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  1. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Speed Driving Coconuts in The General Made-Up/Fictional Albums Thread   
    I have no idea how real Britney's alleged "Pretty World" album is, but I like to imagine a timeline where she released that as a short EP pre-Glory just as a way for her to dip her toes into a cutesy/hyperpop sound. 
    As for the artwork, I want her to be on a pink helicopter overlooking a pink city. Kinda XCX-world inspired combined with Gag City. 
    Pretty World's Imagined Tracklist:
    1. When I Rule the World (featuring SOPHIE) [originally from Liz]
    2. Pretty Girls (featuring Iggy Azalea)
    3. Mine [originally from Slayyyter]
    4. Ooh La La [originally a soundtrack song]
    5. Girl Like Me [originally from Slayyyter]
  2. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Glitter Boy in The General Made-Up/Fictional Albums Thread   
    this is a great idea! thanks for adding it cause I don't want to be posting my made up albums in the tracklist rearranging thread cause it's not that lol
    (the following two use actually leaked songs)
    Lana Del Rey - Butterflies (2011). A very pop driven record before she leaned to her trip hop / baroque pop signature sound.
    Back to the Basics Butterflies Jealous Girl BBM Baby Queen of Disaster Fake Diamond Breaking My Heart Hit & Run Making Out Beautiful Player (feat. Starz) Playground Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight Television Heaven  
    Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer (2012).
    Serial Killer Paradise Damn You Live or Die Hollywood's Dead Velvet Crowbar Last Girl on Earth Because of You TV in Black & White Prom Song (Gone Wrong) What's a Girl to Do French Restaurant Dum Dum Deluxe version bonus track Roses Deluxe version bonus track Us Against the World Deluxe version bonus track On Our Way Deluxe version bonus track
  3. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by shadesofblue in What has Lana done for you and how has she changed you?   
    Lana has deff shaped me since I started listening to her right before high school and now into my mid-late twenties. She's taught me how to see beauty in small things, even the most mundane things in life. She taught me to embrace femininity in whatever way I want it to look like. I can express my lighter feminine side while also embracing my darker side. Listening to her just makes me feel prettier and made me gain confidence. Her music has comforted me during times I needed it the most like breakups, milestones, trauma and even happy times. Each album aligns with different eras in my life and reflect my experiences. Her songs really click for me when dealing with mental health problems in a way that almost no other artist can for me. I've come to so many realizations in my life with her music that have taught me lessons. I've learned to be more free-spirited and break free from trauma and toxicity. I've grown to appreciate friendships, family and romantic relationships more as well.
  4. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Anonymcomenter in Bonnie McKee   
    I guess that’s all we’r getting 
  5. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Elle in Lana at Gucci’s Oscars afterparty in Beverly Hills, CA - March 10th, 2024   
    Last night, Lana Del Rey attended an Oscar’s afterparty in Beverly Hills, California.
  6. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by love divine in twenty one pilots   
    these guys were my everything in middle school 
    nice to see they're still making music together 
  7. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Britney Spears in Britney Spears   
    historical moment: https://krakenfiles.com/view/ngqu3QdRvf/file.html – I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston Cover) in FULL!!!
    Originally recorded by Whitney Houston, and included on the soundtrack album The Bodyguard (1992)
    Recorded by Spears in 1997, and presented by manager Larry Rudolph to a number of record labels.
    Spears got signed to Jive Records after singing the song in front of the label’s executives.
  8. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Anonymcomenter in Bonnie McKee   
    here you go, all the unreleased I could find from her 
  9. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by The Siren in Kesha   
    found some live performances in case any of yall want them
    Praying (Live At The #GRAMMYs)
    Learn to Let Go (Live at MTV EMAs 2017)
    It Ain't Me, Babe (Live At The BBMAs)
    Get $leazy Tour: Rock in Rio
    Get $leazy Tour: MTV Sound Stage
  10. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Let the Light In in A&W   
    Happy birthday A&W, you are that bitch 
  11. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Embach in A&W   
    Happy 1st Birthday A&W! An icon and a legend!
  12. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by The Sun Also Rises in A&W   
    I definitely think that's what she says. 
    When we talk about something traumatic, we often speed up our words or speak very quietly because there's a lot of shame associated with verbalising those feelings/experiences. At least that's what I've experienced with myself and other survivors. 
    I think she says it quietly in the song, either unconsciously or (more likely) to symbolise the shame about it. When says says "sittin' on the sofa feelin' super suicidal" in Candy Necklace she really speeds up how she says it. The annunciation is just slightly more slurred/muddled than some of the rest of the lyrics in the song. which I think is for the same reason. 
  13. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Traveler in A&W   
    I love everyone's analysis on this one... Just wanted to add from someone that grew up during the height and listened to a lot gansta rap, the first time I heard A&W the first thing that came to mind for me on the second half was ODB from Wu-Tang Clan single Shimmy Shimmy Ya. I am probably way off base, but I just thought with Lana's gansta style and being from Brooklyn herself, that it could be a nod to ODB and Wu-Tang. I know nothing, so I digress...
  14. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by Bea in What is your LDR Roman Empire?   
    heart shaped box cover and visuals during ride monologue at her recent shows (esp lizzy ones) 
  15. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by blackenedrussianpoetry in The Paradise and the esoteric origin of mankind   
    Obsessed with this thread… might be the best one yet. 
  16. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by litewave in The Paradise and the esoteric origin of mankind   
    Where you go I go
    What you see I see
    I know I'd never be me
    Without the security
    Of your loving arms
    Keeping me from harm
    Put your hand in my hand
    And we'll stand
    - through Adele (Skyfall)
    Palms rise to the universe
    As we moonshine and molly
    Feel the warmth, we'll never die
    We're like diamonds in the sky
    You're a shooting star I see
    A vision of ecstasy
    When you hold me, I'm alive
    We're like diamonds in the sky
    - through Rihanna (Diamonds)
    With understanding
    You won't let it cast you down
    A mind full of questions
    A current to purify
    Science and visions
    Be near when I call your name
    Or ask me a question
    - through Chvrches (Science/Visions)
    And if you stay a while
    I'll penetrate your soul
    I'll bleed into your dreams
    You'll want to lose control
    I'll weep into your eyes
    I'll make your visions sing
    I'll open endless skies
    And ride your broken wings
    Welcome to my world
    - through Depeche Mode (Welcome to My World)
    Why can't this moment last forevermore?
    Tonight eternity's an open door
    No, don't ever stop doing the things you do
    Don't go, in every breath I take I'm breathing you
    Forever, till the end of time
    From now on, only you and I
    We're going u-u-u-u-u-u-up
    - through Loreen (Euphoria)
    So open up your heart and just let it begin
    Open up your heart and just let it begin
    Open up your heart and just let it begin
    Open up your heart
    Acceptance is the key to be
    To be truly free
    Will you do the same for me?
    - through Katy Perry (Unconditionally)
    Mon amour, sweet child of mine
    You're divine
    Didn't anyone ever tell you
    It's ok to shine?
    Roses, Bel Air, take me there
    I've been waiting to meet you
    Palm trees in the light
    I can see late at night
    Darling, I'm waiting to greet you
    Come to me baby
    - through Lana Del Rey (Bel Air)

  17. ColaGoneWild liked a post in a topic by litewave in The Paradise and the esoteric origin of mankind   
    Body Electric

    “Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend”

    An interplay of the separating masculine archetype and the unifying feminine archetype draws out the potential of their common source into creative manifestation. Their background source could be considered a feminine extreme in that it contains everything in a state of undifferentiated unity. In this unity, the masculine and feminine orientations are inherent as naturally as plus and minus are inherent in a zero. The masculine differentiates reality while the feminine integrates it, the result being individual entities arising and interacting in mutual relations. In my understanding these are the fundamental principles of creation and consciousness. In Christianity Jesus is the ultimate example of this manifestation, being regarded as an incarnation of God in human body.

    “Whitman is my daddy, Monaco’s my mother, diamonds are my bestest friend”

    In this verse I identified archetypal ideas similar to those mentioned before. Whitman is one of Lana’s favorite poets while Monaco represents her idea of beauty. By words we define things and make them explicit/clear. Beauty, on the other hand, is implicitely/vaguely felt. Words analyze beauty while beauty integrates them in a harmonious whole, both actions enhancing the creation and its meaning. Diamonds symbolize a creation that is simultaneously clearly defined and beautiful. Such a creation is also durable because it prevents disintegration into parts by the analytical process and dissolution into vagueness by the integrating process.

    “Heaven is my baby, suicide’s her father, opulence is the end”

    Here I represented heaven and suicide with upward and downward tendencies, respectively. Fall leads to death, as the masculine/analytical process separates a part from its source, while ascension leads back to heaven, as the feminine/integrating process reunites the part with a larger reality. The two processes alternate in a cycle, resulting in the creation of multitudes of forms, our planet with its biosphere and human society being the richest place we know of. The Christian God descends to earth to die on the cross on Good Friday, only to be resurrected on Easter Sunday and ascend back to heaven. This story reminds us, who got stuck down here, that there is more to life when we open up and expand our perspectives.
  18. bia liked a post in a topic by ColaGoneWild in What is your LDR Roman Empire?   
    I think mine is similar to Surf Noir's but it's more so knowing she draws from an authentic place and showcases it through Lana . Especially with BTD . Because it's all ideas , experiences , and events from before her fame ... Like we know about Blue Banisters back story , we watched it as it happened world wide . But like I like finding out about the events behind each song on BTD because some of those songs are crazy and no one was watching when she was making the album cause she wasn't famous yet . The two back stories behind Cola is insane ! One funny and the other like not at all . I wanna know about Off to the races cause that's wild from start to finish ... 
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