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  1. Hope we get the uhq soon but in the meantime here's good ones lmao
  2. Hope we get the UHD images... quickly, but i need this pictures to be something, a catalog or anything!
  3. Glad they didn’t pick my design tho, i’ll be heartbroken (and some of the winning ones were a little… yikes)
  4. venicebitx


    Me too! It’s also Dorian Electra’s shop, they said to cancel the order through paypal/bank and they are figuring out a new page to upload the merch and send it… but slayyyter stays silent like gurl…
  5. No clue, its true that near the center theres some lines on mine, that looks like the end of the vinyl grooves? But it doesnt interfere in anything
  6. It doesnt, it’s not an “UO” exclusive this time kind off
  7. Well… honeymoon anniversary tomorrow… do we know if something it’s coming???
  8. Lana it’s not even gonna show up, but if this means more votes let’s go ldraddic
  9. Maybe they are waiting for next week since most people get payed at the start of the month, so she can get those coins
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