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  1. anyone have a l1#k.?!? im in europe and i cannot for the life of me find a functioning one 😭
  2. literally if anyone from the back of gold circle is reading this is we need u to take two steps back it’s literally fucking awful here at the front, they told us we’re not allowed to sit in between sets and they prohibited umbrellas. this is the worst organised concert/festival ive ever been to seriously. i expected this but its much worse than i thought theres so many people who are ab to pass out any minute.
  3. im telling u getting in was so… i havent recovered.. awful HELP FR
  4. what the hell was this speculation i almost got a heart attack thank god ben confirmed that shes doing the show-
  5. golden circle definitely gets in at 1pm thats what the ticket on my bst app says (at least i hope)
  6. from my experience with ziggo dome i think there should be
  7. okay good omg thank u i got scared for a second
  8. general onsale got canceled omfg.. 😭 edit: oh nvm it says “ended” for presale oops my bad ignore
  9. wait..is early entry and gold circle separate??? or is it the same thing..?
  10. sad for us (but also proud in a way, my bank account is crying now as it is) but im glad im not the only one
  11. i ended up not getting tickets because im flying to london to see her at hyde park so i fought the urges and decided to be financially responsible for once since i cant afford to fly to amsterdam only 3 days before i fly to london ughhh im just hoping she adds more eu dates that are closer to my country so that i can just drive there
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