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  1. Off topic but your dog is so cute Anyway, I think she could release a single next friday to both boost Violet sales and start COCC promo! I have a feeling she was shooting single cover wiht Neil yesterday (he commented the boomerang post and we can see male shoes in the story in which she's showing the book, but it could also be Charlie so idk), those pearls give me lmlylaw tease don't know why...
  2. I agree with all of this... except I don't think that Byron was trolling, he was probably referring to Hallucinogenics and messed up the date... anyway, this rollout is nowhere as messy as the NFR! one, which was the worst, a literal torture...
  3. I'm calling promo single release on Oct 2nd, title track on Oct 16th and album the 30! Something will move nonetheless in COCCtober!
  4. Uhm I actually see it like some sort of appetizer, since we probably won't get nothing till after COCC vinyls are out (October 2nd)... they released this cute lil side project cause they want us to know that she's coming!
  5. Omg I love her vocals on this song, such a nice throwback Hope she put some of this in COCC too!
  6. I wouldn't mind some sort of confirmation at this point... like, you know, a single cover reveal or an announcement, a date, a trailer... even the announcement of an announcement... anything...
  7. I’m not really interested in hearing the lmlylaw snippet since it never intrigued me by the title + I am expecting a kinda mellow ballad I’ll wait for the full thing tho, hopefully it’ll surprise me!
  8. Assuming that Byron didn’t lie (and I don’t think that’s the case), do you think that she’ll surprise drop the single tomorrow? It would be something new for her... Or do you think we’ll get the preorder + a song as an instant grat track? If CO(T)CC will be out late October I guess a preorder this week won’t be too farfetched
  9. Well I trust Byron... as he said, why would he lie? I guess I'll wait till tomorrow before losing hope for a september single...
  10. She can debut it today on Annie Mac's radio show and release it at midnight, so the 22... so Byron was right! I won't get my hopes up tho
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