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  1. it sounds ok until Sweet Carolina starts playing and you feel like your ears just unplugged themselves
  2. Insiders shitting on Dealer and leaking it as “the worst song ever” really clowned themselves huh
  3. I get talking about it, I check her sales from time to time too, but being emotional about them is just nonsense
  4. This album needs to be at least nominated for any category. I believe in the power of COCC
  5. She literally told fans on live that there’s absolutely NO need in buying her records and she has more than enough for herself AND to help others. Please stop caring about her streams/record sales
  6. there’s literally tweets around that time about you being blocked by her + you blocked me on my private acc and I’m almost sure i never fight with Lana stans unless they do something disrespectful to Lana 💀
  7. just search lanaisababe and lanaisiconic on twitter, it’s not that hard girlie
  8. Ok I just remembered something… I had to switch to my other account when lanaisbabe joined the live because I was blocked by her and I couldn’t remember why. I lurked on Twitter and this girl was actually blocked by Lana on her main (her and lanaisiconic) back in 2017 for being republican and demanding free merch around her first LFL pop up. Lana was actually mad at her LMAO and now she forgot about all that shit but this girl gave me such weird vibes and now I remember why that must’ve been so awkward to her (not Lana tho, she couldn’t remember shit lmao)
  9. So… she pretty much confirmed that If You Lie Down With Me is the next single? I mean she said if there’s another video from BB it would be for this song only
  10. Wow. Just wow. I think I’m in love with her again just as much as I was 10 years ago.
  11. This was literally the sweetest livestream ever
  12. Although I love all the songs on Blue Banisters, I have to admit that COCC makes more sense as an album than BB does and I’m not surprised it’s not as highly rated by the critics as COCC was. COCC truly deserves 81 points on metacritic and you’ll understand this sooner or later. BB is still a good ass album tho, her whole discography is truly untouchable.
  13. I asked polish fans about their favorite song off the record and almost 300 people voted for Dealer in an hour, making it instantly a number #1 in the poll… this is why Lana loves polish fans so much
  14. I really want to spam Lana’s management and streaming services about NOTG, LL and CB quality. It drives me crazy, they have to replace them with lossless files, it’s unacceptable that no one from the team hasn’t suggested this already.
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