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  1. Are we going to listen to the whole audio book?
  2. Actually, I’m only reading positive reactions on Twitter (as far as it matters)
  3. Calm down girls and gays, maybe our expectations were too high (Ben’s fault) but it wasn’t even that bad… it was a lil bit messy and campy, and it just felt repetitive cause it was the same exact setlist of last year festival tour, but it wasn’t the debacle some of you are making it look… also, she looked fabulous
  4. Well they always have the motorcycle entrance to talk about…
  5. Yes she’s performed 5 new songs from lasso + 7 songs from the unreleased album dropping in 10 minutes
  6. All these references about 2012 from her stuff and the billboard, the jealous girl soundcheck, the blonde… yeah, I sense an unreleased album announcement
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