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  1. can lana come on i cant deal with this “music” anymore
  2. did anyone receive their ocean blvd hoodie? is it good/cute? also does anyone have a discount code for the german store?? 😭
  3. i dont think its the tour announcement because that wouldnt be a “HUGE surprise” to us since weve kind of been expecting it after the festival announcements, i really do think shes releasing the album digitally early although i dont want to get my hopes up..
  4. u people are literally such annoying hypocrites, remember when lana uploaded that video of her speaking about leaks and how she feels about them? and you all felt bad and were like “ohhh nooo nobody listen to the leaks this era guys ugh im so sad i actually feel so bad now !!” wtf happened to that energy like 😭😭😭 if youve listened at least keep it to urselves its embarrassing..
  5. and im seeing this just now ill kms i mustve had a stroke to spend 202€ on merch
  6. f this im going to sleep it better not be sold out when i wake up bye everyone
  7. oh i just know that necklace will be sold out in seconds..
  8. also the quality of the stuff ive received was kinda shit..
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