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  1. It's back up, try it now,
  2. 2018 or Mag Sessions, I believe
  3. For anyone who is missing anything: https://mega.nz/folder/5Ak0BZwZ#GWi2NmDos3O5LmRsUb5Cyw
  4. I wouldn't be surprised really....It sounds so strange that it very well could be that. I wonder what song would be the basis for this if it was real? That is hilarious if someone actually did exactly this, lol
  5. Bad Girl In Town Medusa lllangelo Untitled 1&2 Feelin It LLLOOOOVVVV Sweet Pain Cherry Soda Trust In Me Unraveled + Unappealing Flashback Come With Me Skrillex Untitled 5 Hail Mary Share Your Love Move Yuh Stereo Boy English Black Boys Curse Good To Love (apparently a diff song?) I Called U Maria Heavenly Body Crystallize Everybody’s Happy Have U Ever
  6. Damn and I dug it too,,,,,, lol
  7. I'm like 95% sure that is her but then I listen to the lyrics they are 50% her.....I'm baffled.....
  8. Hey guys, I found this song on Soundcloud and wondered if anyone has any info on it:https://soundcloud.com/patrick-poodle-berry/neon-sunset-fka-twigs-unreleased?si=f760ca1bcb754655b6649340911d676b&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing Thanx in advance!
  9. No, it's not a new song but it's supposed to be coming "soon". From MAGDELENE era
  10. Sweet Pain Snippet 1: https://pillowcase.su/f/3f66131b01be40f98073a19292c69488 2: https://pillowcase.su/f/fedc69ece73a7b4cf51ca68b14322cb3
  11. Hey, does anyone have Together All and the demo of Killer? They are the last ones I can't seem to find online
  12. Hey everyone, totally new here, just wanted to say I had NO idea Twigs was such a prolific artist until she drew it to everyone's attention recently. At any rate, I've been listening to her released music since 2014 and now I can say I have a new respect for what she does. Here's the picture I used for the demos that surfaced:
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