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  1. I'm crying i forgot there was a whole interview aspect to this to get through before the performance
  2. I'd honestly be okay with a prerecorded thing. I downloaded and listen to the LMLYLAW Jimmy Fallon performance all the time. Calling it a "live performance" is a huge reach on their part but it was nice getting a different mix/vocal take/music vid of a song at least. Still would love to see a high quality recording of any live performance from her some time tho lmao
  3. ya how long are these usually? I'd love to fuck off and do other things in the meantime
  4. it's just like... the diction is identical it makes me laugh so hard. I love the song but i have a hard time taking it seriously because it's all i think about
  5. I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY... i think she sounds just like Jennifer Coolidge when she says "cuz" in Black Bathing Suit
  6. I was wondering how you were doing it all so fast omg??
  7. that was soooo cute and also soooooo long <333 im glad she did it though it was cool to hear her be so conversational
  9. unfortunately im at the point where i can identify the different takes of cb it's been my fav since it le*aked I can't believe it's on an ALBUM
  10. listing the old versions of thunder, cherry blossom, and living legend as demos
  11. LOL oops, that's exciting too. I'm having such a hard time keeping up w all these "insiders"
  12. As much as I've grown to love the three singles, I think it's kinda neat that they might not end up on the album?? I think of it as just extra songs we're getting, which is never a bad thing especially considering cocc was only 11 tracks
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