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  1. Nope, but in an email they said that more drops regarding the btd anniversary were coming! Hope we get a repress with some unreleased songs like marina did!
  2. Oh yea im dragging her to filth in there ok
  3. Sure just to be clear im not dragging lana AT ALL, great that she is all about the music, im dragging her merch team or whoever its in charge of the village. This is the topic to talk about her merch on the village, which its not it, i only said that they could be better, and you make a big deal out of it like I questioned lana herself lmao, the village are the ones selling shitty designs on shitty quality items over and over again. And theres no greed to satisfy on my part i’ll tell you that lmao
  4. you are the one that said we expect to much from her lmao, i dont think she even knows what the village drops or not
  5. How its been almost a year and the bookstore is still under construction? We ask things on their instagram and they ignore us They forget things on orders and they ship them after two months of ordering them girl.... (also why do i feel that they just dropped this when they saw marina acknowledged electra heart? lmao)
  6. Not to be that person but... She or her team just does not care enough, I mean the anniversary already passed, the designs are very lackluster, considering that just in this blog theres people that could do better merch that the fans really enjoy, also 36$ for a tshirt with a meh design plus expensive shipping anywhere outside the US, PLUS awful costumer service. I think the village its pretty cool but it's not it, but if they made an effort (which i have yet to see) with the costumer service and design wise I, and i feel a lot of us, would be more interested
  7. it's so ugly i cant... can someone wink wink elle put me in contact with the designers of the village I'll love design merch for lana but also help create merch that the fans will enjoy, every drop lately has been a little disappointing
  8. If she brings the flasks, lyric books and the necklace back omg… also a BTD 10th anniversary the american dream edition would be THE DEATH OF ME
  9. The workers there got the order for a signed poster freaked out and signed them, thats my theory
  10. legend about to broke mine to get a full refund
  11. Some people complained about the cotcc signatures maybe thats why they made less for bb and made lana post about it? But i feel they lost a big package or the label never shipped them because (as i said in multiple post) the green ones that she signed a bunch of were like never seen? Ive seen 1/2 on resell websites but not that much, compared to the silver signature thats everywhere and a lot of them… i just feel that the label never send those or idk?
  12. We been speculating this for months but people want to believe lana but girl… there were a TON of chemtrails signed cards, and they look so fake, same with the lithos… but some people called that “difamation” lmao Hope she will but she is just lazy
  13. Hope lana takes a rest and does a not “rushed” era and if you dont want to sign a bunch of cards just dont sell them please, my head been hurting for months for this fucking cards
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