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  1. So it’s your fault is what I’m hearing
  2. It’s as if she’s saying ‘ hey I’ve milked you for all you’re worth..even got you to buy my Daddys album and a cheap ass brass whistle for $20..bye bye! 😘😘’
  3. Lana right now….let’ fuck with the gays
  4. Are you speaking in tongues? Might as well be sis
  5. I don’t know who’s more sensitive Lana or Marina, I guess Marina hasn’t deleted any socials yet.
  6. It’s giving me an anxiety attack, we’ve had 9 albums…but I can’t imagine lana not being around anymore.
  7. Charlie is just as unhinged, he’s a real fruit loop
  8. Lana is so ridiculous sometimes….no idea why you’d erase the one contact with fans that you had.
  9. Don’t be stupid… she identifies as South Korean now.
  10. That would be fraud if they got someone else to sign them. But not like the FBI is gonna rain in on them or something lol just have to trust they are genuine.
  11. Not me waiting for someone to add Grandfather Please Stand.. over the top of this music video 👀 I mean it would fit almost perfectly
  12. I’m scared the wait is gonna be 4 years this time
  13. Aww..it’s touching. I love how close she is with her Dad. Patty must be so jealous
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