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  1. venicebitch

    Charli XCX

    hey boy hey girl is such a fun song i love it sm and i always picture her dancing in her cute red leggings while listening to itand then her turning back to sophie's dj booth and laughing with her when bridge plays omg they were so excited for the new music this is so sad what happened with this whole erai was fr so excited for her mothly singles era because with no angel and girls night out it kinda felt like a closure for the xcx world era and then they scrapped the rest of the singles...it just aint right
  2. venicebitch

    Charli XCX

    P4u released is superior but demo version is so iconic I still think it deserves to be released
  3. I dont think this is that deep as you think it is, he probably just worked a lot with taylor for her last two albums and is probably cooking up lorde’s next album as well so he’s been simply busy that’s it
  4. I hope in white dress mv they won’t awkwardly cut out Lana’s broken arm from the frame but instead she wears a sling covered in pearls
  5. I miss these days where she was genuinely excited about her singles and was posting her little ig clips singing along, doing Instagram lives where she was answering fans’ questions. I’m scared she’ll never do livestreams again bc she’s scared of people accusing her of this and that. COCC will be a beautiful but misunderstood era just like UV was
  6. Guys it was lich rally an iPhone photo… I thought we were just joking about it looking that way but I wasn’t expecting it was the truth
  7. I know it’s usually a marketing thing but I just wish Lana would release lyric videos to her songs… this way we would not only be 100% sure of the correctness of her lyrics but have a beautiful visual (also - although not this time - when she’s not always at her best when it comes to music videos) … I’m sure there’s a lot of talented artists that would portrait her songs in a beautiful way. I love listening to her songs (especially chemtrails) and reading the lyrics at the same time and with this one I’m imagining even something just as simple as smudges on the sky with her lyrics, especially when there’s no visual for the “original” version of the song on yt so it’d be a nice addition!
  8. edit: wait wrong thread oop
  9. I think Lana not only spoke for a generation but also carried a whole generation of sad bitches, taught many of these sad bitches that being vulnerable is ok and you can still be powerful with (or especially) being out there with your emotions. Intenationally or not, in some ways she taught me more than my own mother did and I think she’s fully aware of that, especially with her calling us her kids.
  10. So… me and my friends made a lip injection appointment 3 days before COCC so we can listen to the album having new big juicy lips for the full Lana experience. Anyone wanna join?
  11. I’m kinda pissed she made a comeback with well-recorded performances for LMLYLAW and not COCC…
  12. yeah but BD was also released as a single and it was on Spotify for a long time and then it was added to paradise like a year ago or so
  13. What i think is you should get a warning point for even thinking about this. Why would you manifest this shit, why would you do that to us
  14. i just cracked up reading it i’ll never get used to this damn acronym
  15. it’s my Twitter and i got this info from my friend who is very reliable. From what I know there’s no more alternative covers coming for cd/vinyls, just cassettes
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