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  1. i will die if theres any type of connection between tulsa jesus freak and i talk to jesus
  2. chile shut up omg why are you even here if you think shes a mega? go stan someone else. this place is for fans not haters
  3. i just wish we had a release date or something...ever since the 5th past ive felt so disconnected to the album. dont get me wrong im still HIGHLY anticipating the album and cant wait to hear it, but now its become something i dont think about daily anymore. maybe thats for the best
  4. ive been MIA all day....as lana once said "what the hell happened here?" something about a mask?
  5. i feel like the only albums that got flowers were BTD(roses) UV(hydrangeas) and LFL(daisies) HM Paradise & NFR dont really seem to have stand out flowers
  6. ugh if we really do get 2 albums i want Lana to break her dick on my face
  7. omg right she did caption the tove lo car dance break video that....
  8. i really think White Hot Forever is still an album and it will be coming soon. the title makes no sense as a song on chemtrails and i think she would have mentioned it again if it was still on and she just took its title track status away
  9. can someone please tell me a few solid examples from the interview that makes lana seem like she has a huge ego and "something crawled up her ass and died" ??? I just read the interview from top to bottom and i cant see anything that makes her seem bad or ego inflamed ...?
  10. what if thats the album trailer? that would make a LOT of sense actually, the album trailer would feature snippets of Let Me Love You Like a Woman, the title track, Tulsa Jesus Freak and/or White Dress Waitress ..... the amount of stanning that will be done
  11. THEORY. Since Lana said BAR and Yosemite are sister tracks, and NFR and Chemtrails are clearly sibling albums, on top of the fact that in the interview lana said Chemtrails is going to have a folky sound to it, I have a feeling we might be getting Yosemite on this album
  12. i love how mysterious and elusive this album is! its going to be such a treat to finally hear it
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