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  1. Snow on the beach soundcheck… does anyone want to watch me chainsaw myself in half
  2. caughtuboy


    Poor Claire... I so badly miss my experimental screechy Canadian girl but I am 100% unsubscribed from this mess for the past few years. I really hope she realizes the AI thing is not working
  3. Praying for Hey Blue Baby, Prettiest Girl in Country Music, I Must Be Stupid for Being so Happy, and Unchained Melody
  4. caughtuboy

    Charli XCX

    I think that sound just went out of style for a bit, grungy tumblr stuff was everywhere by 2014 and I remember thinking Sucker was a weird pivot for her. But looking back it's just really fun pop music. Also Underwater is so cute
  5. With a rousing rendition of "real women vote for trump" edit: IJBOLLL this was hateful and I do apologize. Have a lovely night
  6. I know everyone has a lot to say. But can we take a moment to celebrate the absence of Snow on the Beach / T*ylor in general
  7. Can I say something. I love it when she does stuff that turns the general public off. There was something so special about being one of like 30 stans during the Chemtrails era
  8. The SNL reference with the spinning.. oh my god. Also this is the best vocal delivery so far
  9. Noir/Brite Lites/Scarface medley next. Watch this space
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