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  1. sack


  2. sack


    absolutely despise her
  3. sack

    Kim Petras

    the new music video is awkward and uncomfortable as fuck, her music went to complete shit in 2021 after future starts now, she looks tired, her tiktok is embarrassing, her sense of humor is unbearable, her personality only gets worse with time, her lyrics have absolutely no depth or charisma whatsoever, her label has no clue what to do with her, her outfits are always questionable, and she constantly works with the most disgusting people in the industry in a pathetic attempt to boost her fame when in reality the bunhead era will always be her most likable and i doubt she’ll ever be able to top it because she completely sold out for notoriety
  4. sack

    Melanie Martinez

    this is her artistic peak she excels with a lower budget- there isn’t a single flaw with this music video and i stand by that also the production never gets old. the violins coming in at 2:51?? hello???
  5. sack

    Melanie Martinez

    i saved one song
  6. sack

    Melanie Martinez

    k-12 was nice but ultimately mediocre and aged pretty badly it’s still a thousand times better than this era so far though. i’m just hoping melanie proves me wrong once the new album is out and i fall in love with the entire project. also crybaby will forever be her best work the production DEVOURS all of her new stuff
  7. sack

    Melanie Martinez

    her singing is so off to me in the first 2 singles like something is very very wrong with her vocals but i can’t put my finger on it
  8. sack

    Melanie Martinez

    void is NOT it i’m gonna have a meltdown over the fact that i hate the first 2 singles
  9. sack


    i relistened to troubled paradise last night and i don’t know how i didn’t fall in love with this the first time i heard it it’s so beautiful and i desperately wish she had more songs like it
  10. sack

    Sabrina Carpenter

    is no one gonna discuss how much of a masterpiece emails i can’t send is??
  11. sack

    Miley Cyrus

    exactly the album has 0 creativity, i can’t remember a single song i listened to because it’s so bland and forgettable
  12. sack

    Miley Cyrus

    the best song on the album is rose colored lenses and i stand by that
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