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  1. omg look what i found in the source code!!!!!!!
  2. i've met her several times irl and most of that times i had important questions planned for her but believe me, every time you're just amazed how nice and precious she is in person and you a) forget all the things you wanted to ask her b) rather have some kind of personal and meaningful conversation with her than just bombard her for titles and dates... and i know so many other people with the same experience and sometimes it's just too quick and chaotic
  3. venicebitch

    Charli XCX

    majority of CRASH aged beautifully! she delivered an A+ album and era, i couldn't be more satisfied as a fan tv performances, tour with beatiful scenography and dancers, amazing vinyl pressings and other cool merch, music itself!!!! there were definitely some limitations with the budget here and there (which was still satisfactory imo) but everything turned out perfectly i'm really really proud of her
  4. venicebitch

    Taylor Swift

    7.0 is not bad at all, it's a fair score for an album that sounds like at least 3 other albums done by her, i'd actually say it's being really overrated by other critics just because she's *the* taylor swift don't get me wrong, it's still a solid pop material but i honestly think swifties getting mad over a 7.0 review are really representing twitter mentality at this point because it's seriously still a good score
  5. venicebitch

    Taylor Swift

    7.0 from pitchfork, I’d say it’s a really fair score
  6. what if it was her autobiography
  7. WAIT she said something leaked but nothing leaked what is she talking about
  8. it was all a PR move. She's a product after all - and I don't mean that she's untalented, because she isn't at all, but all she (and her team) does on the internet is heavily calculated.
  9. With this logic she wouldn’t need heavy TikTok promotion and this whole pre-release focused on buying x vinyls, fakecalling everything limited edition and then putting it on shelves literally everywhere else. I’m not saying she’s the only one responsible for this but she’s for sure benefiting from it and have nothing against these moves. It’s not crazy to say she’s a whole ass machine and everything she says and does has to be filtered by tens of peoples to have the best outcome and highest sales possible. It’s safe to say that Lana collab was one of many other things boosting the preorders, especially looking at how many people were looking forward for this song. It was actually the second most viewed TikTok video from the whole mayhem series! Only the first song has more engagement (mainly because it was a surprise first episode of the series!) - not to mention many of viral tweets and instagram posts from people being super excited about the announcement Lana for sure isn’t like the top 3 most streamed women but she still is a streaming giant and the most successful alternative pop female of the last decade, she’s been doing NUMBERS for a while now and she is a huge name to have on a song!!!
  10. she is but you have to be blind to not see why she's that commercially successful, she's a talented lyricist for sure but her whole career is a HUGE fucking machine, full of sometimes nasty PR moves towards the gp and her fans and putting Lana in the title and hyping people for this collab beforehand was a pure clickbait to boost the sales.
  11. i mean... was that a real concern at any point? she always has writing credits in anything she touches
  12. after the dont call me angel release i assume?
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