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  1. venicebitch


    Too bad because I need an album that sounds like them 😭
  2. venicebitch

    Troye Sivan

    No one even remembers that meme, it’s a cute sample
  3. It’s really not that deep, I also hate when that happens but it’s not because people don’t care about her, they just need to go back home in time and work the day after and not wait in traffic for another 2hrs 😭 I’ve seen die hard boygenius fans leaving as soon as closer started because otherwise they’d literally sleep on the streets
  4. She said Bittersweet as Bittersweet Anthem that was scrapped from the setlist before ever debuting it live
  5. venicebitch


    She’s so cool
  6. He’s polish and he recently did an interview where he stated that he does her botox and other fillers and she always asks for as little as possible
  7. i think they will drop both NFR and honeymoon around christmas to make sure they sell out
  8. PL https://muzyka.sklep.pl/katalog-produktow?at[1]=98&red=0
  9. This is my favorite NFR pressing and one of my favorites Lana vinyls overall. I’m so happy they’re repressing this one I really regretted not getting this one cause I love the cover art and vinyl color! I don’t get the hate at all
  10. venicebitch

    Taylor Swift

    i think marketing makes a huge difference here, lana isn't really involved and even said she doesn't care if her fans buy her shit, meanwhile taylor make huge countdowns, names everything limited and exclusive (which often turns out to be a bait) and tricks fans into buying her shit basically not knowing how it really looks (e.g. 1989 cds); the list really can go on and on
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