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  1. to be fair, this is all stuff we already knew lol most of it came from boz… like.. months ago lol
  2. wait… this lowkey makes a lot of sense… and we already know vinyl sales are gonna be through the roof esp seeing that half the preorders are already sold out. and with cocc’s vinyl sales i’m sure they had a pretty large number of them made so 👀 if streams/cds/cassettes don’t get her to #1, the vinyls 100% will
  3. I KNOW the idea of her doing another h&m deal in the good year of 2021…. that sent me
  4. The way I just had my first dream with lanz so i feel obligated to share it was just like a commercial and it started out carpool-karaoke-esque with her in a car in the arcadia mv fit, but instead of the cursed james corden, her backup singers were in the back seat. then the camera zoomed out and it was the BTD/LFL truck and she was driving through like an old west country town and on the back of the truck there was a wooden sign that had painted something like “H&M… Lana Del Rey’s Best American Line ” and there were a ton of people around the truck like dancing and the clothing line was like fall/western inspired with tons of flannel and denim and then she got out of the truck and was in this like cute lavender dress and got in the bed of the truck and started singing
  5. brandon

    Charli XCX

    I’ve seen like 3 tweets from big US radio stations about playing good ones… 👀 it’s coming
  6. brandon

    Charli XCX

    it was called heartcore!! they filmed concerts and her going around touring and stuff and interviewed people at concerts but for some reason they never released it (i’m assuming it was when the budget went bankrupt so they didn’t have the money to properly produce it?) they used some of the footage in this:
  7. brandon

    Charli XCX

    it was shown at film festivals but never picked up by a major film company to officially release/distribute (which is why it’s not available to stream/buy anywhere)
  8. What… we’ve literally been knew it was like half old songs Also? I don’t love lfl either but how is it lazy? if anything it’s the opposite she kept on changing things over and over until it was less cohesive absolutely nothing about the four singles so far are “old lana” so… idk where you were trying to go with that one
  9. this might be me looking into things too much but yesterday she posted the link to the fiily/greatest mv - the same day she mentions the cover album - and there’s a scene where it quickly pans to a jukebox and in that jukebox it has the songs Pacific Ocean Blue (we know she wanted to call the covers album pacific blue) doin time - she already covered this chelsea hotel number 2 - again, another cover santeria - sublime ashes to ashes/life on mars - david bowie last goodbye/grace - jeff buckley now you’re gone - richie valens you don’t miss your water / sitting on the dock of the bay- otis redding son of a preacher man/ yesterday when i was yours - dusty springfield just found it a lil interesting
  10. i’m gonna miss her (albeit limited) social media presence, but i feel like this will be really good for her! the media has obviously affected her a lot negatively and so it seems really great that she’s taking a step back from it all and focusing on what she’s passionate about (whether that be continuing to make records in peace and private, spending time with her growing family, etc)
  11. no everyone just randomly abandoned this thread and moved to the covers album thread
  12. brandon

    Charli XCX

    ! hopefully her label pushes it onto US pop radio, if they give it a good enough push, I feel like it definitely has the potential to take tf off
  13. yeah only vinyls ship out on the 29th in the US! cds & cassettes ship out the 22nd!
  14. i know you created a little chaos and for that i applaud you
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