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  1. Nobody knows, it may not be on anyone’s album just a random collab
  2. I was thinking that this is the first song I think genuinely has a chance of chart success in a long time.
  3. Manifesting a July 4th announcement and single the next day (Tough) with album preorders and MV. Album coming 13th September girlies
  4. Oh so that’s what she’s saying ‘till the wheels fall of for you!’
  5. Thank god it sounds dead awful lol
  6. Getting triggered again, Candy Necklace, Tulsa Jesus Freak and Love Song traumatised me cause we had to wait 5+ months to get the full song and I have a feeling this will be the same.
  7. Don’t think anything that major was out today, I guess they just want more a slow build up and hype for the song. Probably think a July release would work better, but it’s actually better to release now as hype is peaking.
  8. Ben will get grumpy if he has to think about doing his job
  9. I will give her 4 hours or Quavo is getting kidnapped Edit: make that 3 hours
  10. Exactly a true versatile queen! The way she blends her discography with different sounds and influences is one of a kind.
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