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  1. Swamp Girl

    Charli XCX

    Speak on it. Anytime I see a fan of THAT woman it’s either a 50 year old Lululemon mother or some upper class 15 year old with Utah Curls and a collection of Stanleys… which should speak for itself. If they’re willing to camp outside of Targets and spend hundreds of dollars for different colors of a 45$ cup these same tasteless individuals will go out of their way to spend 400$ on her tens of cash grab variant merch, CDs, vinyls and “live versions” rofl.
  2. Lol these comments are so funny to me because we say this after every show because at this point every show has been a disaster.
  3. The way my jaw dropped watching her perform that No matter how many messy performances or false promises this is why I will always stan! She looked and sounded so beautiful I hope she finds a way to release it, probably her best cover from Masochism era so far, definitely outsold Hands All Over Me and a few others
  4. A bit late clearly but wow- I've been watching some of the videos on YouTube of her performance and she looked and sounded absolutely amazing.. I didn't expect her to bring out Billie Eilish but Ocean Eyes sounded amazing, the pole dancing and what I’m pretty sure was a lyric change in Candy Necklace was such a mega serve
  5. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    Gauthy is so disgusting, I’ve been inside of that discord server before and there’s literally multiple other weird ass children in their fighting over taking down each others reuploads of Ayesha's music… Honestly pretty tragic that they don't have enough going on irl so they resort to making it more difficult for her than it already is
  6. I don't even care for a Masochism release much anymore, we have a good portion of the songs in their *latest* versions that she’s been teasing over the years/playing at her shows. And I say latest because she’s using tracks that had export dates from years ago that still sound unfinished for her live shows to this day.. Obviously not including the old titles dating back to like 2015 but those were long scrapped I'm afraid. Still waiting for Down In Flames and a few other ones, though.
  7. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    Both, she's known for flip-flopping, she’s also had rollout problems like this dating back to 2016 (finishing on time, distribution, etc.) Petey is a friend/former collaborator and it should have stayed like that IMO. She needs a proper established manager that won't feel conflicted making her stick to a proper plan and have the connections to fix all the other shit she was dealing with like distribution. But anyways, I’m sort of hopeful for those new songs she was previewing, I was most excited for Sexy Party out of new songs but I guess that isn’t coming anymore either?
  8. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    A supposed new version of GANGBANG (we want the original version) being mentioned when we don't even have Horny.4U yet… with a Petey feature… She wants to put out two albums but can't even have a proper rollout for one… Someone get her some proper management, quick Atleast we got Giga Bowser, it’s cute, better than the other songs she’s been putting out.
  9. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    So annoying but I didn't expect anything more or less from her knowing her history of shelving & scrapping almost every single project she's ever worked on since 2016. It's nearly impossible for her to have a proper roll out by herself but having a friend/former-collaborator and his bootleg "management" company manage her is so pointless he clearly is not pushing her enough. I mean at least he's doing more than Alex ever did? Right?.
  10. I want a new album or project from her but people have like every song she has made all the way up to like 2022 and all of that old pre-2022 material has been traded and sent around to fans for the most part these past couple years.. so it kind of ruins it because people have already been listening to everything for years (like how Mr Badman leaked ages ago, Sunny was passed around and later leaked too). So unless it’s something totally brand new I'm not very hopeful We also have like radio silence from her so I’m more anticipating some pre-CY leaks then a release like her Cry In Public demo and that one Verbs song
  11. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    Looks like Iconic made it
  12. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    New version she posted in 2018 = the same final version she posted/deleted numerous times from 2016. Not to be confused with the 1 minute rough demo she also posted in 2015
  13. Swamp Girl

    Ayesha Erotica

    She hasn’t listened yet. She lurks the Ayesha Reddit very often and said she “didn't care if it “leaked” “, not that it was real or that she listened. and no the leaked one that’s 1 minute is the demo; the final was released/deleted by her but never resurfaced
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