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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this song neither how I feel about the album going this route
  2. I'm here for twigs giving us a full deep house moment ala Ego Death tbh.
  3. Same, I'm kinda bummed about this one not being on the deluxe cause she said she was gonna release it after the album...
  4. Not for We Out Here, but Bees and Honey is played here (18:32)
  5. Apparently she has a Dua collab on the new album???
  6. She posted on her stories by it's on the making of sawayama videos. But these are the songs recorded for the album: Intro, Mission: U, We Out Here, How We Were Then, Proud, Bees and Honey. And of course there's Ready or Not that she performed live but I think it never made it's way to the album production.
  7. EH had a very mainstream sound wheres PC music is not mainstream at all. It would probably be on the disco-pop trend that going on rn.
  8. Almost every song being traded or sold is from Brighton Beach, so that must be from the movie aswell.
  9. I just realized there is a details button I-
  10. Is this a remake or the real track? https://dbree.org/v/2f4aeb
  11. Those other hq leaks are very sus, are we sure they are not upscaled?
  12. FROOT of the month was such a moment whew It does make me wonder if she will follow the same strategy she did for FROOT and L+F and release a single every month until the album drops.
  13. Finally I think I like this version better, the background vocals on "the honor to become great" are heavenly.
  14. It's just that it's an amazing song that she leak it herself by accident and then went on to pretend it didn't exist nn But it was meant to be released either on CollXtion I or II. There's even a excerpt from the lyrics on the Catch video.
  15. Isn't die Life supposedly Living Dead?
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