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  1. That 360 x Taxi mashup works so well! I bet those two sounding similar was intentional.
  2. Was the BRAT mural really smeared with feces??? At this point, I can't distinguish reality from stan lore.
  3. It's definitely not tour-sales related since the tour ended like last March. While I think while they overestimated the venues, the tour went well in general. Maybe it's her Ozempic use, or maybe it's fatigue since she's been working nonstop for a very long time. Either way, I wish her a speedy recovery.
  4. I wish she went for a rock album! I truly think that a change in genre will do her good. Whenever she jumps genres, she usually produces something pretty good. This one just feels like Midnights 2.0 but with more revealing, albeit clunky lyrics.
  5. I think she needs something that will thoroughly disturb her comfortability in the industry. Some of her best works came from a sort of challenge (Red to 1989 being her first attempts to do a strong country to pop crossover era, Reputation being a product of her downfall + her Katy Perry feud, and Folklore/Evermore being a product of the pandemic). Whenever she's comfortable, she starts producing mediocrity such as this one. The marketing is great and I'm sure her visuals will be top notch...but the album itself sucks. Her lyricism here is some of the weakest yet (with the Charlie Puth line being her absolute career worst) and the entire album just sounds so one-note, but in a bad way. The latter issue is a Jack Antonoff issue, but Taylor still gets a bit of blame from me for that since she has some sort of control what she produces with that man. I'm hoping she considers a genre-shift for the next album. She's getting way too comfortable and I think a challenge will only do her good.
  6. It was such a great album. Just wish the album cover was better. It's her only album with a bad/meh album cover for me.
  7. I support her statement against Taylor being uninteresting and stale. But I absolutely disagree with the one about Lana.
  8. I wonder if people were truly impressed with the lyrics she teased recently? To me, they seem like lyrics Marina (post-Froot) would produce.
  9. I still cant deal how beautiful she looked during her performance in Coachella! Every photo and video I've seen of her in Coachella just leaves me at awe.
  10. 1/2. Red 1/2. 1989 3. Reputation
  11. I feel like the issue with singer-songwriters doing poetry books is that they sometimes forget how much the music can mask some of the faultiness that their actual lyrics have. Without the music behind it, the words need to stand by themselves on their own. I feel like Marina's gonna encounter the same problem based on what I've seen so far. In all fairness though, showing your poetry to the world is quite emotionally taxing. Poems tend to be the most exposing type of written media imo, so for her to expose nearly 300 poems of hers to the general public is kinda commendable in a way.
  12. With this conversation about a potential name change, idk I'm still traumatized by how things are turning out once Marina dropped "and the Diamonds". I feel like Slayyyter works just fine. In fact, I think she can keep it even if she ends up going mainstream someday somehow. We've had artists with more ridiculous stage names anyway (looking at you Marshmello). In terms of who would benefit the most from a name change, I think Ayesha should do it. I feel like Ayesha Erotica, while cunt, might prevent her from potentially getting some more PG-friendly opportunities in the future. In fact, it might even be a factor as to why some labels might not sign her. I don't see that issue with Slayyyter's stage name.
  13. It's an infectious earworm and "I luv it". Camila might be on to something here.
  14. I have no idea how real Britney's alleged "Pretty World" album is, but I like to imagine a timeline where she released that as a short EP pre-Glory just as a way for her to dip her toes into a cutesy/hyperpop sound. As for the artwork, I want her to be on a pink helicopter overlooking a pink city. Kinda XCX-world inspired combined with Gag City. Pretty World's Imagined Tracklist: 1. When I Rule the World (featuring SOPHIE) [originally from Liz] 2. Pretty Girls (featuring Iggy Azalea) 3. Mine [originally from Slayyyter] 4. Ooh La La [originally a soundtrack song] 5. Girl Like Me [originally from Slayyyter]
  15. I sorta agree with this but also I don't since I thoroughly enjoyed Chromatica and I feel like it's a bit of a return to form for pop Gaga. The 911 MV in particular feels like something Gaga would have produced during Artpop era. I don't think judging Chromatica for what it was vs her other pop albums is fair considering Covid fucked up all of her plans for it. But at the same time, Gaga is a lot less exciting nowadays outside of her music endeavors. Movie Gaga and Businesswoman Gaga are so vanilla that it hurts to think she used to be the Judas girl.
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