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  1. Yeah it is her teams fault, but if I were Lana I’d never let this shit pass and tell them to do better.
  2. The new merch is uninspired and worse then something on Etsy..she’s using old photos from 10 years ago.
  3. That’s it I’m sending Halsey after you dressed as Michael Myers ..
  4. I will say that if any of you manifest or wish for another piano ballad album there will be consequences….
  5. The best thing is to just buy another CD, I know we are not all rich. But you can sell it again later on Ebay. Streaming helps but it’s so poor compared to buying the record.
  6. Lana’s team and label must be worried to organise a listening party, like they probably didn’t expect it to debut outside the top 10. I know Lana doesn’t give a fuck, but her label will they are a business.
  7. He’s a misogynist so I’m not surprised, rumour has it if you knock him on the head it echos because his brain is walnut sized.
  8. I don’t agree with everything you’ve said but it’s refreshing to see a fearless review that isn’t a 9-10 calling it the greatest album of all time. I think it’s a fan bias to want to score your faves music so highly every single time.
  9. Thought I’d do a short review and brief opinion about each song. 1. Textbook - 7.0 (it’s a bit all over the place in terms of structure and lyrics) 2. Blue Banisters. - 7.5 (A solid title track but drags in parts) 3. Arcadia 7.5 (beautiful song, but another piano ballad we didn’t really need) 4. Interlude - The Trio 7.5 ( just so random but I love it makes you shake your ass) 5. Black Bathing Suit 9 (An epic song, definitely should have more like this on the record) 6. If You Lie Down With Me - 7.0 (Catchy but a little repetitive, love the outro trumpets) 7. Beautiful - 8.0 (I just love the lyric’s in this one simple but meaningful) 8. Violets for Roses 8.5 (this feels like a classic Lana song, like BBS we needed more of this) 9. Dealer - 8 ( For me Lana killed it here with Miles they work so well together) 10. Thunder -9 ( This reminds of Ultraviolence a little and I adore it) 11. Wildflower Wildfire -9.5 (HOT FIRE HOT WEATHER HOT COFFEE-…what else can I say) 12. Nectar of the Gods -7 (repetitive & generic on the chorus but it can get stuck in your head) 13. Living Legend -6 (Never really likes this song it drags, but it’s ok) 14. Cherry Blossom - 5.5 (horrible boring production compared to YT versions) 15. Sweet Carolina - 6.5 (cringe inducing lyrics about iPhones and crypto but emotional) Overall it’s an 8 out of 10, It’s definitely an album I’m enjoying, but it was never the direction I wanted her to go in and I’m a bit fed up of piano ballads as I’ve said 1000 times already. I don’t know how anyone could call this album a ‘masterpiece’ as it has glaring flaws but I respect this opinion. Living legend and Cherry blossom should never have been added to the record they don’t really add anything. I’d have preferred she did something with more energy ‘Rock Candy Sweet’ grabbed my attention. A psychedelic alt rock album with lots of songs like Dealer and Thunder is really what I’d love..an Ultraviolence inspired album. But Blue Banisters still fits well in her discography and it’s better than COCC in my opinion. I just hope on the next record she makes a change in direction and I’m sure it will pay off.
  10. I had a dream she released an album called Matrimony about her desire to get married and have kids
  11. No it’s because she doesn’t like promoting stuff she’s nervous and a sensitive person. She’s still traumatised from SNL and the harper brazer review. She’s keeping her circle close and deactivated her social media to block out negativity during the album release so she isn’t as badly affected. The music is personal to her and it can hurt to hear negative shit being said about you especially when you have a sensitive personality. I also don’t think singing about suicide and depression are cringey, they are dark and challenging themes yes, but they can also help a lot of people cope and deal with emotions. I like music that is brutally honest.
  12. She legit looks like she’s about to hurl…who edited this video? Nobody? More like Lana botched it
  13. My impression was it is Harvey in the sky seeing as she retired use of the song. Why would she do that otherwise?
  14. Is it me or does Chuck look like she’s trying to hold in her baby for the entire BB music video? She looks uncomfortable as fuck..
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