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  1. brandon

    Charli XCX

    to be fair i think duas rollout was meant to be much better but… with the palestine/israel conflict interfering with the OG release plan back in october everything was thrown off but also the fact that she ditched her Real managers in favor of her daddy probably had a major effect too
  2. brandon

    Charli XCX

    they kinda did
  3. i can’t believe there’s still people defending her tooth and nail on twitter like ijbol come on guys the jig is up
  4. oh wow it’s kind of superb so atmospheric and jazzy… my only complaint is that it goes by sooo quickly omg it feels so short i told yall not to doubt jack when it comes to a soundtrack!!!
  5. brandon

    Charli XCX

    idk about top 10 CRASH did superb because it was super duper duper GP friendly and had MONTHSSS of preorder if she’s already doing a listening party.. its gotta be released super soon, and the gp isn’t gonna eat up eurotrash club music the same way they did with say, good ones and beg for you, especially in the US, and especially when we’re about to get some really really huge albums
  6. drake follows her too… i think she just wants him very badly djdhsjhrkdhd
  7. help popcrave posting it despite her deleting it quick as hell… 😭
  8. brandon

    Charli XCX

    she done pissed me awf…. maybe it’ll be the mysterious “????” track on the 7 inch… if it ain’t on the album it can at least be a b side….
  9. i do not like taylor that much but the way some of yall will do anything to make her look like the bad guy is sooo crazy weird to me!
  10. snow on the beach that lana has come out many many times and said it was Her choice that she wasn’t as present on the song. it was Her choice to help mainly with production like omfg how many times does this need to be told to you people, lana said taylor WANTED her to do the whole verse but SHE said no 😭
  11. you are literally so weird and i hope you know that
  12. obviously she doesn’t need it but the fact that taylor takes the time to make sure lana gets a moment and that all the viewers know how important she is… i have to stan idk
  13. they way laura and jack keep looking back at lana dkdhdjdhjd
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