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  1. The album that saved my life literally ..forever in my heart ♥️
  2. I love how transparent Lana is and tells us exactly what’s going on....not like them other artists who are so shady and Ignore their fans 😑
  3. Same, what makes it worse is seeing all the fan art which is 100000000x better....all the wasted potential.
  4. I really hope the next album isn’t a sleepy jack piano album. It needs to have more meat on it’s bones...I want heavier production to go with Dealer
  5. Anyways...Does anyone recall what white dress was supposed to sound like? I lost the page.
  6. It’s so dead around here, it’s like Jonestown after the Kool-Aid
  7. Imagine not listening to an artist just because she’s reached 35-40 that is just pathetic ...I didn’t like Madonna’s album because it was just bad not because she’s in her 60s.
  8. I’m holding out for the signed copies she will release a week before
  9. I”m sorry to break it to you but we are in for a two week wait. We should just pray we get another single (white dress) before then.
  10. Lady Gaga is so Iconic every performance she nails
  11. I bet the whole thing leaks eventually. Waiting for sky to announce she has long covid and it’s why the albums been delayed while she recovers.
  12. It’s the opposite sis, the more we hate it the more likely it goes on the record!
  13. I agree that is going backwards. It would not suit this album to have a song with trap
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