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  1. brandon


    no you’re exactly right i remember being a little bored with honeymoon when it came out.. and now it’s my favorite same with solar power i think because of how stripped down it is, it’ll go down as her most timeless, it’s not tainted with production that screams 2013 or 2017 (melodrama i love you but those 2017 beats are 😭)
  2. crying the freeskyferreira girlies are doing entirely too much 😭 spending their own money on pointless shit like this
  3. can i revive this thread
  4. Anyways lemme eat my words cuz this is kinda fun… i only did a few from each album cuz tbh her titles are kinda already perf is this happiness - Hollywood Hills or Violet Pills guns and roses - Heavy Metal Love flipside - Hurt me now music to watch boys to - Velveteen love - Young & In Love coachella - Stairway to Heaven heroin - Flying to the Moon get free - Birds of Paradise norman - Just a Man or Color me Blue california - Back to America let me love you.. - pink champagne wild at heart - sunset boulevard did you know.. - Ocean Boulevard sweet - Heart of a Valley or Barefeet or Stars in my Eyes grandfather.. - White Butterflies taco truck - Venice bitch pt. 2
  5. this was only @ a few posts because honestly these serve.. like The voice of nirvana? keep out the stars??? incredible
  6. peace and love, thank god some of you aren’t the ones naming songs 😭😭😭
  7. i personally was never a doubter but can we talk about how kim is kind of eating her role up… like okayyyyy
  8. okay ladies i do not keep up with sky leaks so can someone pretty please provide me with a list of masochism songs that have leaked Ɛ> mwah (this is not me asking for any links mods)
  9. ELLEEEE THIS IS SO CUTE also how do you always look flawless like i’m in awe
  10. can we talk about how absolutely perfect the dark hair + that orange dress are together… it feels very 70s, need some album visuals in this vein soooo bad
  11. seven years worth of covers… oh wow i wonder how many she’s recorded i wonder how many she’d cut for an album… i simply need them all
  12. THIS IS SO CUNTYYYY the lip fillers are lip fillering
  13. just where more songs could go, made note of that in the second spoiler warning!
  14. my most recent attempt at combining chemtrails + bb into just a more fleshed out version of chemtrails. (i cut a lot of songs, so sorry) the vibe is a lot less country, and much more just like.. rich 90s housewife in her mansion by the country club, reminiscing about the past, the ups and downs of suburbia, etc Tracklist:
  15. god tier chemtrails dark but just a game white dress for free still incredible, just not godly idk let me love you like a woman tulsa jesus freak dance till we die wild at heart breaking up slowly snooze central yosemite not all who wander are lost jesus christ i’m reading everyone else’s rankings and am i the only bitch here who likes for free??? 😭
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