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  1. sack

    Sabrina Carpenter

    …so is no one gonna discuss how much of a masterpiece emails i can’t send is?? literally one of the best albums i’ve ever heard
  2. sack

    Miley Cyrus

    exactly the album has 0 creativity, i can’t remember a single song i listened to because it’s so bland and forgettable
  3. sack

    Miley Cyrus

    the best song on the album is rose colored lenses and i stand by that
  4. sack

    Miley Cyrus

    i’m so sorry but i absolutely hated the album. i feel like i’m missing something or i just need to get high as fuck and relisten to understand her artistic vision
  5. i love how fun and experimental the end of the song is but i honestly wish it was split in half because it feels like two completely different tracks smashed together that don’t really fit the first 4 minutes is so pretty and emotional and i feel like it’s better on its own while the ending should be an interlude or something
  6. sack

    Rebecca Black

    her debut is a 10/10, i’m absolutely obsessed
  7. why does no one ever acknowledge this band?? their music is so underrated
  8. sack

    Kim Petras

    we need to discuss how iconic this music video is it was truly her peak
  9. sack

    Melanie Martinez

    the after school ep is atrocious
  10. sack

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    kmart music won over renaissance
  11. sack

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    i feel sick
  12. sack

    65th GRAMMY Awards

  13. sack

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    i wanted beyoncé or doja to win but i’m still happy for lizzo
  14. sack

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    congrats lizzo
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