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  1. Whats the drama with the account she followed on insta? Idk anything about that? nvm just saw it’s that stalker noodle great
  2. Mine was like that for two months until they shipped it :C
  3. One eye open while you sleep French store hurryyyyy with the signed cards im TIRED
  4. Please you are an angel! I’m so stressed please were are the EU linksss
  5. If anyone has a link for the blue vinyl from europe let me know please!!
  6. I contacted the french Store regarding the signed cards and this is what they said Hello, We are currently experiencing a delay in the supply of autographed cards for which we apologise. As a result, the autographed cards will be sent out as soon as they are received, which is estimated to be in early December. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Kind Regards, Difygroup Client Service
  7. Kill Kill, I don’t know why but everytime I listen to it at the end I feel like my energy has drained? Idk it’s weird
  8. venicebitx


    She is the absolute best, here in Spain, specially Catalonia were she is from, everything during the drop of EMQ was around her and how she produced and translated that tragic story to the music, there’s analisis about the meaning of the songs relating to the story and a toxic relationship that are so mesmerizing, also making references to spanish/gypsy culture (the book it’s about a gypsy woman), but i don’t know if they are in english tho…
  9. This cultural reset and then when courtney love opened for her it would be so cool the comparison of these two moments
  10. venicebitx


    Yes, it's her final thesis for her flamenco music studies/career, she based EMQ from a book called "Flamenca" a medieval book from S. xiii, she narrated the story through the music and the lyrics, but changed the end of the story on her album, she is crazy talented
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