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  1. Why the hell is this song not on US iTunes. What is wrong with her team.
  2. so are we getting a version without the behind the scenes or is this ~it~
  3. ok i am obsessed with homecoming why did she release it? did she release it? did it leak? did she say anything about it? is it a scrap from preachers daughter? will it be on the b-sides? is it from preachers wife??
  4. what about homecoming
  5. anyone have that like super well organized link to all her music? it was posted here a few months and i really dont want to go DIGGING. so if someone has it at the ready that would be great! also trying to compile a list of the most probably preachers daughter b-sides (so if anyone has the tea on that im all ears!)
  6. lanabanana11


    ok so i did research. either new song or whole project May 10! REJOICE!!!
  7. lanabanana11


    HELP what is her latest instagram post? is it new music?? the text in the video is in like chinese so i cant read it!!
  8. this album is interesting for me personally because at first i was completely obsessed, but now, after having it for about two full weeks, i still love the songs but as an album as a whole it doesn't seem to have as much sticking power, and has made me appreciate chemtrails & blue banisters even more than i did (never dissed them, always been a truther, but even more so now)
  9. Omg is there a mount airy vinyl
  10. Alright everyone let’s not freak out but… WHAT IS THIS??? “Long playing record - special edition” https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/did-you-know-that-theres-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd/39746930?ean=0602448591975 Available April 21st
  11. another possible reason for the periwinkle tint could be the lighting in the room? My friend has those tik tok color changing light strips around her room and they make every color look so much different than reality. i noticed the whole pic sorta has that tint to it, not just the vinyl itself
  12. hmmm idk if this is the canadian one... I have the canadian one and it is suuuuper crystal clear, like for example in this pic where the vinyl is over the title on the cover (specifically over the "HEMTR" letters) it looks foggy. if i were to lay my vinyl over the letters it would be much more clear.
  13. lanabanana11


    Eagerly awaiting a new album from this star
  14. Wait that’s crazy I knew him irl from a year or two ago! We chatted about music and lana actually. Chill dude for sure
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