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  1. not reading an entire think piece on why to hate camila cabello. anyways so excited for the song tonight! the positive In The Zone comparison has me hyyyype
  2. i am soooooo over this forced af internet hate for Camila. This era is fucking everything and I cannot wait for the album to drop!
  3. knowing lana the link will most likely be anywhere from 15-30 minutes late
  4. Not really feeling the deluxe. I feel like there were quite a few other scrapped songs from this era that would have been way better. Like Angelea or whatever it was called
  5. I’m gagged at the tea she spilled about Kim vs Slayyyter, that Kim has been bad mouthing slayyyter
  6. When the first slut pop came out I was a Kim hater and didn’t care for her much. Last year however was my Kim awakening and last month I finally got into slut pop (it was the only project I didn’t click with until now) so I’m BEYOND excited for Slut Pop Miami
  7. what are the leaked in full Feed the Beast tracks? is there a list?
  8. lanabanana11


    what project was Loverboy scrapped from? Mixtape or TP?
  9. Where the hell is the desire deluxe
  10. lanabanana11

    Jane Remover

    Census Designated is a fucking masterpiece
  11. is there like a mega file/folder some where of like ALL kims leaks? from all the various sessions (FTB, Clarity, problematique, etc) i would love to explore and dive ~deeper~ into miss petras sonicscape
  12. Ok so as an avid Nicki fan since 2010, I have had a few days to listen and I have compiled my thoughts: (disclaimer, Nicki was my #1 fav from 2010-2016, then in 2017 I had my Lana awakening and Nicki got pushed to #2 but regardless, die on the hill loyalty to both, no matter how big the hate trains!) I, like most, had a LOT of expectations for this album, (nicki didnt do herself any favors by proclaiming it her best work to date over the past few months). I will just say it up front, out of all her albums, I would rank this one in last place. I hope this album boosts up Queen, because I NEVER got the slander for Queen. Everyone talking about how Queen "didnt have a hit" blah blah blah... Chun Li is right there, and besides that album had KILLER lyrics, versatile tracklist, good features, and RICH production. But anyways back to PF2. I do like this album quite a bit as far as songs go. As an album as a whole, it is a bit of a hot mess but so is this whole era. The manic rollout, the campy over the top cover art, idk it just all screams big pink hot mess and I kinda live for it. the tracklist tells no story, its like a compilation of songs all thrown on the same record. I do not like the intro track at all. I think Barbie Dangerous, Beep Beep & FTCU deserve to be longer, but only bc they are so good! I was shocked that they were so short, felt a tad under cooked in that sense. The pop tracks, Pink Friday Girls, Super Freaky Girl, Cowgirl etc are all so good and I love them. Heart of Glass sample I hated that song on first listen but now I love it and its always stuck in my head (if I had a dollar for every time I said "you just mad I did it better and first" yesterday...). The sampling was a bit much but I didnt hate any of the samples except for the billie one. Not an amazing show stopping career highlight album, just more of a fun mixtape vibe. I think without the expectations the album is quite alright and very fun!
  13. She confirmed on twitter it’s 22 songs
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