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  1. I miss Rick's production everyday ... I want another honeymoon
  2. Got Candy Necklace on a loop rn cause girl ... This Album was ART a body of WORK
  3. Someone thought I said Taylor was humiliating her but I meant like the show runners wanting to hurt lana by suggesting it to Taylor if Lana lost before the show ... Maybe that's how Lana had a feeling in advance ?
  4. I don't think Taylor had any bad intentions I just wanna say that .
  5. I feel like someone knew and told her which is why she showed up in that style and had that vibe ... She knew didn't she ?
  6. Lana please don't submit music to them ever again . Literally so many other awards shows love her or at least don't tease her like this . Does anyone know how many albums she has left with interscope . Low key see Lana saying fuck it after that contract up and it being a new unreleased era kept underground again ...
  7. It's giving humiliation ritual but fucking for what ? She's not a newbie ... Ugh the tik tok edits tomorrow I can only imagine ... Will they rub it in using that Billie song cause it's " sad " too ? This was sick .
  8. That's how I read it low key . Not from Taylor but the maybe not so nice people who plan these type of events ...
  9. Omfg it's sweet ... That Lana is up there ... With her ... But this is actually WORSE than NFR ... She's not taking it well like she had to LEAN on the man !
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