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  1. That makes much more sense 😂
  2. is Galina about her sex drive/Libido and vajayjay? I think it is. Galina, wake up I'm running out of luck And I get so ugly without you (oh, oh, oh) Got to bring her back to me It's more than saving face My hand's turnin' red and dry She keeps sleepin' in her bed My face crackin' in the light Her lips part, the tiniest smile
  3. If people keep making excuses up for her she will take them!
  4. Nikki has a good voice and a few good songs I won’t lie, but not sure she musically goes well with Lana? It would not be a good choice to collab again. But I do think it is inevitable
  5. I’d rather she did a really dark and heavy album, similar to Ultraviolence and more A&W experimental songs, it feels like the wrong time to change things up tbh. I’m intrigued to see what she does with ‘Lasso’ but l don’t feel as excited as I’d like. She said it’s ’all going country’ well that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for her especially as she’s known as an alternative artist. I can only say as she’s blessed us with 9 amazing album's that I can’t complain if this one doesn’t really do anything for me. I am very fussy with country, it has to be a bit rocky like Lissie or more cinematic like Orville Peck, if she can pull that off it will be a great album.
  6. The album is really good, Portrait of a dead girl is a 10/10, and On Your Side. Overall a 9 a solid debut album.
  7. She’s absolutely killing it lately, Queen of Darkness, maleficent is shaking
  8. The way she went from her longest to her shortest title…..or did she? Placing bets she extends it to something like “Lassoed by a man at midnight whilst he’s saddled on his horse’’
  9. 100% with you, public information. I have no idea who Taylor thinks she is…the Queen of the universe or something. She’s not above everyone else.
  10. It is a bit country I guess, but I would not want her to make it even MORE country
  11. ChaoticLipster

    Taylor Swift

    Ugh can she take a 5 year break
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