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  1. Lana wants a low profile album, she doesn’t want to be Billie Ellish or Ariana in the eyes of the media all the time
  2. I’ve kind of forgotten about Candy Necklace/ Rockafella. It sounded like mostly piano same old same old. When you have songs like A&W which seem like the main course. But I hope to be surprised.
  3. I love the way most of the excitement is always from logos on her jacket and some make up. It’s the only time we know anything these days.
  4. ChaoticLipster

    Ava Max

    She kind of looks like a one trick pony tbh, same old production. Can she do anything different?
  5. Most Iconic album of all time, changed my life forever. I remember thinking the music is just something else compared to what anyone else is making. Walking home from school with my cheap ass earphones blasting national anthem and Off to the races.
  6. Having a tooth removed Monday….going to ask them if they can sedate me till March 24th - that would be great thanks 🙏🏻 actually better make it mid April incase she delays again.
  7. Well perhaps if Lana got out of her shell for 5 minuets we’d have several magazine interviews by now.
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