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  1. Based on her twitter, it seems like one of her criteria for including tracks in the deluxe is whether they leaked or not.
  2. Tommy stans lost after the deluxe announcement
  3. Make You Mine is so cute! Shame it has that annoying watermark.
  4. Great video for an awful song
  5. Tommy's cute but she ain't all that. Idk where the hype is coming from. A lot of songs in the standard edition are much better.
  6. Same like I'm also wondering what faux-woke fiasco has she gotten herself into this time around?
  7. Holy fuck, Ross Lynch. What a man.
  8. She's gonna bring her Eras Tour to Iran and North Korea
  9. Can someone give a tl;dr version of the Ava drama? I'm so lost like this is so random.
  10. Even though the sales for her tour are problematique, at least the ones who attended her concert seemed to have a good time. I've been hearing good things about her set so I guess at least there's that.
  11. I'm shocked at how gloomy the reception is here for the album. I think Tension is one of her absolute best releases in quite some time, and it's very palatable compared to Golden and Disco. I personally skipped Disco but I'm digging this one a lot! Tension is my morning getting ready playlist while Starfucker is my down and dirty end of the day playlist.
  12. Girl Like Me's glittery sound is so reminiscent of E-boy and Tattoo which she did with Ayesha Erotica Ms. Cheeseburger back in her mixtape. It's such a standout! Honestly all the songs sound so good! Never listened to the leaks so I can't compare the mixing between the two but I have no problems with the production value of the album at all. Maybe my only critique is that the album can still add a track or two considering that it's only 35 mins in length. The album itself is amazing but for me, the standout tracks are all tacked in the end of the album. The 1-2 punch of Purr - Plastic - Girl Like Me - Tear Me Open is so sickening!
  13. Everyone was downright lying when they said the album's track list is a mess. The track list is perfect! I literally wont change a thing like they all carry the whole album equally. "Tear Me Open" is her best ballad yet and it's my favorite from first listen (with "Girl Like Me" being a close second). Cathy, I implore you to please release signed physical copies on your website. That's literally the only thing stopping me from buying a copy.
  14. But why would they do that given that they'll be losing a lot of money in the process? I'm convinced someone in the label is sabotaging her though but I don't get the logic why they'd go such lengths to see her fail.
  15. I'm still hoping she releases a signed album copy soon. I'm gonna buy one in a heartbeat if she releases one in her website.
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