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  1. well… that was… a choice
  2. The look is cute but OMG the song is bad
  3. Givin mayor T.a.t.u vibes with this rock sound!
  4. Okay… Evil is THAT GIRL! hard BOPing to that can’t wait to stream it
  5. Just what I thought, her singing is off and the wording of the lyrics is really strange (not in a good way) Is this even the same person who wrote Bombs On Monday Morning, Million Men, Bittersweet Tragedy or You Love I?? like her lyrics have 0 musicality! They are endless phrases with no sense… like an amateur songwriter, and her previous work is her more refined and mature not one bit of her clever and sassy lyrics! And don’t get me started with the metaphors… when did we get from comparing immature takes on relationships and sex with cake to compare moon cycles to periods look Light Shower coming for Spider Web for the spot of the worst song ever
  6. My ranking: Tunnel Vision Void Evil Death Faerie Soiree Leeches Battle Of The Larynx Moon Cycle Light Shower Spider Web
  7. is Nymphology out?
  8. Im sorry but this one doesn’t sound good at all… the instrumental is okay but her lyricism here is soooo bad! The flow is off and all over the place… Givin me After School flashbacks with the “I'm the definition of dichotomy, duality Katarina in the womb for nine months 'til she birthed me“ is like she’s doing a phrase of a 100 words and doesn’t know when to stop… the metaphors and descriptive ideas don’t make sense either, so cringe
  9. The thing with her is that I don’t mind not liking one album, but she takes 4 years to release something new every time so I was hopping for something good to at least BOP while I wait for the next… I don’t know if I will stream this a lot based on the 6 songs we already have (except for Tunnel Vision obvyyy) but who knows… she can surprise us!
  10. Sooo Free Style is a whole mess but Priceless, Triumph and Real Tarantino slap!
  11. I Don’t know why but I have lost all hype for this album… idk like the live performances have cleared all the tracks I was curious about (Void, Death and Evil) and they are just as I expected but nothing new… maybe I am not in the right mood right now… but I want more upbeat songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love rock and heavier sounds, but in this case I don’t see much replay value. I loved Death at first listen but I haven’t returned to it as much as I though! Void, Evil and Battle Of The Larynx aren’t bad by any means, but I don’t see me returning to them either I was more into the leaked stuff (I know this have been discussed a lot), but we shall see! For the moment I’m not that excited for the album release as I was before Also, the visuals don’t help… I’m getting bored of this “alien mask” thing sorry Mel at least she’s trying something new and that’s growth, even if it isn’t my cup of tea
  12. The way at this point, Tunnel Vision is the only BOP we have so far… disappointing! I mean, Void and Evil are good too but they don’t make me wanna shake my ass like Garden, Tunnel Vision, Dragons Blood or Barely Juice Also, after hearing what we have so far I expect the same moody rock vibe from the remaining tracks which is fine I guess, but I was hoping for a BOP or two
  13. I need to stream the fuck outta Garden
  14. coming from the only person who stans Spider Web… sorry if I laugh
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