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  1. also when it comes to the opinions in this thread, i mean, it’s a forum, that’s kinda the point, everyone’s gonna share + discuss their opinions whether they be negative or positive and what else do you expect when the negatives have been outweighing the positives lately
  2. a little confused @ this statement no one said anything about correcting or changing her demos, just that obsessions & im a ruin both contain immaculate songwriting
  3. all his insta captions about her songs are so sweet, he always calls her an amazing person, conceptualist, lyricist, says her work is high art, says valley of the dolls is one of his all time favorites.. i get the creative freedom thing, like yeah, i get there’s like.. some cool complex about writing a song alllll by yourself, but a little help isn’t always a bad thing
  4. SWAN SONG one of the best songs on honeymoon <3
  5. brandon

    Charli XCX

    i will forever choose to ignore this statement specifically because waterfall is just too good to stay unreleased if she could find a home for blame it on your love after like 194749 versions leaked… she can serve waterfall justice
  6. retweet to this. god the entirety of new america, the super on-the-nose lyrics of ptp, that godforsaken line in no more suckers? her lyricism gets real weak sometimes (that being said, there are some songs here and there that are really great - adiaml title track for one - so we know she still has it in her, it’s just potential that she locked up in a cupboard) feeling like she should hop in daddy nowels dms.. he posts about the songs they made together pretty often on his IG, we know he loves her so
  7. i think i agree with this, her last name is sooo so pretty but I feel like it’s sorta serious and weirdly sounds like, older? Like Marina Diamandis sounds like someone my grandma would listen to Marina & the Diamonds was perfect, albeit a little cheesy, but I think the vibe it gave off was worth having to explain that she’s not a band every now and then
  8. brandon

    Charli XCX

    i will never understand why people get mad about samples and interpolations.. like it’s not that deep, who cares but also like someone else said, i am a little confused bc it’s like a very 2000’s dance track, while the rest of the record/visuals seem very 80s dark pop inspired so?
  9. brandon

    Charli XCX

    yeah this is what i’m thinking, good ones is just starting to do well here so another US single right now wouldn’t make any sense (also beg for you doesn’t sound like it would do well here lmaoo) however! baby sounds perfect for us radio so
  10. we were robbed of a high budget video because the army was being annoying… i can’t believe this but just based on concept.. god bless america or when the world was at war maybe?
  11. brandon

    Charli XCX

    Almost.. always usually artists only push one big single at a time - but obviously there’s two song slots on snl, so they’ll perform the big radio push single + the promo one, seems like a simple concept to me also?? 😭 artists don’t usually say “hey guys here’s a single, but only for promo so don’t expect much xx”, it’s just kinda understood that - oh another song right after the lead single, coinciding with the album preorder, with a low budget vid - it’s a promo single, to promote the album preorder
  12. brandon

    Dua Lipa

    SPEAKING OF ABEL… i really really expected the “b sides” dua kept on talking about to be a much larger collection of songs, all on their own much like after hours + dawn fm or folklore + evermore or at least like what carly rae jepsen did for her last two albums the moonlight edition was such a let down in quite literally every sense
  13. brandon

    Charli XCX

    Also can I just say… OBSESSED w the photoshoots this era, i just wish the single covers included the featured artists 😭 also unfortunately not feeling this new snippet as much as i thought i would
  14. brandon

    Charli XCX

    new shapes WAS a promo single - which is why it was 1. not sent to radio and 2. had a much much lower budget mv also unpopular opinion but i actually like new shapes a lot as a single, it’s repetitive and catchy which is great (also the snl slot makes sense, most pre-album snl performances are lead+promo) good ones is still getting more play in the US (it’s already at a higher radio chart position than 1999 ever was here), i’m pretty sure SNL was the labels way of Majorly boosting it on radio but alas… postponed
  15. brandon

    Charli XCX

    okay so her appearance on SNL is definitely getting rescheduled but.. i wonder if it’s gonna coincide with the next single release or if it’s gonna be album release week also ? wondering what songs it’ll be. good ones and next single i’m assuming? rip caroline & chris
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