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  1. Ok this whole dragonwhore thing makes me re-annoyed at this fandom. I say it each cycle, whenever there's an insider, everyone on here is so mean to them and acts as if its our god given right for them to cough up any and all info they know... and insiders like honeymouns get treated poorly on here too when they are the reason we have so much info on unreleased songs and such. pisses me off because they are doing a favor to us and everyone acts like entitled brats about it. and thus kills the fun because the insider wont feel inclined to supply us with more information
  2. lanabanana11

    Taylor Swift

    Ok I am SO confused. Out of all the great songs on this album… she chooses the ONE that I deleted from my music library as the second music video?! Bejeweled literally gives nothing yet has this amazing video.. it just feels WRONG.
  3. lanabanana11

    Taylor Swift

    And we couldn’t have gotten a version of snow on the beach with lana singing second verse and second chorus on this deluxe??? HMMM?
  4. lanabanana11

    Taylor Swift

    does her webstore allow you to cancel the vinyls? i ordered them when she first announced them and made it seem like they wouldnt be available for long... but now i really dont want all 4. my order says its been processed via email yesterday...
  5. lanabanana11

    Taylor Swift

    oh i dont know about that, I could listen to Solar Power muuuuch more than anything on this album. Bejeweled sounds like it could be the next Winx club theme song
  6. Hi i have a question to ask but i dont want it to come off as mean or anything, I am just genuinely curious. While watching Lana's video explaining what happened, I couldn't help but notice her teeth looked a bit off? like her two front teeth, they looked a tad pushed forward/out. And it sounded as if she had a bit of a lisp. Did anyone else notice this? has it always been this way? did she perhaps get a veneer recently? Sorry just really curious!
  7. lanabanana11

    Taylor Swift

    my theory on why this album is such ass.... so 1989 was her last natural progression album that really slapped (generally speaking, me personally i like most of it but not the way i like her later releases). from debut-1989 she had boys, the GP hate, etc, was good writing fuel. then the kim x kanye drama happened in 2016, and she had a whole new set of inspiration, thus pushing the original Lover concept back (which probably gave her time to beef it up a bit). and rep was more experimental and imo really good. then lover was a bit of a continuation soley focusing on her new found love and happiness (more filler than rep but the standouts truly stood out, and outnumbered the filler) after lover, i think everyone was lowkey thinking that taylor was on her simmer down from super stardom, because while lover was good and broke records, it had no number1 hit, and wasn't really regarded as up there with her bests, or experimental like rep was then the pandemic happened and folklore & evermore happened and it breathed new life into Taylor's career. the songs were all about fictional character and their beautiful and sad stories that taylor made up. genius concepts for an album. then the rerecordings started coming and everyone was super high on taylor, enjoying her new grammy winning/nominated albums, having 2 new no1 singles, rereleasing 2 classics from her discography, got another #1 with 10 min all too well, everything was going PERFECT.... almost like too perfect....no drama... no discourse...nothing this brings us to Midnights....wheres the inspiration for the art? she has literally nothing new to write about right now...at all...nothing new to fuel the craft, thus we are left with a dry ass album i wonder if this bad reception will impact her future rereleases? hmmm alas she should have really came thru with the third installment of folklore/evermore!!
  8. are we sure this isnt like a demo of the song before Lana got her hands on it? I listened to it like 20 times and I can't even hear her background vocals, all the breathy vocals just sound like Taylor doing breathy background vocals...if this truly is the final version I will be absolutely shocked. However I do really like the song its really cute! still very excited for midnights aaaahhh
  9. lanabanana11

    Weyes Blood

    VMP dropped an exclusive vinyl limited to 1000 and its a light green glow in the dark vinyl...doesnt really match the cover but the glow in the dark part is on theme
  10. lanabanana11

    Weyes Blood

    Is it like an mp3 download thing or? Bc I want it on my phone music library so bad
  11. lanabanana11

    Weyes Blood

    Wait so if you order the loser purple vinyl you’ll get a link to the album on October 21st???
  12. lanabanana11

    Weyes Blood

    soooo excited to see the vinyls for this release!
  13. okaauuuy so i got my hands on the leak...WELL its for sure different from her debut, I dont hate it, but also not a top favorite album or anything like that! Imagining is my fav
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