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  1. Wow okay I love these and it's giving the Ocean Blvd pictures
  2. Can someone upload them here 'cause I'm not on Instagram
  3. What are the chances of her singing a song from Lasso tonight?
  4. I love BUS but I don't need to hear it at Coachella... I hope that *if* Nikki joins Lana they'd sing Pgicm (or some else song from their collab album) OR a song from Lasso
  5. This is actually making me excited but I won't get my hopes up this time
  6. I'm manifesting Has anyone else died for youIt's literally giving Paradise/Tropico and I'm hoping that the album would be fully Paradise/Tropico but in a country way
  7. SHE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL Literally my biggest goal in life is to look like her
  8. That is literally horrible I loved her performance and the only problem there was the fact that the mic wasn't working
  9. The last one dying

    Song vs. Song

    Blue jeans vs A&W
  10. Who is the man that was riding the motorcycle that Lana was on?
  11. Manifesting new setlist including atleast 5 Honeymoon songs and atleat one mention of Lasso
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