostly unreleased) songs went viral, so she has the potential (Imagine if those songs were released, pushed to the radio and performed all over the tv)… but who knows, maybe Blue Banisters will surprise us all and she’ll score her first #1
  4. Tired of singing the blues Velvet Crowbar Children of the bad revolution Is it wrong? Hollywood Never let me go You can be the boss Kinda out of luck Paradise Damn you Because of you Serene Queen Your Girl Yes to Heaven French Restaurant
  5. She’ll post a car selphie in a week, like nothing happened
  6. I hope tf not, LDR is one of the most iconic stage names E V E R...
  7. It's a Xtina cover and an uncredited feat. Nikki Lane
  8. Not Olivera Domingo Anyway, pretty much all of this + COCC was released just 5/6 months ago... it's not like she took a 4 years hiatus and just dropped her come back single! She's releasing music non-stop since last october (LMLYLAW, Summertime Gerswhin Version, COCC single + album, BB, TB and WW) doing literally 0 promo, the lack of hype from the gp is quite predictable
  9. it’s a triumphant and bombastic trap remix of Morricone’s The Trio
  10. BB has already got more promo than COCC poor thing
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