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  1. naur. she'll be coming. just wait i got the source
  2. there are more than 50 songs that i haven't heard because it was hard to keep up with all the leaks and all that so thank you for this
  3. i think there is really no black or white about lana deleting her socials because i believe in this age artists need to be in touch with their fans, that's what make artists more popular/heard, but also there are lots negativity coming from it, and being more than 10 years into her career lana doesn't need that anymore. she won't make sales because she'll gain popularity from the social media because people who knows her, will buy her stuff, and it's also not like she was a sale/chart artist. she was one of the artists who would leave social media and no one would care, like... she deleted her socials and NOBODY MOVED, except for lanaboards.
  4. this new song is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous
  5. she is coming in 2 weeks as i heard from one really trustworthy insider,
  6. no, because we already heard 3 of the songs and they sound boring af
  7. don't think twice and good ones in the same album. hmmm..what do we think? sounds like a collapse to me
  8. good ones spinning xcxoplex charger 911 out out drama
  9. it's on repeat still, i'm sorry for the streams charles. anyway, when she says "when i walk away it's not your fault, i always LET THE GOOD ONES GOOOO-OOOOOooohhhhh" she means she is the Good One, because she is the one who walks away.
  10. good ones is SO GOOD WHAT THE FUCKKKK


    we need the album
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