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  1. also… after watching the videos and seeing just how many girls she has on stage, in the pool, on the poles, it just has me thinking to when it was literally just her, alex, and ashley up there back in 2016 oh how far she’s come
  2. based on this video, when it zooms into alex, you can definitely 100% see her lip synching the words “I See In You” so i’d say that part is practically confirmed
  3. i think it’s either.. its my future (that?) i see in you or past present future i see in you (the I See In You is practically confirmed because we can see alex lip sync to it in one of the vids, but besides that, hard to tell 😭)
  4. yeah it’s very easy for boston locals to be like 😡 she should’ve postponed! because they can just.. go home and drive right back but the amount of people there who were not close to being boston locals at all? wasting all that money on travel and accommodations and then being expected to probably DOUBLE* that so they could come back saturday, if they were able at all? *and given it wouldve been rescheduled to a weekend, flights + hotels would’ve been MORE expensive if they came back Sure I was just watching from my phone but, the crowd seemed pretty excited the whole time. and she really didn’t cut much? like is anyone mourning arcadia and bartender that much 😭
  5. right like…. if we hadn’t heard it or earthquakes before and she came out like JIMMY JIMMY COCOA PUFF… i feel like everyone would be like guysssss stoppp it’s obviously just an intro!
  6. loling at me saying i think it’s mandarin…. and then instantly coming to the conclusion that it is, in fact, in english like girl i was trying to speak into my translator app omfg
  7. wait you guys may be onto something… “it’s my future that i see in you?”
  8. she is absolutely not saying that but tbh that would be so cute if she was…. a little mysterious intro to a new era… to me it sounds like mandarin or japanese
  9. yeah it’s the intro idk where the title mirror came from though
  10. i think it is most definitely a different language however CUNTYYYY!!!! I LOVE A BEAT!!!!! also the theatrics of it all… the girls in the pool… the strut out on stage.. the champagne… the fountains!!!
  11. brandon

    Charli XCX

    OH WOWWWW this added so much to the song like i’m sorta speechless
  12. i promise you we did not miss out on anything, we got all the special things she had planned (THREE special performances)
  13. to be serious: doin time, bartender, nfr, arcadia, hope, A&W, and young and beautiful
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